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  1. Hamari too quick?

    I'm sure he was surprised and wasn't expecting to be run that quickly. But that look on his face tells me he knew what he was doing. This wasn't an accident.
  2. Hamari too quick?

    Judging by Syndergaard's lack of reaction: nope.
  3. A, B and C Positioning

    What would you recommend doing differently for the veterans?
  4. Updated New Balance plate shoe?

    A true friendship can transcend such important differences.
  5. Updated New Balance plate shoe?

    I'm having the same wear issues plus the tops of the met guards are pretty scuffed up from my shin guards. Fortunately the pants hide that but it's still annoying.
  6. A, B and C Positioning

    Same here.
  7. That's an interesting way to break that down. Good tip!
  8. Updated New Balance plate shoe?

    I'll make up for it by continuing to not.
  9. With an R2 or R3 I'm not going very far at all into the infield when working by myself. I'd rather work best as I can to get angles and not have to rush back to cover a plate at home behind me. That helps adjusting back to having a partner too.
  10. Big sale at Honigs

    You may or may not have noticed over the years that I don't have many good things to say about Honig's. I've used them when I've had to but felt burned before with some of their products and their seeming lack of customer service after I've complained. That said, this last order might just change my mind on them. I received it today. They sent it two day after I paid for only ground. The shirt was a Honig's brand shirt and it is of a much better quality than the Smitty equivalent. Smitty shirts were good in the old style but I wasn't as happy with their new MLB styles. The Honig's shirt is not nearly as baggy, has a nicer material and looks like an overall better finished product. I really like the new mask I bought also and at $44.95 for a complete mask with microfiber pads, it was a steal considering the frame by itself is $39.99 and this includes the pads, a mask bag and the harness. I already have my Wendy's pads on it and now need to find a game to work to give it a try. Oh and I got the Majestic jacket I've been wanting for $20. Well done Honig's, well done.
  11. Force3 Meeting with

    We don't want our hat to get a sunburn after all.
  12. Updated New Balance plate shoe?

    They also look and are unathletic as can be. Heavy as bricks and look like we should still be umpiring in a three piece suit.
  13. Dale Scott and tom hallion

    Eh, I like the look.
  14. Updated New Balance plate shoe?

    They've had some issues with it tearing. This is probably an attempt to alleviate that.