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  1. Upcoming Changes

    I miss the old "New Content" function.    
  2. This is absolutely DISGUSTING

    Seems like light penalties to me. 
  3. Shoe shining

    Leather Luster!  Then spray and wipe after every game.      
  4. YES HE DID!!!! Scioscia EJ

    I do not understand this point of view.  I know we are speculating about what's in the managers mind but, do they think the umpire is intentionally making an incorrect call to hurt or punish the player?  What professional adult would do that?   Maybe I'm simple, but I'm just trying to get the call right.  I don't have time to consider who the player is or remember what his batting average is or anything else.  I really don't care what the count is in this case.  Do I think he went?  Yes?  Then call the strike!    Incorrect calls are part of the game.  How does the manager or player tantrum help anyone involved in the game(except the broadcast network)?
  5. How to hold the announcers accountable

    we may learn which ones to mute during video playback.
  6. IMG-0144.jpg

    On oldie but a goodie.  My youngest is batter/runner.  He is thirteen years old now, about seven years old there.  
  7. 2015D4011-12ChampGame.jpg

    I am in the middle. That's my 14yo son on the left..
  8. 2015TOCcgampgame2.jpg

    LL District Tournament of Champions
  9. Injury Substitution in Little League

    Post season tournament rules? No.  A cannot re-enter for C. A and B are 'paired'. If no eligible subs are available (all are already paired), the opposing manager may select from players not currently in the lineup for who will sub for C.  Now that selected player and C are paired.  Selected player un-paired from his original partner.  
  10. I do not. However the nature of the game is that the call is made by the umpire and it is not the players place to correct him when the wrong call is made. If a player comes up and says "Hold on, I dropped the ball, you didn't see it because of ..., but I dropped it and didn't have a good catch", how long does that player keep his job? How does this discussion change when it's Little League where the player is not paid to win?  I know coaches that would penalize the player w/ less playing time if he gave away outs.
  11. UE hits the field

    THREE District champ games is a very good year.  Way to go!.
  12. UE hits the field

    Getting late in the LL season.  Is this a Section tournament? Around here we have District, Section, Sub-Division, Division, Region LL tournaments.  
  13. Do You Collect Lineups?

    I collected four this weekend from Little League Majors and Minors teams. I collect them for every game except scrimmages.
  14. Thick Skin

    If this is Little League, you have "inciting", "unsportsmanlike", and "arguing judgment calls" to work into your ejection report.... Ignore Acknowledge - Death stare Warn - I like this "Stop this behavior or you will have ejected yourself from this game"  Eject - calm, matter of fact.  Ejections are part of baseball...why are you denying the participants the Full Baseball Experience?  
  15. Nutty Buddy cup reviews?

    I wear it over wicking shorts, and under the NB jock.  Works as well as traditional and provides a bit more coverage.   If I were to lose it, I would replace it w/ same.