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  1. NCAA is the same as MLB... Oh fyi.. MLB and MiLB do use the same set of rules, with the exception of replay.
  2. As soon as the batter runner is out, " time, award the the bases"
  3. the advanced of runners is not gonna matter.. because ALL runners and batter runner did not advance a base safely. Sometimes its great to confer with the crew to triple check we are applying the correct rule, and placing runners at the right base.
  4. I highly doubt that he wanted to protest ( unless you heard from one of the crew members.)
  5. it is NOT a lack of rules knowledge on the part of the HP umpire as he is one of the best in the country.
  6. Jordan Baker also switched sock from UA to a compression sock.
  7. No.. In college baseball we will not Rotate with R1 and 3-2 2outs count.. the base umpires will slide and leave PU at home. It is not advanced but in the CCA
  8. Not sure your explaining this correct.. R1, R2 or R1, R2, R3 or R2, R3 or R1, R3 .. If U3 goes out the base umpire will slide.. and If you read the BR will get a double you can Rim this and stay outside and take the play from the outfield side of 2nd ( this is an advanced Mechanic so becareful.
  9. Oh FYI.. I'm a STU fan.. he was an instructor at Umpire school when i was there.
  10. not enough games in
  11. so ask yourself this question?.. Did the ball hit the batter? Or did the batter hit the ball?
  12. I buy it every two yrs.. great book.
  13. Joe shuffles because he never takes vacation... hes trying to get the most games worked, so he will move around a bunch.
  14. I heard from a great source that Smitty is gonna fix the plate pants as they are a little too narrow in the legs, the honigs pants width are fantastic.