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  1. we got paid more than that...LOL it was a monthly rate.. about the same as a guy who is in Rookie leagues.
  2. Nobody is gonna talk about this one?.. I thought it was a good call, easy...and the EJ was great as No one.. No one like AJ
  3. you cant call a quick pitch if he doesnt pitch the ball right?
  4. But you dont have the same angle.. so really just lied... as U3 there is no way possible with no runners on base and your coming across the infield dirt you can have the same angle.
  5. love it.. I think you and I are the only ones who agree.
  6. The play was when the runner slid in, after the ball got away and he ran home.. this is not a " play" ( attempting to tag a runner or throwing the ball for a force out is a play) for rules purposes.. they ( defense) would have to get the ball back and try to throw him out.. chasing after a ball which has passed a fielder IS NOT A PLAY, IT'S AN ERROR.
  7. in LL.. high school.. college.. Pro ball..... if you read and understand the rule... you'll get this right.
  8. this is not a play being made on a runner... this is the other type of OBS... the ball was missed by 3rd basemen.. and when the runner got up to run, he was obstructed.. same play as in the world series a few yrs ago.. play is live, and if need be you can award the runner home if he was tagged out
  9. No it's not a mechanical Doctrine. It's just something guys do.. like Midamump said.. " answer the question before they ask" and I only do it on close pitches.
  10. The throw is meaning less... yo cant expect the catcher to always remember the count right? He needs to be ready as well.
  11. the rule was added the nest season... Batter MUST INTENTIONALLY INTERFERE with ball 4.
  12. we were lucky to get an evaluation from anyone. You got ranked out of PBUC eval course.. 1st guys got MiLB jobs, Then the other 24 got put in the cpl... then the rest on the reserves list.. you moved up when the other guys moved. One crew when i was in the CPL was lucky to get evaluated by one of the MiLB supervisors.
  13. Thanks, I was watching the game and was curious.
  14. thats cause he sucks...LOL and he lives on the wrong coast,...LOL
  15. Oh yeah that Guy... 6 time CWS umpire and maybe arguably the best College umpire in the country can say and do aaaaalllllooootttt more than we can.