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  1. My partner george tackleberry has that covered on the bases!
  2. Always 2. I keep a small glock in my left one, just in case! Lol
  3. is the jim evans book really a $55 book? Having a hard time pulling the trigger on that. Would love them both though. May just end up with the pbuc for 12 though.
  4. Are the books/manuals up to date? I know it says 2014 but are all mechanics taught the same today?
  5. Was the base guys in sleeves and pu in short sleeve?
  6. Plus one for raz. I bought one a while back from him. Best upgrade ive made to my gear. Fits perfect, requires no adjustments during the game. And the customization always makes people do a double take and ask where I got it done at.
  7. 911 dispatcher. Great boss, I give her my schedule a month out and i get off any night before a game. (Normally work 12-8am) If i get a game added shes also cool about getting me replaced. They also know id quit dispatching in a heart beat if I had to choose. I do 4 sports all year, and make more officiating. The real job is basically for insurance/retirement.
  8. I dont but havent sent the mask back yet. Will try to take a pic sometime tomorrow.
  9. So first game out last week and I take a pretty common foul ball to the face. A few innings later I notice a break around the ear area. Looks like the mask had just snapped at the weld. Wilson dyna lite. Not sure if its because I kept it in a cold place over the winter or what. Anyway, I have to brag on AGAIN! I emailed them and explained situation. Im not sure when I bought the mask, sometime last season I was thinking. I wake up the next morning and I have a new make en route. 2 days later its here. No questions asked, no pics, no hassle. Just great customer service as usual from the umpattire crew! I showed my appreciation by ordering the new poly spandex and a few other items.
  10. Looking for wilson platinum shins. Smallest size possible. I have some, but the condition is getting rough. So looking for newer/cleaner shins.
  11. The wife gave me exactly 0% symphony! Shes preggers though. I guess she thinks her pain is worse?
  12. Did you read the post? I had time to flinch. Drop step, thats funny. Im the fastest white guy to come out of my college. Im not slow by any means. If i had time to drop step i would of had time to avoid the ball.
  13. He must of used that move before, runner wasnt fooled at all.
  14. HAHA I would brother, but I have 2 backup pair. As well as backup cp,shins, and mask. So the wife would flip over a a duplicate pair of shoes. Im sure you will have no problems selling them for that price.