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  1. Something I'm OK with. Never saw the sense in listing the fielder at the bottom. Made for a very confusing lineup card when the there was subs or elimination of the DH.
  2. Not sure the phrase "machine pitch"and "umpire" should be in the same sentence.
  3. MR

    What I "see" here is F6 running after the ball, back to the infield, never geting under it. Not ordinary effort IMO. Play stands. DP. inning over, no run scores.
  4. Never expect less from @Kevin_K
  5. Keep in mind a tag attempt by the infielder on a runner would be considered the 1st play. Play: R1. GB to F4 near 2B. F4 fields, takes a step and reaches out to tag R1 on his way to 2B but misses him. before F4 throws to 1B to try and retire BR, R1 crosses 2B. F4 throws the ball over F3's head into DBT. R1 awarded home, BR 2nd base if he had not reached 1B prior to F4's throw.
  6. I might be exaggerating, but the weather has sucked. Just look at the number of Major league postponements this spring.
  7. He's on the east coast.We've had a total of about 5 days where there wasn't at least a threat of rain since April 1st.
  8. I get it. But I don't always believe the "He's been doing it all year" line either. Maybe he's been doing it all year and only got called for a balk twice before today
  9. I'm with Ken here. Unless this was a FED game, if the defense asked for the appeal to the BU, PU must oblige. (in this case there's blame on both PU for not asking and BU for volunteering unsolicited info. If FED rules,it's all on BU.PU need not ask BU for help on swings. In either case, BU should STFU until asked.
  10. Love that.
  11. Granted there are those that will not call the no stop balk. Even so, once you call the no stop balk...and then ANOTHER...You would think any baseball player and coach should get the message. Make sure your set is complete today. This umpire isn't afraid to call the no stop balk.
  12. ok. got ya.
  13. Care to explain your astonishment?
  14. It's still dependent on where the ball is as to your ability to get in the optimum position. You can't get in the path of the throw.