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  1. That's what I was thinking. I was BU and the PU immediately came up with an out and said he didn't tag up. They then threw to third base anyway so R3 was going to be out either way. I talked to him between innings and told him about the "unmistakable appeal" rule and gave the example of calling safe when the B/R passes first base but misses it.
  2. R2 R3 1 out and a line drive is caught by F7. The throw to second to double off R2 gets away and eventually we get a play at the plate on R3, but he never tagged up. R3 beats the throw but is tagged. I am correct is saying this tag would most likely not be an unmistakable appeal?
  3. side note: that was one of the smallest ejection mechanics I've ever seen given by the PU for girardi. The announcers didn't even know if he was signaling an ejection
  4. yep, that's one of the most misunderstood rules in baseball. When a fly ball is caught, there can never be a force play going on. Failing to tag up on a fly ball is always an appeal play. If say on your play that the runner on third didn't actually tag up, even if the runner on first was put out for the third out, the defense can make a potential "fourth out" and make an appeal that the runner on third left early.
  5. This is a time play. If the runner on third scored before the appeal was made on the runner on first, the game is over. If not, a double play and extras.
  6. looks like he's pointing foul to me
  7. I'm no FED expert, but I believe a "fake tag" is considered obstruction, but a warning is given for the first attempt in a game. FED also has a rule on verbal interference but I do not know the specifics. There is nothing about these in OBR.
  8. he stepped off. If the batter hits the ball there's going to be an out for interference. I know that if a batter interferes with a passed ball play at the plate, the batter is out if there's 2 outs; R3 is out any other time. I would assume that would be the case here. If the ball hits the batter it's simply nothing because it was a throw, not a pitch. here's a (similar) play. I believe the ball was hit by the ball, but since he was off the rubber it was nothing. Not sure if they ruled this a balk for an illegal pitch or the runner just ended up on second because of the wild throw.
  9. I think that would be the right approach in OBR, but IIRC 'weak interference' doesn't exist in FED, it's all just considered batter's interference and the batter is out
  10. should have brought out the balloon edit: My only experience with a 'throwback' uniform was when I was playing in an American Legion game and the umpires came out wearing these bad boys. They said "we're going old school today"
  11. Alright, I haven't had a game on the bases yet this year but I'll just try that next time.
  12. I wish that was the case in the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth leagues that I do. Players are so ingrained to "call time" every time they find themselves on the ground. Of course most of the umpires grant it. When we get to the point of where the runner is lying on the base and the fielder continues to put the tag on them, what should we do? Just tell them to throw it to the pitcher?
  13. OBR comment
  14. Just needs 1 foot in play and he has that with the foot on the ledge. Looks like the first base umpire was thinking along with you, but obviously eventually overturned
  15. Ahh yeah, I don't think there was any hinderance. It was actually a pretty good throw and the ball beat the runner, but he just slid under the tag.