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  1. Pants

    I know this has come up before, but I need some new pants. Who was those new Gerry Davis ones? Run true to size, size up, exact fit, etc. Any details would be nice to know as I have lost some weight and need to order some. Thanks guys! Curtis
  2. Any experience ordering from Rakuten?

    Watch your credit cards boys. Lots of fraud, especially when dealing with overseas deals. Just saying because I have experienced it. Not saying the company is, but how your information is transmitted.
  3. Majestic Convertible Jacket 2XL

    @Thunderheads Sold sir, lock it up
  4. Brand new, worn once (to try on) Oakley Radar Path (Jet Black / Gray). These are great sunglasses, however I go with a different pair on the field and could never use these. They have never been worn on the field or out in / about. Comes with hard case and I can throw in the lens cleaning kit as well. $105.00 and that includes shipping.
  5. Stuff for Sale

    @Thunderheads Items sold sir, please lock this thread up!
  6. Stuff for Sale

    Only items left are both Belgard harnesses (one in package and one not - however it has never been used). I can let both of these go for $40 and that will include shipping too.
  7. Ump-Attire Ultimate Ball Bag

    I certainly hope there is a replacement for their Poly Wools now the ball bags? :-(
  8. This is a brand new (minus tags) 2XL Black Majestic Convertible Jacket that has never been worn at all. Ordered wrong size a few years ago and never really could use it. Great jacket and really hard to find in this kind of condition. $50 and that includes shipping. curtiscglace@gmail.com
  9. Stuff for Sale

    Pants both pair sold Nuddy Buddy combo sold Both belts sold All I have left are two Belgard and the one Nike Harnesses
  10. Stuff for Sale

    While getting my gear together and like the rest of us; cleaning out the gear locker I came across some items I would like to part with. Let me know if you like anything below and the best way to get a hold of me is through my personal e-mail (curtiscglace@gmail.com): Belgard Mask harnesses (4) - I've got 2 open (never used) and 2 in the packaging. These are equivalent to the Mizuno harnesses and are of a good quality and hard to get. They are all basically brand new. $25 each or all 4 for $85. Nike Harness never used - $40. Nutty Buddy (2) - I've got two seldom used ones (Trophy size) and a pair of the jock shorts which I never wore. If you want it all $25 Boston leather belts (42 and 44) - 44 worn once. $25 for both. Honig's plate and base premium pants (2015) size 40R unhemmed. Never worn in the plastic (elastic waste band) - $60 if you take both. If you want the belts above for $75 you can have the pants and belts. I may have more items but that's about it, let me know if you have any questions.
  11. Mizuno 2QA-122

    PM sent
  12. Honigs Discount

    Yeah, nope! I tried but they don't give the discount towards that item.
  13. Honigs Discount

    Anyone know if Honigs gives the NASO discount (10%) for Platecoats? On the fence to get one, but trying to save a few bucks.
  14. Black and Blue

    I'll be attending Black and Blue Umpire Clinic in Riverside this October and was wondering if anyone is interested in splitting a room. Two queen beds and I am using a Government Rate so about $95 for the room. Please message me back to see if anyone is interested. Curtis (curtiscglace@gmail.com)