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  1. Sorry, no. It sold in a locker room. @Thunderheads please lock this.
  2. The guy operating the pitching machine is a coach. I'm certain he was aiming for my gonads. I originally had a video that showed a couple 90mph 5-hole shots. This was not meant to be a cup test! As for Jimmy's video, he and Happy Gilmore were my inspiration. I don't know anyone else who's been in the cage to wear one on purpose. That's some esteemed company to be amongst.
  3. I'll pile on here. I wear well over $1k in gear when I work the plate. I've done my research and although there are other cp's that get the job done I only wear the F3. Furthermore, the customer service I have found to always go above and beyond the call of duty. I even met Jason; he gave me a ride to the airport AND introduced me to one of the best cheeseburgers in America. (Animal style, bitches!) Umpires, give your money to the company that has introduced more innovation in five years than the next best has done in thirty. (Unless you get paid to sport a yellow dubya.) Check my video link underneath. If nothing else you can make fun of my uni.
  4. @Gil How about "saved a life in his uniform" umpire Jim Joyce or "sweetest handlebar mustache east of the Mississipp" umpire Jim Joyce? Even granting you the best context possible, and recognizing all the tedious work you do, I still feel like telling you to shove it in your a$$. It's irresponsible journalism if you don't also show why "imperfect" is in quotations like @dumbdumb did for you. Semantically, I reject the idea that any one call carries more weight than another, p.r. stunt book be damned. Also, I would direct you to the box score. Says right there he was safe. No asterisk, no quotation marks.
  5. Worked like a charm. @Thunderheads please lock this thread.
  6. AllStar may still offer the system seven magnesium throat guard. It follows the design of the cage rather than the plastic deal. I have one modified to 4" from its original 6" and powder coated black. I think there's a pic in my gallery. It's for sale.
  7. Damn Max, Way to have a take. Regarding my "pro navy" shirt, we all started somewhere. I've made worse choices. Lol, pledge pin
  8. $79.99 retail. Any reasonable cash offer
  9. Write Kurt Suzuki's endorsement check out to me, then ask if I'll take a few stitches for it.
  10. The PU was certainly a guy who has worked his ass off, dedicated himself and made many a sacrifice, all to hopefully achieve anonymity at the highest level, in the name of baseball. Chances are he paid himself for every single piece of gear he has on, which probably includes F3 gear and he's proud enough to represent that. He probably has the perspective to realize that managers, athletic directors, conference commissioners, assignors and evaluators could all care less, even though we like to mull.
  11. You are right, there's nothing "wrong" with the F3 mask and my was critique was reckless. On the field I wear F3 socks exclusively and I've owned two F3 chest protectors. I commend them for pushing umpire technology forward. To each his own. In the case of their mask, I think added weight negates the reduction in forces transferred to the head on rare occasions. Also, aside from the example of Suzuki, I have been skeptical of the physics since baseball is not played in a laboratory. IMO, trying to absorb the force from a direct shot is tackling the wrong issue. The mask coming off the head is the second best way to avoid excessive force. I feel cages designed specifically to deflect direct shots (I.e. System Seven) with angular design make the most sense for the wide variety of mask impacts. (I wear a 2nd gen. FM25Ti.) More to the point, the mask pads will always be the last line of defense. Team Wendy's can probably be improved upon, but not by much. Zorbium is so good it makes sense to wear the lightest (comfortable) and stiffest (durable) mask you can. Let the closed-cell foam wars begin.
  12. .
  13. Anyone can see what a steamy load this is. Unfortunately, the seller has a (despicable, loathsome) point; the free market will always be happy to separate a fool and his money. Just for fun, I would pose this question to more discerning umpires: in principle, how far removed is this from selling a used Nike Ti for $500? There's no MSRP; the first guy to sell one (some recent college grad or poor minor leaguer) probably set the price ridiculously high just to fish for suckers. True that the lifespan of a Ti cage is many times that of a pair of shoes, but they are both used. Also, they are both in limited supply but you can buy a basically equivalent, unused mask from Wilson, or All-Star (if you care more about function than sporting a yellow "W" like you saw on TV.)
  14. Yeah! Algorithmicalized! Actually, my Google say what his Google say. However, if you are familiar with the complex English language and have seen a dictionary, you will notice that the same word can be used in multiple contexts, slightly (or totally) changing its meaning, or definition. Rather than copy/paste the first definition, I read on and found the definition that most related to the context in which we used the word. This forum is great because it gave me a reason to do a full review of my references for one intricate part of the rules. This forum sucks when we split hairs, which we never fail to do. I think I'm as guilt as anyone of this. Let's change the subject, I'm going to look and see how many people looked at my mask for sale but didn't want it.