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  1. Parents: Totally Ignore?

    In your scenario, I would pursue these items enumerated by MudIsFun. I combine 3&4. I can converse w/ a board member and give the board member a minute to make progress. If no visible progress, I will put teams in the dugout and we will wait. If anyone advocates intentional injury, the game waits until the situation is cleared up and that unsportsmanlike person is not around. 3) get a league board member to handle the situation 4) if none of the above works call time. Place both teams in the dugout. Walk out to the mound and LOUDLY announce that the game will not continue until THAT MAN (point directly) leaves the field. Notice your not 'ejecting' the fan but stating your position. Watch how long it takes Grand Ma who drove an hour to see her baby's game to jump on that persons crap. 5) wait. If the person refuses to leave then suspend the game and refer it to the BOD for decisions.
  2. Substituting

    do those six defensive outs need to be consecutive? I know the book used to include "consecutive outs" but I think that word was remove. That leaves a bit of wiggle room. I wish I had my 2016 book handy.
  3. So sorry to hear. You will rebound. From the spirit you convey through the forums, it's apparent to me that you are a focused and driven man. Focus that drive on the rehab and good things will happen. Maybe more evaluations of others for a while to keep your hand in officiating.
  4. obstruction

    FED: 2B
  5. Balk or No Balk

    I would tell catcher, "That looks like a double set, go tell him <brush, brush, brush>" I would prefer this to be a quick word with the head coach between innings, but by then, I may have seen it 25 times and by that time, it's is de facto allowed because I didn't call it the first 25 times.
  6. Balk or No Balk

    What's the phrasing on that warning? I'm new to FED ball and I wonder how that would go. I would love to grab a new tool for my tool box here. Thanks in advance.
  7. Magic eyeglasses

    I think that bit about using the rule book to solve problems and not create problems applies here. If this happened in one of my games, I'd look at those glasses, wonder what took them so long to think of it, and proclaim "I'm good with it, let's play ball!". R
  8. Magic eyeglasses

    That seems a reach to me. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  9. Magic eyeglasses
  10. Upcoming Changes

    I miss the old "New Content" function.
  11. This is absolutely DISGUSTING

    Seems like light penalties to me.
  12. Shoe shining

    Leather Luster! Then spray and wipe after every game.
  13. YES HE DID!!!! Scioscia EJ

    I do not understand this point of view. I know we are speculating about what's in the managers mind but, do they think the umpire is intentionally making an incorrect call to hurt or punish the player? What professional adult would do that? Maybe I'm simple, but I'm just trying to get the call right. I don't have time to consider who the player is or remember what his batting average is or anything else. I really don't care what the count is in this case. Do I think he went? Yes? Then call the strike! Incorrect calls are part of the game. How does the manager or player tantrum help anyone involved in the game(except the broadcast network)?
  14. How to hold the announcers accountable

    we may learn which ones to mute during video playback.
  15. IMG-0144.jpg

    On oldie but a goodie. My youngest is batter/runner. He is thirteen years old now, about seven years old there.