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  1. Need an umpire? Hey I was going to ask that!!! Here's the funny part about that. I was asked by another local team to be their umpire for CDP and it appears that both teams are scheduled for the same week (August 25th). So I can get my trip paid for by the other team. Of course, I will likely miss some of my son's games because I will be umpiring on another field, so I will have to decide if that's something I want to do. As far as needing an umpire for our team, there are some guys I know locally that I would want to invite first, but it's nice to know the good people of Umpire-Empire are ready to step up if needed. Greyhawk - I was looking at the umpire section of CDP's web site as my son's team is heading there the week before your's next August -- and I ran into this note on <LI>No player/coach relatives may participate in this Umpire Program. This may help your decision somewhat.