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  1. That is really strange.. when i went to Harry's I never thought anything was unorganized or ran unprofessionally, in fact i thought it was great. I will agree about the hotel, and a lot of Hotels in Daytona are bad. Jim Evan's school stayed in a bad hotel as well. JC.. when did you go to Harry's?
  2. Here the funny thing... I just want guys to go to a school.. both are great.. But say " if you want a Job" or that one is better, but you have never been to either, is not fair. I have buddies to teach at the PBUC school, and they're great guys, who do a great job teaching, and attending that school is great opportunity.
  3. this kid makes me laugh.. he thinks that the only place you can get a job, learn to umpire and advance is through the PBUC school..haha you can get it through both... but since i have buddies in MLB, AAA and AA...and i know instructors from both... he knows it i said good luck, and i hope that ego/cockiness calms down before school.... I wish you best and i hope you get a job.
  4. funny.. I got a job from Harry's.. and so did a bunch of other guys... they have to take guys from both schools..but you have it figured out.
  5. we played poker, or cards almost every night and read the rule book at the same time. music, i listen to music everywhere, at lunch i would go to the car put on some jams.. come back out ready to go. Food at both places is not anything to worry about ( MiLB school has a dinning facility on campus) .. Harry's has a restaurant in the hotel and lunch is catered everyday, except Sundays, there are some many places to eat in Daytona that it's a non issue. Laundry at Harry's is tough cause its a hotel and there were only 3 washers and 3 dryers, but across the street was a laundromat that washed and folded your stuff for a really good price. let me know what other questions you have.
  6. haha
  7. why do you think i didnt respond the way i should have... the cool thing about baseball and Umpiring, just like in Golf... the game can Humble anyone.
  8. ok then..
  9. well, I'm glad you have your answer.. You do what you can afford. Good luck to you.
  10. Is there a link for a way to order these?
  11. So once your in the game... and trying to move up the ladder.. you really need to have someone on your side. like a sponsor, someone to speak up for you, go to bat for you with MLB, if not it can be tougher.
  12. I truly think your missing my points here.. I just had MLB guy call a umpire school guy who wanted to go to MiLB school..well now he is changing his mind and going to Harry's// IF YOU WANT TO MAKE IT TO THE MLB, YOU NEED A SPONSOR..Harrys has MLB guys the other school doesn't. I know and like the instructors at the other school.. they do a really great job, but someone has to help you, why not have a big league do it.
  13. oh.. so you havent been to Pro school.... It just seemed like the way your talking that you have.. Ok.. I have.. at the end you do waht you want.. But i will tell you.. many of my class mates from Harry's are still in the game.. AAA, AA.. IT DOESNT MATTER ONCE YOUR IN THE GAME WHERE YOU WENT...
  14. Boom.. Mic drop.
  15. What is the advantage? What if you were good at MiLB and maybe you messed up a play a couple of times.. they will remember when it comes times for PBUC eval course.. But going to Harry's you come in with a clean slate and no one knows you. But what do I know?