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  1. Ah, thank you. Makes sense
  2. I've heard when the BU is in A position, he takes any fly balls from the CF to the right field line. Is this right? In the case of a can of corn (i.e. not a trouble ball) what should the BU do? Pivot in and keep watching F9 and PU take the B/R touch of 1B or the opposite?
  3. The "fake to third, fake to first" move is legal in FED (high school) and NCAA, but not in OBR (MLB). In all codes, a pitcher must throw to first when doing a jump spin as that is considered to be on the rubber. Stepping off the back of the rubber requires no throw.
  4. good video explaining this concept
  5. I mean, doesn't the fence next to the dugout offer the same invite?
  6. not to sidetrack this conversation (or maybe it's already done...), but did the umpires blow it twice on this play? Seems to have been an intentional drop (maybe that rule wasn't on the books then although) and shouldn't the throw hitting Jackson be ruled as "interference by a retired runner" similar to the Victor Martinez play in Oakland last year?
  7. This was just last year... it was reviewed for several minutes I believe
  8. I believe it was Mike Winters. There wasn't any steals or really any plays where a call at second would be made when I was watching. But he did seem to move in towards home plate a few steps when it looked like the ball might get away from the catcher for a second. Also, there was a fly ball into the LCF gap and he did stay in and the 3B umpire went out - ended up being an automatic double
  9. Was watching Cubs-A's today and noticed that U2 (with R1 or R2, he went back to deep B with both R2/R3) would set up on the back edge of the infield, about where one would line up in "C" position on closed 60' bases. Obviously, none of us are MLB umpires, but has anyone seen this used in a game before? see pictures:
  10. he does raise the hammer, most of the replays switch away just as you can see his hand start to rise
  11. example of this being a time play
  12. Assuming that they're in the stretch, that would seem very hard to do without moving the pivot foot at all from the rubber
  13. yep. Or $73 if you know someone that's in college. You can even split it with up to 5 people at once
  14. just to be clear, if say R2 touched all the proper bases but the B/R missed third on his home run trot, R2's run would still count after an appeal?
  15. looks slightly different to me just going off the pictures, but probably practically the same