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  1. the logo has nothing to do with the rule.. THIS IS A LEGAL GLOVE.. LEAVE THIS ALONE.
  2. There is nothing wrong with this glove... it cant be white or grey to exclude the piping.
  3. my test is a 100.. so im pretty certain you missed that one.. but you passed so no big deal.
  4. well that answer is not correct.. It is never an immediate dead ball.
  5. If the batter and all runners advance to the next base CI is ignored and on a proper appeal the runner will be called out. Coach has no choice, since everyone advanced to their next base.
  6. If the batter and all runners advance to the next base.. CI is ignored... so if he misses the base then on a proper appeal he will be called out.
  7. $350.. wow.. I just bought a douglas TW chest Protector.. with an added Wilson plate ( cause he used to call Big league games) and he sold it to me for $125...
  8. well i got his test answers... I will apologize to everyone.. he marked False on the test.. BUT.. IT IS A BALK... WE ALL KNOW THAT.. STUPID TEST AND THE WORDING.
  9. I guess we'll know the correct answer on Feb 15th
  10. its true.. i know someone who got a 100% and marked it true.
  11. what angle should he have taken...?
  12. ok.. now put the 2 together and you have your test question.
  13. Atlanta
  14. It also says .. " Or stride leg" which makes it a balk.
  15. ok.. you can have a balk for just his entire free foot breaking Correct?.... you can also have a balk for any part of his stride leg breaking the back edge of the rubber correct?... heck you can have both on the same play.. so