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  1. Assigning Expectations

    Agree with all above. Do them if you can. The 2 1/2 hours standing around because everything got moved back is just part of the "job". I've had it the other way around too. A 5PM game on a Saturday when I'm working til 3, and the forecast looks bad and they want to play earlier. If you can't make the change, so be it. Explain why and that's it. keeping availability up to date in Arbiter helps a whole lot when you can't make a late time change and you have to explain why.
  2. Odd appeal play

    I've got safe. An appeal of this type has to be unmistakeable. This sounds like it was a play on R3 going back to the bag. F5 touching 3B seems only coincidental.
  3. Batter's Box

    I think we're talking about the days when the umpire stood about 1/2 way up the 1B line, and the catcher was about 10--15 feet behind the plate.(circa 1860) I remember hearing or reading what was the major cause for the change but I can't recall.
  4. Batter's Box

    My guess would be foul lines were there before batter's boxes. So no. At no time was that a foul ball. One thing I do know for sure...There was a time when a ball that first touched the ground in fair territory (anywhere, even before 1B or 3B) remained fair no matter where it went after that or where a fielder touched it.
  5. How in the world can you change that call?

    I thought the overall consensus was Wolf had a swing and miss strike 3. (correct call)(drop didn't matter, 1B occupied), and he went for help to see if they had a foul ball?
  6. How in the world can you change that call?

    Is there any chance Wolff had a foul tip..(thought he heard bat/glove) and went to his crew to see if they had the ball hitting the ground?
  7. Cross up or deke

    Watching live I got the feeling Conteras knew he butchered the catch. I don't think he bitched at PU. That batter eventually walked and that was the end of the night for F1. It sexmed to me even during the mound visit Contraries had a look on his face like he knew that ball call was on him.
  8. WS crew..

    No post season for West. Wonder if the Beltre comment had anything to do with it?
  9. Who killed the ball in the ivy

    Ya never know what's in there....
  10. Play at the plate

    Just keep in mind they have replay, and never....since the beginning of the new MLB home plate rule, has an umpire called a catcher for obstruction in real time.
  11. No sht fair

  12. Fair/Foul

    keep in mind the catcher's positioning has nothing to do with the fair/foul ruling. The ball could bounce high off the plate, straight up, F2 could field it from behind the plate with his mitt extended over the plate. Fair ball.

    '04 he played for Tampa and San Diego, Sad Diego in '05 and '06 and '07 for the Nationals.
  14. Correa HR

    Don't forget the Mauer fair ball down the LF line one year that was ruled foul.
  15. No sht fair

    Now I've gotten into the habit of not signaling the can of corn catches. It must have ticked off a partner of mine a few weeks ago.....Multiple fly out cans of corn in the middle while I was in B. No verbal from me on any of them....Around the 6th inning,"Im in B, 1 out. Can of corn to F8. Next thing I know I hear at the top of his lungs, my PU, "THAT"S A CATCH!!" I had to laugh. This from a guy who never moved to cover 3B on at least 3 occasions of R1 and a hit to the OF, and hung me out to dry never moving from HP on a fair fly down the RF line with the bases empty.
  16. Hit em with the old 7.13(2)

    Point taken. Bad comparison. Still, Darling's rant about the "stupid rule" and "Contreras being penalized for an athletic move that's been legal for 100 years" was way over the top.
  17. Hit em with the old 7.13(2)

    Oh..And one more thing.... Tell us how you really feel Ron Darling. Wish I knew what he had to say when Posey broke his leg.
  18. Hit em with the old 7.13(2)

    I agree 100%. I'm just wondering if it's an edict from MLB or a "unwritten rule" among the umpires that we're not calling F2 OBS "live"..Let replay deal with it.
  19. Hit em with the old 7.13(2)

    A few years ago at a winter clinic, we had a Q & A with the 3 MLB umpires that were there. I asked the question... "I noticed there no on field calls on plays at the plate of a runner being called safe at home on catcher obstruction. Is this how MLB wants it? Do they want you to make the safe/out call and then decide if it was catcher obstruction on replay?" There was an awkward pause as all three looked at each other for a few seconds...then a sheepish grin from one, and he answered..."We call what we see" Edited to add..... A few years later and I still don't think there's been obstruction on F2 called 'live" on the field...Maybe @Gil can tell us.
  20. Correa HR

    Couldn't agree more about his "framing". I wouldn't even call it framing. He yanks the mitt like a little leaguer. The way the Yankees DH's have hit in the postseason, I don't know why Joe hasn't gone with Romine behind the plate and Sanchez at is position of the future...DH.
  21. Righty Move to First

    Re-read the pitching rules. All he needs to do is step towards 1B to throw there. There's nothing in any rule set that says anything about what the pivot foot must do on a throw to a base. As long as he steps towards the base with his free foot. Of course his shoulders turn when he throws to 1B. Turning the shoulders from the set position WITHOUT A STEP AND THROW is a balk because it is considered a feint to first. Remember, just because it looks weird doesn't make it a balk.
  22. Correa HR

    Oh, I agree. Not INT by rule. Just a strange situation. You can't say it didn't effect Dee Dee's throw. Blame goes to Judge for missing the cutoff, and Sanchez just isn't a great defensive F2, except for his arm..
  23. Correa HR

    HR. Kid's glove was on top of the wall. Even as a Yankee fan I can't argue the HR. More interesting I thought was Correa popping up in front of Dee Dee's relay throw home in the 9th.
  24. Obstruction on trail runner

    Let me, if I may, change the OP a little, and ask the same question.. R1. ball hit in the gap. R1 rounds third and heads home . As F9 throws a missile towards home, BR rounds 2nd and is obstructed by F6 on his way to 3rd. Throw to the plate has R1 dead to rights, R1 puts on the brakes and retreats to 3B. F2 fires to F5, R1 gets back to 3B. Now with F5 holding the ball and BR on his way to 3B, sees what's going on and buts on the brakes and heads back to 2B, and a run down now ensues with BR. OBR we would call time when the obstructed BR gets in the rundown? Would the award be only 2B because R1 didn't advance home and was not hindered in any way by the OBS? In FED we would let this play play out. let's say, BR is tagged out, F5 remains on 3B. We would enforce the OBS, award R1 home and BR 3rd? (one base min. from point of OBS) Interesting Rules difference here, if I have this right. As I'm typing, I'm thinking of another odd outcome with the FED delayed dead ball OBS rule. Let's say defense messes up the rundown, BR gets to 3B and R1 is also on 3B. Defense properly tags BR. Play stands??
  25. 20

    hate to say I told you so........