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  1. To me the catcher is guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct. He leads with his helmet and was running at the runner with intent to make exsessive contact. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  2. Double knee shin guards.
  3. Here's a photo of the throat protector on my Mizuno Mask. The one thing I would say surprised me was how light it is.
  4. I've used the Douglas chest protector. Very low profile, however that comes at a cost. There's a gap where the shoulder cap meets the protector. After a fastball from an American Legion pitcher found the gap I now have the system 7. I know people have contacted Douglas and they put a plastic piece over said gap, having seen one it's no more low profile than a Wilson with it added.
  5. I was looking for the old school single bar mask.
  6. Anyone know of a Riddell mask for sale?
  7. The set position is defined by foot placement on the rubber. The Set is when the pitcher brings his hands together and stops.
  8. I ordered last year and it took 7 weeks to get it no contact from anyone.
  9. I had it happen this year. Top of the first three pitches three outs, all ground outs first pitch swinging. Top of the second lead off batter gets a base hit first pitch swinging, next batter hits a popup in foul ground just behind first base on the first pitch, its caught by the first basemen and the runner was running on the pitch gets doubled off. Next batter grounds out 4-3 on the first pitch. 6 pitches 6 outs.
  10. I think this falls under the path of least resistance on a pitch that is just flat out uncaught. Every defensive manager and coach thinks that a ball that gets by the catcher must be a ball (outside or inside) because their catcher wouldn't let one get by that was over the plate. The offensive manager doesn't care because you called the pitch a ball. Call that pitch a strike and the offensive manager going to be thinking the same way as the defensive manager and as the plate umpire your going to hear about it.
  11. As long as the pitcher stepped toward second base there's no requirement on how the pitcher disengages the pitchers plate. Legal play.
  12. Where did you order the Mizuno from?
  13. descriptions please That's not a Nike frame. That's a Wilson New View Titanium frame. Whoever told you or sold you that as a Nike frame took advantage of you and took you on a ride without lube. I hope you didn't like it. Nope not a Wilson, no one took advantage of me. I paid 68.00 for it from baseball savings. You can also get the mask from homerun monkey but its more money.
  14. ART. 1 . . . Obstruction is an act (intentional or unintentional, as well as ­physical or verbal) by a fielder, any member of the defensive team or its team ­personnel that hinders a runner or changes the pattern of play as in 5-1-3 and 8-3-2; or when a catcher or fielder hinders a batter as in 5-1-2b, 8-1-1e, 8-3-1c and 8-3-2. When obstruction occurs, the ball becomes dead at the end of playing action and the umpire has authority to determine which base or bases shall be awarded the runners according to the rule violated (Exceptions 8-4-2c, 8-4-2d). In the first three if in the umpires judgment the runner would not have advanced beyond first base then then the contact didn't hinder or change the pattern of play and no obstruction would be ruled. In the last play if in the umpires judgment the runner would not have been out had there been no contact then obstruction would be called and the runner awarded second base.
  15. Left - All-Star titanium with Wilson wrap around pads Right - Wilson standard profile titanium with Team Wendy Pads Center - Nike frame (low profile) with Team Wendy Pads