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  1. Dry-Lo Ball Bags(2) For Sale - Black

    Ill take em. Pm sent Nvm lol. Pm not sent, just saw the new message
  2. Transaction Experience Thread

    Fastpitch Freak Super fast shipping, everything was awesome and as advertised! ⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾
  3. Size 10 or 10.5   Anyone got a pair in good shape? Or know the best/cheapest place to pick up a new pair? I remember someone posting a link to amazon and a code to get them super cheap but cant find it.
  4. If not I got 3 different softshells. 
  5. Trade???

    Got a pic and price? I need some new shins but dont want to spend a fortune, I go to a knee and hate to buy some shins without knowing how they handle that position. Bu tit looks like im going to have to get some if I call summer ball this year.
  6. What you looking to trade for?
  7. Alternative Choice for Line Up Card Holder

    Interesting....... I take a lot of notes during the game also and have been running out of room. Gonna give this a try, thanks!
  8. Transaction Experience Thread

    Jhcoach19. Quck shipping and platnium west vest Better then described. Thanks again
  9. Transaction Experience Thread

    Hey it was 1988 when I got the nick name! I wore 17 and goggle in little league and its stuck ever since. Im known more by Sabo around here then my real name. Which is Chris also. 
  10. Transaction Experience Thread

    Acpar72. Great transaction. He even shipped before I paid. Super fast shipping, trustworthy, and the damn mask was brand new. I didnt even realise when i was buying it that it was new. Haha a welcomed surprise! Thanks so much acpar72
  11. Gray mask pads

    Thanks guys
  12. Gray mask pads

    Anyone know where I can find some gray pads? I saw some custom team wendy ones but am sure I dont have the resources to make that happen.    Something like the pics below. Would LOVE the team wendy ones.
  13. Wilson Platinum 12'

    I want it if the condition is ok. 
  14. I want the fm25 if its not spoken for!
  15. I think its more of a look what I got type thing!   Its a new world we live in. Its now safe for another man to ask another man if what hes wearing looks ok..... Except in eastern ky. Which is why I get my opinions from the internet.