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  1. a couple of years ago @mstaylor (RIP) had a tournament that was set to be officiated using UE members. I know thats a logistical nightmare but a few tournaments in different regions of the country could be really cool.
  2. update: just passed my IAABO rules test
  3. Way to rain on my parade haha
  4. We all dream about it, but last night i undoubtedly had it. The shortest baseball game ever. The game had been suspended in the bot 7 w a tie score and R1 1out. (i did not work the first part of this game). Im PU. I put the ball in play. The pitch comes in belt high right down the middle and the kid smokes one to the LCF wall. R1 scores walk off. From start to finish id say this lasted about 15 seconds. By far the quickest game ive ever had. Almost felt bad taking the $55 for that one. (key word almost). That puts a wrap on what was definitely my longest season. From Mar 15 to Nov 15. Around 160 games split amongst HS, travel ball, mens league, and LL. Not too long of an offseason however, as I will start up again in the middle of january in a dome league. Looking forward to my first season of basketball in the offseason and enjoying enduring the remainder of New York Jet games. Yes I'm well aware my first game next year is bound to be 4 hours. LOL
  5. I agree with the above. I probably should have killed it right away but i assumed (ASS U ME) my partner would get for both of us calling the out i agree we could've handled it cleaner.
  6. there was no leading so thats why i was on the outside
  7. 10u tournament at a very popular tournament sight in north jersey (most tri state guys know where I'm talking about, pretty sure its in my bio too). championship game. this facility has a baseball program with teams at every age group as well, their coaches/parents are notorious for expecting special treatment. they are the HT. the VT is a team that made the trip from Quebec, not one of the kids spoke anything but french and only one the manager spoke conversational english (he probably wasn't the manager but he came out for ground rules and was the only one we could understand so by default he became VTHC). Bot 6 HT down 7-6 w/ R2 R3 and 2 outs. Batter hits a pop up about halfway up 1bl. F1 drifts over is just about settled under it and BR absolutely drills him going up the 1bl. Im BU and Im in C (on the outside cause small field). PU doesn't call anything ball hits F1 in fair territory and rolls away. R3 and R2 score. HT is piling out on the field thinking they won the tournment. VT are screaming and going bananas (all in french, i have no idea what they were saying (probably a good thing cause they seemed pissed)). VTHC comes out and in broken english requests that we get together. PU comes to me and says "i think that was INT, is that what you saw too?" i respond "100%". he goes ok. we both turn and point at the BR and signal the out. The french candian team is going bonkers having won the tournment. The host team is losing their SH*# on us. The coaches are screaming to the effects of "thats F*#King bullSH*#. you took the F*#King tourney away from the kids." We left to many similar comments from the HT fans "thats F*#King horrible. you guys need to go back to F*#King school." very strange ending.
  8. ^^bump @Umpire in Chief id be willing to conduct all interviews for this area
  9. 2 interesting scenarios from this past weekend. 1) First game of 3 for me in a columbus day tourney sat morning. cold and wet not fun. 16u. some point in the middle innings with the HT at bat theres R2 outs don't matter. R2 begins to yell out what pitch is coming to the hitter. (F2 was not changing up signs he was giving them straight up). After the 2nd or 3rd pitch the VT dugout starts chirping at R2. I shut it down. Next pitch goes right between the batters numbers. I step out call time and issue warnings to both sides. That seemed to do the trick because the game ended uneventfully but that was the first time in 8 (holy crap its been 8 years) years ive ever had to do that. 2) Last game of the weekend, (i stupidly accepted a game the day after a night in Atlantic city knowing it would be cancelled due to the inch of rain coming, only problem was the rain stopped about an hour before game time and i forgot the freaking field was turf). So i show up to the field get changed into my BU uniform and hang out by my partners van as he's inside getting changed, all of a sudden i hear a lady yell at me to get in the van and point off to my side. I look down and see a stray pit bull scowling at and looking very aggressively. I hop into the van as quickly as possible, and shut the door. The damn thing wouldn't leave the vicinity of the car either and we had to call animal control and the Red Bank PD to get the thing out of there. Best part is about 10 min after game time, we finally take the field and some stupid ass parent had the nerve to say "nice of you to finally show up blue, i guess were just all on your time today." still in shock that i bit my tongue on that one. Never a dull moment!
  10. FYI this site primarily deals with umpiring relating topics. While this falls within the rules, umpires are not concerned with the scoring of plays.
  11. HS games no ball w/o a designated TD on site or on a remote field 100%
  12. what league? if you don't want to post PM me
  13. earlier this year while walking off a field a fan told me as i was walking off w my partner (as we were looking for an exit after being blocked) "you turn around and ill have a F*#King baseball bat wating for you" full story below Firsts
  14. same for me yesterday broke out the jacket...60 and windy on a field right off a marina on the jersey shore