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  1. This was something new to me taught at a pre season clinic I attended this year. Main point was once the fielder is about to throw, shift to the bag, and take your cue from F3 for off line throws. IOW, don't try to read the throw, then snap to the bag. let F3 read the throw, you read F3. This gives you a little more time to get set, focus on the bag, and be ready to make the call.
  2. The throw went to the base...Check out the case play in the BRD under that section. (Part (e) of that play has a throw to the base, nowhere near a fielder) in all codes.
  3. I understood you post 100%. I get what you said. Not trying to argue. Just saying I'm not buying the "I coach them to run on every strikeout". Yelling to the BR "RUN RUN RUN" when it's clear as day F2 caught the ball and the PU is emphatically calling the batter out... Nothing to argue...It's BS. The whole concept of "I tell my kids to run on every strikeout" is poor coaching IMO. (Cue @Rich Ives to tell me I'm wrong )Teach the kids the right way to play. Run when the ball's dropped. And as a coach, yell "RUN" when it's a D3K.
  4. Is it possible your timing is fast, or you're not using your eyes properly? Watch the bag for the touch, listen for the pop of the glove. Replay the two sounds in your mind and decide which came first. If you have the glove sound first, raise the eyes to check for secure possession. Take you time to process it. It seems like an eternity to you, but it's not. I had a similar problem...The closer the play was, the quicker I was making a call, leaving myself open to self doubt and blown calls. Taking the extra time is key. A quick replay in the mind before the call.
  5. Props where props are due...At out state interp meeting, we actually went over the use of the double tag signal and the proper mechanics.
  6. I think you just put more time into analyzing the umpires' equipment and positioning than developers of the game did.
  7. B*%% $h*t. He got an unnecessary throw from a 9 year old F2 and scored a bush league run. Hope he's proud of himself. If half these Daddy coaches spent half the time they spend on trick and bush league plays on teaching baseball fundamentals, .......ah never mind...I feel rant coming on..better I stop here.
  8. I remember that play like it was yesterday. Watched it live as well. Growing up a Yankee fan when Thurman was the man, there was no love lost on Mr. Pudge for me. Funny how Fisk ended up playing more seasons for the ChiSox the the BoSox.
  9. Had a few good ones Friday in a scrimmage. One was pretty personable, with a little dialog between us through the game. About the 4th -5th inning or so, F1 throws an 0-2 and then a 1-2 pitch both just off the outside edge. F2 sticks them both, holds the 2nd one there a little longer. I said to him "Nah, they're off the outer edge"..He throws the ball back to F1 and says, "Yeah, they're off the edge...good calls...Hey, I gotta try, right?"
  10. Hijack complete
  11. Bought the "new" navy shirt last year for state playoffs. State tourney is still navy only Bought the long sleeve black and navy, and a SS black this year, so I'm set no matter what my partner has. We'll see how many times I get to wear black...We did wear black jackets yesterday.
  12. He can step and throw to an occupied 1B at any time during his stretch or set. He need not come to a complete stop. A complete stop is only required before a pitch is delivered to the plate.
  13. Ahhh, I see...perhaps you're right. He left out the end of his sentence then..."For those of you who don't know, time has to granted by the umpire". In that case I apologize to FP...This time.....He's still an ass.
  14. Good..Someone else heard it too....I thought I was dreaming. Hard to believe this guy actually played MLB.
  15. FED logic at it's best
  16. Please tell me FP Santagilo didn't actually say "for those of you who don't know, time HAS TO BE GRANTED" Every time I hear this ass, he moves up my list of worst announcers EVER.
  17. F1 stretches and comes set. Everything is stopped, except he's got that glove "fluttering". Not wildly, almost more like "vibrating" or a consistent twitching. Does this need to completely stop before he begins his motion to pitch? ( no stop balk?)
  18. It's PU/BU calls as Maven states, however, no need to signal/call outs on cans of corn unless something weird happens. I've been dinged as BU in evaluations for signaling routine flyouts.
  19. You're correct. There's no "run to the pitcher's mound with the ball and runners have to stop/return" rule in little league, although somewhere along the line this myth has been perpetuated.
  20. hmmm maybe it was never secured...Leads me to believe I'm pretty sure I would have missed that live if I missed it after watching a few replays
  21. By the wording of Fred's 2nd post, It sounds like he saw it called as an illegal and is asking why it was called that way..
  22. All day
  23. That was pretty much what I figured. That's another way you could describe it....adjusting the ball in the glove....but certainly more than "momentary" adjustment. I was BU and I did discreetly tell him in between batters he needed to stop the glove from moving to be set. It did the trick.
  24. I the FED case play, F2 bobbles the throw. (never had possession). Here, F2 has the ball, and it falls out during the tag attempt. I don't think that's the same. I don't have obstruction here. F2 was set up with the ball prior to R2 arriving. F2 did not impeded, nor cause R2 to veer off course without possession of the ball.