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  1. 100% I'm with you.. I'm not cleaning it either.
  2. I have now worn both pants in D1 conference games.. and 1 weekend was a big one.. a lots of guys are wearing them.. the thing that people have a hard time with it the COLOR.. were so used to wearing Honigs Poly wool that anything else doesn't look right. it was a hot weekend and the pants feel great.. I worn the big patent leather belt on the plate and had no problems getting them through the belt loops. The pants are so good I could buy another set and might this summer. if we can wear them in D1 conference weekends, you can wear them as well.
  3. yes you can.. but it has to be INTENIONAL
  4. you should get into a really great habit of calling ball 4 every time..
  5. Ok.. sorry.. I do not work NFHS
  6. not with runners on base.
  7. That is not the rule.. the Glove.. the glove.. not the logo or the piping.. it can not be grey or white... the Piping..and logo is fine if it is grey.. HOLY cow you guys need to stop digging and make up your own interpretations.
  8. and what if it actually hit the bottom of the bat? you still gonna give him 1st base cause the pitcher screwed up?
  9. personally.... always just call "TIME" .... time means nothing right now... then look at your evidence.. tell him to take off his glove and look to see if there is anything that looks like a mark, or red.. if so.. give him 1st .. Trust me i just did this in a Big Non con game.... not a word from anyone.
  10. it's called controversy, people are scared of it... If they call this then they have to explain to coaches why it was RLI
  11. the logo has nothing to do with the rule.. THIS IS A LEGAL GLOVE.. LEAVE THIS ALONE.
  12. There is nothing wrong with this glove... it cant be white or grey to exclude the piping.
  13. my test is a 100.. so im pretty certain you missed that one.. but you passed so no big deal.
  14. well that answer is not correct.. It is never an immediate dead ball.
  15. If the batter and all runners advance to the next base CI is ignored and on a proper appeal the runner will be called out. Coach has no choice, since everyone advanced to their next base.