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  1. It's impossible to balk to 2B.

    cool... i guess you got this.. sorry i cant help you out.. ( he must be above being helped)
  2. It's impossible to balk to 2B.

    well since in your signature it says your work for Fagan and Assman... just worry about College rules.
  3. It's impossible to balk to 2B.

    No.. the knee buckle is a different balk than a start and stop... example.. Coach come out to ask why you balked his pitcher "coach he buckled his knee"... another example.. "coach, we had a no stop balk".. NCAA rule 9.3.C .4 4) The pitcher may not prematurely flex either leg before stepping directly and throwing to first base. NCAA rule 9.3 c J.. j. The pitcher delivers the pitch from the set position without coming to a complete and discernible stop, or the pitcher comes to more than one stop from the set position (see 9-1-b);
  4. Balk Move?

    Is this a High School rule?
  5. Balk Move?

    where is this in the rule book
  6. It's impossible to balk to 2B.

    No.. its a knee buckle... this is different than a start and stop... the pitcher did stop.
  7. It's impossible to balk to 2B.

    This is not a start and stop balk.. its the buckling of the knee, that was called.
  8. Balk Move?

    what the heck is the 45degree line? I've never heard of that
  9. Hong's Poly-Wools

    They changed the material a little more Poly , less wool.. Which i love. Lighter for summer time.
  10. 2016 NCAA Test Discussion

    Yes i would agree.. But im just telling you what the rule says..
  11. 2016 NCAA Test Discussion

    Yes a momentary adjustment.. but the pitcher takes his hand off the ball... which is a no no.. how much more clear does this get? Rule 9.1.8 pg 843"A.R. 1 When a pitcher is on the rubber with his hands together, before any natural movement that commits the pitcher to pitch, he may move his hand within his glove to adjust the ball. Should the pitcher separate his hands while in contact with the rubber, a balk shall be called. A.R. 2 A pitcher may pause during his delivery from the windup position without penalty "
  12. 2016 NCAA Test Discussion

    balk.. once you put your hand in the glove you cant take it off.
  13. 2016 NCAA Test Discussion

    Ok.. how about Tobacco rule.. SS is using chewing tobacco.. he and the Head coach get ejected.. does that make sense? The head coach is responsible for his team, so he need to tell Pitching coach to shut up.
  14. 2016 NCAA Test Discussion

    No.. your answewr is in the rules.. rule 9.2.c it says it right threre... ( although it doesnt make sense to me)
  15. Refurbishing an old Douglas - looking for advice

    I have a douglas.. a older one before all you guy started getting one..LOL you guys are pussies for getting the "gap protection" what are the odds you take that 1 in 35,628 of getting hit in the spot. Man up ( fyi please do take offense to this)