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  1. NB base shoes

    well.. i worn them around town yesterday.. they will need to be broken n.. they are comfy.. light, and lots of traction. they are not as breathable as you think... i will wear them this weekend at a clinic and let you guys know. Buyt they look sweet.. and one of my D1 conference coordinators already said he is fine with us wearing them in games. ( the white on the shoes)
  2. Foul tip?

    hand or glove is the rule.
  3. NB base shoes

    I already have a pair here at the house.. they are great.. Light, smooth, traction. and look good.
  4. Can-am league or American Association

    Pro School is not a requirement.. There is a camp a week long camp 1st week of Mar that is run by them, go there and impress.
  5. Tough night for crew in angels-rangers game

    Please take YOUR F+_)&^*&%% bucket off your head
  6. Tough night for crew in angels-rangers game

    The videos dont show a double call.. on a side note.. alot of crews Pregame this situation... and PU will take F/F up to the cutout.. it is a more defining point on the field, and the base umpire is closer and will be able to get a better look at the F/F
  7. Attempt towards second?

    yep, i think he should have been in fair territory
  8. Attempt towards second?

    RLI... did the runners action by running illegally, interfere with the 1st basemans attempt to field the throw?
  9. Base Uncovered

    Not if you use CCA...
  10. Base Uncovered

    R3.. and U3 goes out If there is a potential play back into 3rd ... U2 comes in and has plays on R3 or r2
  11. Base Uncovered

    Also with R1 & R3... R2... R2 & R3..
  12. Base Uncovered

    just shows you guys, even they forget to rotate.. it happens... but i love U2 looking over to see if U1 was going to make the call before he did.
  13. Interference? Why or why not?

    for you guys that wear a bucket... PLEASE TAKE THE F*&^%$# thing off your head.. looks lazy and I'm bored as sh%t
  14. MLB Pants

    What will be funny is if the MLB guys start wearing them, then all the guys on here who bashed them, will jump on the band wagon just because the Big guys wear them.
  15. Catcher Interference - Coach Takes the Result

    NCAA is the same as MLB... Oh fyi.. MLB and MiLB do use the same set of rules, with the exception of replay.