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  1. elares added a post in a topic To Establish a Catch, Voluntary Release is Mandatory   

    I do not.
    However the nature of the game is that the call is made by the umpire and it is not the players place to correct him when the wrong call is made.
    If a player comes up and says "Hold on, I dropped the ball, you didn't see it because of ..., but I dropped it and didn't have a good catch", how long does that player keep his job?
    How does this discussion change when it's Little League where the player is not paid to win?  I know coaches that would penalize the player w/ less playing time if he gave away outs.
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  2. elares added a post in a topic UE hits the field   

    THREE District champ games is a very good year.  Way to go!.
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  3. elares added a post in a topic UE hits the field   

    Getting late in the LL season.  Is this a Section tournament?
    Around here we have District, Section, Sub-Division, Division, Region LL tournaments.
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  4. elares added a post in a topic Do You Collect Lineups?   

    I collected four this weekend from Little League Majors and Minors teams.
    I collect them for every game except scrimmages.
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  5. elares added a post in a topic Nutty Buddy cup reviews?   

    I wear it over wicking shorts, and under the NB jock.  Works as well as traditional and provides a bit more coverage.  
    If I were to lose it, I would replace it w/ same.
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  6. elares added a post in a topic So the other day my partner shows up ......   

    I have a Goldwing.  Just need the trailer!
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