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  1. Maven was saying "no" to going out on EVERY flyball. BU most certainly goes out on F8 charging hard straight in or straight back, or converging with another fielder (F9 or F4 for example).
  2. AMEN Brother!!!
  3. Didn't see in the OP where he sang out of tune.
  4. HMMM..I think you're right. After a second reading, it does sound like the slide was straight into the front of the bag with glove down there in front of the bag also. In that case, I'm 99% sure a piece of the shoe touched a piece of that glove.
  5. I'll say this. I agree call what you see. However, if you have a play like the OP, and you have a runner making a great swim move or hook slide to the back of the bag, indeed, call what you see.....and come up BIG with the call... SAFE...MISSED THE TAG!! or something similar. Had a game this week and my neophyte BU made a safe call on a pick off at1B. Kid did a great swim move, and got back in, even though the throw beat him. He got a little crap from the OHC. In our post game, he told me he was 100% sure there was no tag, the swim move was made perfect. I complemented him on calling what he saw, but added, if he came up big on the call, he may have prevented the confrontation with the OHC.
  6. I love my iX3 frame. Just ordered another set of TW pads, and a new harness today.
  7. Well...not little any more.
  8. There's no difference in this case play or rule on which bases the runner is between. Intentionally altering one's running path for the sole purpose of interfering with a thrown ball and succeeding is INT.
  9. Yeah, illegal according to the FED rulebook. I have never seen anyone address this in my games unless they did it discretely and I didn't notice. As BU, I've discretely mentioned it to pitchers when only a heel or toe is in front of the rubber. If you polled varsity coaches, I'd bet less than 10% even know the rule, and of those 10%,less than 1/2 would ever bring it up in a game.
  10. If it's intentional to interfere with a throw or fielder, it most certainly is. With the bases loaded, B4 hits a ground ball to F3 who is left-handed. The ball is just inside the foul line. F3 throws to F2, but hits B4 who is on his way to first base. B4 is in fair territory, but has not reached the 45-foot running lane. RULING: There is no violation, unless the batter-runner intentionally interfered with F3’s throw. (8-4-2a) ART. 2 . . . Any runner is out when he: a. runs more than three feet away from a direct line between bases to avoid being tagged or to hinder a fielder while the runner is advancing or ­returning to a base;
  11. guys are harsh. I grew up playing 1B. Any play @1B that wasn't close with the bases empty, I'd catch the ball, flip the ball up, catch it in my bare hand, and crow hop off the bag to start the throw around the horn. In all my years playing I only had one OOO call a runner safe. The most obvious FYC I was ever part of. No, it didn't teach me anything and I only stopped doing it in that game. Rest of that game, every put out, I held the ball in the glove, foot on the base and showed the BU the glove, like a fielder would do after making a tag play. My little FU back at him the rest of the night. Yeah, I was a cocky little bastard...but a damn good F3.
  12. He can run inside the foul line. No penalty.......Unless he was hit with a batted ball??
  13. Any time there's tree branches hanging over or near fences this should be addressed in the ground rules at the plate meeting. That said, I've never seen a ball "bounce" more than a foot or so off that plastic stuff. It usually hits it and falls.
  14. He needs to be tagged. A runner can only be forced to the next base when the batter puts the ball in play. A runner can never be "forced back" to the base he started on. (leaving early on the caught fly ball is an appeal play, not a force)
  15. If it were less than 2 outs the call would have had nothing to do with R2 scoring or not. A call of safe or out at 1B with less than 2 outs means the defense should be making a play on R2 trying to score regardless of the safe/out call at 1B.
  16. If a batter is hit by a pitch when swinging, time is called, and a strike on the batter. No award of 1B. In your case, did the umpire rule a swing? That's the key here. If it was check swing, and plate umpire said no swing, HBP, you can ask him to ask his base umpire if he has a swing. If they rule no swing, then HBP, award 1B. Can't answer without sing the "alleged" swing. And even then, it's judgment.
  17. Thanks guys. Much appreciated. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If @Kevin_K thinks I can't umpire now, I can't imagine what I'd be like without this site!! Love this place. I guess that's why I'll be at the 4th of July clinic for a 4th time. Maybe someday I'll learn
  18. I had the bases today and came real close to a 5 inning perfecto. I was aware of it from the first inning when it was obvious this pitcher had great stuff and struck out the side. He had 8 K's through the 1st 9 batters. He gave up a clean double in the gap with one out in the 5th. Walked a guy then finished off a nice one hitter. Must have K'd 11 or 12 in 5 innings. Side note I thought was pretty funny. Top 4 , a kid tries to bunt his way on to break up thew perfecto, down 12-0. F5 makes a great play and gets him by a full step. You could hear fans and benches murmuring about the attempt to break up the perfecto with a bunt. Bottom 4 comes around, the F1 throwing the gem comes to bat, his team up 12-0, lays down a bunt for a single. I had to laugh.Thought that was pretty good revenge for the HS level.
  19. Why not? Age appropriate, and using FED means no reason for any special sliding/safety rules.
  20. Good point. Fixed it
  21. ..And one week later, we're back to barely hitting 50.
  22. That's OBS. the way I see it. 1. F3 F1 obviously the isn't a protected fielder 2. F1 obviously hinders BR. 3. OBS before 1B on a ground ball is immediate DB. 4. The fact that F3 would have undoubtedly made the tag on BR is irrelevant.
  23. hey it...It's not all bad. At least for umpiring. It's not like some areas where there's 7 schools in a 200 mile radius. We have hundreds in North Jersey alone. Our pay isn't bad either. So we got that going for us Welcome @bluejersey. I'm thinking there's a pretty good chance I know you?
  24. Been wearing it this way for years...No intention of changing. The comfort level and protection cannot be matched.
  25. Not saying double 1B is bad idea for 8u, just that I've seen too many coaches not even tell the F3 where his feet should be when receiving a throw. It's one thing when an 8 year old doesn't listen, but it's another if he's never taught.