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  1. 60 feet is usually closed bases- no leading off. While being inside might have some better angles, there's no way you can determine if the runner has left early.
  2. MLB had camo masks and pads for memorial day this year
  3. Uhh, no they won't. The padres were projected to be one of the worst teams in baseball this year.
  4. ball actually hit the ground in that case
  5. the obvious question is, does a similar "wheel" interp exist in FED?
  6. Here are the OBR references, but it's going to be very similar wording in FED
  7. Yes, this is an advantageous fourth out. From OBR, although it would be the same under high school rules. "Appeal plays may require an umpire to recognize an apparent “fourth out.” If the third out is made during a play in which an appeal play is sustained on another runner, the appeal play decision takes precedence in determining the out. If there is more than one appeal during a play that ends a half-inning, the defense may elect to take the out that gives it the advantage. For the purpose of this rule, the defensive team has “left the field” when the pitcher and all infielders have left fair territory on their way to the bench or clubhouse." So the out on the runner from second would have considered to have never happened for scorekeeping purposes.
  8. Yes, this was definitely the reason MLB added the comment about waiting for fair/foul
  9. you mean like this? Ball would still be in play then.
  10. Yeah, ball thrown to F2, but he was "stunned" by the bat hitting him and wasn't prepared to catch it. He was standing up, but still a good 3 or 4 feet 1BLE. I ruled that it must have been intentional and warned the offending team. I thought that was right until I read "If a whole bat is thrown into fair or foul territory and interferes with a defensive player attempting to make a play, interference shall be called, whether intentional or not" So, I guess the question would be as to if this would be considered a "play"?
  11. bases loaded, batter hits ground ball to second base and throws his bat in the process and hits the catcher's shinguards. F4 throws to F2, but he doesn't move up to cover home plate because of this, and R3 is safe. Is this a play on, or interference? OBR
  12. Hopefully there is a better video out there somewhere... but this is all I have found for now
  13. Was this a miss? From the PBUC...