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  1. does a run score?

    No different. No run can score when the 3rd out is made by the batter runner before he reaches 1B.
  2. NFHS Jewelry

    Oh--And the defensive conference rule...All want 2 per inning/pitcher...Not the FED 3 per game.
  3. NFHS Jewelry

    Tourneys and leagues I do that follow Fed usually want the jewelry and Hybrid rules ignored.
  4. Passing a runner

    Hey, We have enough idiosyncrasies and bad test answer interps and state rules...Don't heap stuff on us that isn't ours!
  5. Interference or not

    1. There's 2 types of umpire interference. One is being hit with a batted ball while in front of the infielders and the other is interfering with a catcher's throw. Nothing else is umpire INT. 2. Offensive players can/may still be guilty of infractions, intentional or unintentional even if the defense errors on a given play.
  6. Solo Ump, Steal at 2B

    Don't ya love it? Like the parents down the right or left field foul line that can somehow see inside/outside or over the plate better than we can from the slot.
  7. Strange Ground Rule Double

    I just think it's a cool play. I mean, who ever thought you would see a ball in flight hitting the middle of a wall and, untouched, deflecting over the wall in fair territory ?
  8. Solo Ump, Steal at 2B

    Oh for sure. Way too many throwovers that only serve to show the runner how much more they can get. ...And THAT'S the level we usually see solo umpires on 90' fields.
  9. Solo Ump, Steal at 2B

    High school I agree. 13-14u rec/travel? I WISH they would concentrate on the batters.
  10. Is there any need to leave the ball lave to determine fair/foul when the INT is on the BR? BR is out, runners return. No difference where the ball "lands"
  11. Solo Ump, Steal at 2B

    I sure hope I never have to do showcases or Tourneys solo on 90' diamonds.
  12. Interference, Obstruction, Nothing

    I tend to agree we don't have Tangle/untangle once BR is beyond F2, and F2 runs up BR's back. But @Jimurray brings up the part of this play that makes it look strange to me. If F2 takes a step forward from behind the plate and up the line to get the ball, he avoids BR completely. I've seen "Savy" infielders take some questionable routs to ground balls to draw contact with runners. That was my first impression watching this clip.
  13. Solo Ump, Steal at 2B

    Agreed, many are not. But at lower wages on the 90' field you won't see a pickoff all season- the pitchers are throwing from the windup. Perhaps...Areas vary I guess. ...I tend see more pick offs to 3B in young kids 90' games than I do in Varsity or 18+.
  14. Strange Ground Rule Double

    Not really relevant here. It actually is a batted ball that hits in the middle of the fence and deflects over the fence in fair territory.
  15. Solo Ump, Steal at 2B

    True, but pick off to 3B doesn't happen even once a game, steal of second is happening several times. Ok, but how many of the steals of 2B are actually close? Many are not close. The lower the ages on the 90' field, the lower the % of actual tag plays on steals of 2B.
  16. Solo Ump, Steal at 2B

    Don't forget to make sure there's no batter INT before moving out to get an angle on the play @2B That's not even the toughest solo call... I vote for the pick off @3B on R3 returning.
  17. Interference.???

    Once interference is called the play is over. In the OP, it doesn't matter if it's a catch or no catch/fair or foul. (It technically never happened). BR is out on INT. Runners return. Now, if the interference is on a runner in a similar situation, interference is called, and then we need to deem the ball fair or foul by where it comes to rest or where the interfered with fielder touches the ball. Fair or foul only, for the purpose of placing runners/BR. It's never interference AND a catch.
  18. Little League (Intermediate) - Play at the Plate

    One had to come first. Did F2 step on the plate before R3 got there? In that case I have a force out. The tag attempt would be irrelevant.
  19. Interference, Obstruction, Nothing

    Perhaps not. You may be right. I tried to do the "Watch it once and make a call" exercise here. Ok then. As a "situational game management" lesson. What would be the best course of action by PU here. Make a call, be it INT, OBS, That's nothing, and then get the crew together to see if they have anything contrary to what you called, or better to call time after BR is put out at 1B, then get together and talk with the crew about what each one saw, and PU could decide from all the gathered opinions/info of the crew.
  20. Delayed call puts runner at disadvantage

    Very true. For whatever reason in my mind's eye I "saw" a ball rolling across the infield dirt towards SS. Discretion should be used on such plays.
  21. Interference, Obstruction, Nothing

    I've got F2 giving the BR an unnecessary intentional shove. OBS.
  22. Delayed call puts runner at disadvantage

    Good tip, and all very true....BUT.... as is the case in the OP, I don't think we should signaling safe and pointing at a ball rolling ten feet away from the base anymore than we should be pointing to a passed ball when F2 doesn't see it. On a tag play, when the ball's laying on the ground under a body, or next to the runner and fielder, where not everybody can see it, by all means, point and signal.
  23. High School Playoffs

    South Carolina has just moved up my list of places to semi-retire.
  24. Balk or Not