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  1. Don't know if there will be clips, but tough night for Cederstrom's crew. There was a mile high popup in front of the mound in an infield fly situation where PU (Cederstrom) didn't indicate infield fly right away. U1 indicated infield fly at a reasonable time, but the third base umpire did not see it in time and banged R2 on a "force" which of course had to be corrected. Then there was a play right around the third base cut-out on a high chopper where U3 called foul while PU pointed fair. They got together and ruled fair ball, B/R gets first. Good thing there weren't other runners to deal with. Obviously these aren't the biggest deals, but it wasn't a great look for the crew.
  2. The "working in the infield" is just apart of a comment explaining that the pitcher is not considered an infielder for the purposes of this rule. The actual rules states, That's pretty cut and dry
  3. Edit: as an aside, please stop posting the same topics in multiple sub-forums. Just post it in one or the other. If the ball passes by an infielder, there cannot be umpire's interference. At the MLB level, the only time you're going to see it is when the second base umpire is in deep B or C with runners on. Here is an example of a situation where it wouldn't be umpire's interference (in this case it was foul when it hit West, but let's pretend it was fair for this situation) You would just play the bounce, no interference because West is "not working in the infield" and is behind a fielder. Here's a crazy play that was correctly ruled not as interference because it struck the pitcher before hitting the umpire. Here's an example of umpire's interference. The runner on second cannot advance while the B/R gets first base.
  4. That's an all-star mask, right? I was just noticing an inning before how good it looked, then bang.
  5. I'm a Cubs fan, but I feel like he definitely made a quick step in the direction of second. You can see that the first base coach notices it as well as he claps in relief afterwards. It certainly is more of a move than this from a few years ago- although this just seems like a straight miss to me.
  6. Why should it be?
  7. I believe the out from the BOO appeal would supersede the out for the strike out (aka Jeb's strikeout would not appear in statistics) - but you wouldn't get two outs on the play. If Jeb appears next in the order, he would be the next batter. This is why a smart manager wouldn't appeal batting out of order if the improper batter makes an out already- it's not like you can get another out. Maybe later in the game the team will make the same mistake and they could capitalize then.
  8. 6.01(a) (6) If, in the judgment of the umpire, a base runner willfully and deliberately interferes with a batted ball or a fielder in the act of fielding a batted ball with the obvious intent to break up a double play, the ball is dead. The umpire shall call the runner out for interference and also call out the batter-runner because of the action of his teammate. In no event may bases be run or runs scored because of such action by a runner (see Rule 6.01(j));
  9. I know... I said if the runner left early...
  10. yes. this is a timing play. If the defense already records the third out via an appeal at second base, they can record an advantageous fourth out if the runner on third left early and it was appealed correctly.
  11. Haven't quite caught this one. Looks light he stepped off fine, is there a slight flinch or something?
  13. A ball is not fair or fair until it bounds past a base or is touched by a fielder. If no fielders touched it and it bounced past first base in foul territory- not going over any part of the base- it's a foul ball.
  14. yes. If U3 goes out with bases loaded, U2 and U1 "reverse rotate" while PU stays at the plate.