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  1. renegadewolf added a post in a topic That's B%llSH*# Blue   

    *munch* *munch*  Popcorn anyone?
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  2. renegadewolf added a post in a topic Washington Nationals Announcers   

    I watch most of my baseball online, and occasionally I find myself "stuck" watching a Nats game on their feed either because they are the only game on or playing a team I want to watch (but can only get their feed).  I almost find myself disagreeing with the sentiment that they aren't Buck or Harrelson bad.  These guys show well below what I would consider minimal knowledge of the game (and I don't set the bar for announcer knowledge very high) amd have a distinct lack of any on air personality beyond disagreeing with any call that goes against the nats and insulting the umpires at every opportunity they have.  I watch the Tigers and Blue Jays a lot and am for the most part pretty happy with them.
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  3. renegadewolf added a topic in Rules   

    Every once in a while...
    Every once in a while while on the diamond we encounter something that is just stunning. Sometimes it is a wonderfully amazing play, and other times it is abject stupidity, so as you might guess I have a situation of abject stupidity.  OBR R1, R2 2 out.  Batter knocks one up the 1st base line, R2 scores, R1 rounds 2nd and is trying for three with the throw coming a little to late and he is safe.  BR stayed at first.  F5 fakes the throw back to F1 and proceeds to stick the ball in his back pocket in the hopes of drawing R3 off the bag and making the 3rd out.  Pitcher made the call easy for me because after "catching" the ball he proceeded to go up on the mound and straddle the rubber.  I balk him and advance the runners.  My question is had the pitcher never gone to the rubber, as having a player stick the ball in his uniform isn't directly covered in the rules, how would we go about handling this?  Kill the ball, allow it to continue, declare the ball lodged?  Seems like a good ole fashioned (2015) 8.01(c) formerly 9.01(c) situation
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  4. renegadewolf added a post in a topic Interference By 3B Coach   

    I think the rule you are looking for is
    (2014 and previous) 7.09(h) (2015 edition) 6.01 (8)  In the judgment of the umpire, the base coach at third base, or first base, by touching or holding the runner, physically assists him in returning to or leaving third base or first base.
    Nothing to see here.  Had coach tried to help the player get up, now you have a case
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  5. renegadewolf added a post in a topic Infield Fly Double Play as Bourgeois Doesn't Know Rule   

    A commentator said something intelligent....  "You never know what you are gonna see in baseball".  Can I get an A-men? lol
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  6. renegadewolf added a post in a topic Balk!   

    It may be nitpicking, and I might not call it in a game I am calling, but this is the big leagues and they call stuff to the letter and are paid quite well to do so.  We've all seen a major league umpire call a balk on the tiniest of flinches that we wouldn't call in the vast majority (or even any) of the games that we as amateurs call.  I think it was a good call, and I think Maddon was only doing what he does best, namely getting tossed out of a game for arguing a judgement call. 
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  7. renegadewolf added a post in a topic Numbers on Shirts   

    Baseball Canada (and Ontario) discourages any sort of "identifying markings" on any of our apparel.  Even colored harnesses for masks and colored masks and ball bags are discouraged, but it's not a hard fast rule as some do choose to wear numbers
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  8. renegadewolf added a post in a topic Two last night   

    Nothing wrong here IMHO...  The second EJ was a good call in my mind as you weren't entirely sure what you heard the first time so you didn't act on it, but were very clear the second time he opened his mouth.
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  9. renegadewolf added a post in a topic Got my Force3 HSM today   

    My experience is that if I am feeling pain, then it isn't fitted correctly.  There will be pressure points, but it shouldn't cause pain.  I have the lower straps more snug than the top ones which are borderline loose.  I find if the tops straps are too tight it pulls the mask back against my face making it very uncomfotable.
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  10. renegadewolf added a post in a topic I worked with that guy...... tonight   

    For clarification purposes, I did say if a coach or player complained about it, they would be instructed to remove the sleeve (yes, they were compression sleeves), I was only discussing with my partner the fact I only rarely hear anyone complain about it, threw in the rule for discussion purposes.  As for the throwing of the bat, to clarify there he said that he would have no problem calling a batter out for throwing his bat anywhere instead of dropping it after he hit the ball.
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  11. renegadewolf added a topic in Free For All   

    I worked with that guy...... tonight
    Tonight I was told by my partner at a game "You spend far too much time in that book".  He was referring to the official rules of baseball "book" because I had mentioned that there was a pitcher with a sleeve on his pitching arm and not the other and how so few coaches/players complain about it, but if they did we would have to instruct the pitcher to remove it.  The same fellow who also said he would call a batter out for interference for throwing his bat....  Methinks maybe he doesn't spend enough time in that book....
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  12. renegadewolf added a post in a topic delta flex harness   

    I'm 6ft 2 and the delta flex is just too short on the top straps with my west vest platinum.  I love the way it hugs the body, but it raises the CP several inches and I've taken 3 shots (one in the liver) just below the CP where the original harness would have saved me those shots.  Simple fix is to extend the top straps using the original straps from the CP.  Any other tall folks experience this issue?
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  13. renegadewolf added a post in a topic Enforcement   

    indeed!  I feel much better now!!  Thank for confrming my good people.
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  14. renegadewolf added a topic in Rules   

    OBR, R2 0 outs 1 ball 2 strike.  F1 in stretch and fails to come to a pause at set, balk called as the pitcher releases the ball and the batter is hit by the pitch (complete with an attempt to move out of the way of the ball). Can we enforce both the balk and HBP in this case?  I know that the balk rule states that all runners need to advance at least one base, which doesn't happen in this situation in order to ignore the balk, so that doesn't seem like an option.  When the batter is hbp we have a dead ball situation and according to the rules the batter is entitled to first base without liability to be put out, so it seems like this aught to be enforced as well.  I'm just trying to make some sense of what to call in this situation.  Just the balk, just the hbp or both.  Perhaps I am just having a hard time thinking that I should enforce the balk only and basically tell the batter tough luck and the count is now 2-2.
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  15. renegadewolf added a post in a topic Got my Force3 HSM today   

    I have the F3 HSM, ordered it shortly after it was introduced.  I've taken two absolute monster hits directly in the mask and the shock absorbers do their job!  While no helmet or mask is going to make it so you don't feel a strong enough hit, this one certainly deadens the energy going into your head.  I had a Rawlings HSM previously, and they aren't even in the same category. i't's like comparing a Lada with a Mercedes Benz.  More padding, better field of vision and the weight is more evenly distributed across the head because of the more padding.
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