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  1. Why? Would he umpire "better"? Differently? Maybe cleaned his shoes? Sorry but statements like that bother me. It's right up there with guys who's #1 concern is how quick the game was. Give your best effort every game, every level you accept to umpire. Any less is cheating the game. And yourself.
  2. If F2 got up and threw to 2B that would be enough for PU to see the ball. I know it's a HTBT,but I'm finding it hard to picture an F2 laying flat on his stomach, arms outstretched having any shot at getting up and getting BR @2B anyway. But I regress...F2 getting up from his dive and firing the ball to 2B would be proof enough he had the ball. Personally, I would refrain from saying "show me the ball" while other runners are advancing, however, not saying anything and waiting to see if the ball is being controlled by F2 may delay him just as long if not longer.
  3. To @kylejt 's point....Actually pretty surprised they omitted a word here.
  4. You're not alone
  5. @Rich Ives, of course the umpire gets involved in the ruling AFTER a BOO situation is recognized to deal with the ruling. That's not what you originally said. Please explain how we "don't let it happen", but not bring up the issue
  6. Anyone else disagree with this? Are we really responsible for knowing who's due up, who's coming in to bat off the bench if we're not informed?
  7. I've been told this story by someone who knew one of the umpires involved. The crew evidently ran up an enormous bill at said establishment and didn't have the funds to cover the tab. The Bar shirts, and the "unqualified" umpire(s) was "payment" for the tab ran up the night before. The way the story was told to me, it was the only 5 man crew in PCL history. The version I heard had 2 "unqualified"umpires (apparently 2 bar employees). They were stationed on the RF and LF lines, thereby making it the only 5 man crew ever. I can't begin to tell the story as well as it was told to me. I was at a clinic and a group of us, including some instructors went out for dinner and a beverage when one of the instructors told the story. One of the funniest stories I've ever heard. And Cutler finding out by hearing the game on the radio and the announcers mentioning there was a LF and RF umpire, and his reaction added to the story.
  8. Great answer....That's funny stuff.
  9. I was thinking of another....Didn't Tulowitzki get tossed in a playoff game for constant whining about a punchout even after taking the field?
  10. I'm with @Jimurray on this. That still falls under the tangle/untangle exception to INT. I understand one could rule this isn't tangle/untangle because BR took a step backwards and didn't immediately head towards 1B. in the OP, I think it's judgement call on if you think it was tangle/untangle (Both players doing what they are supposed to) or BI because of the first step backwards, (not towards 1B) caused the trip.
  11. Wouldn't he have to kick it an appreciable distance away fromF2 to "clearly" hinder F2'sattemptat retrieving the ball and throwing the BR out? IOW, 1. BR stepson the ball,it squirts 2-3 away up the 3B line, F2 still has a reasonable play on BR. No INT. 2. BR steps on ball, it rolls well away from HP, almost to the dugout.....INT.BR out. Other runners return. Rule 6.01(a)(1) Comment (Rule 7.09(a ) Comment ): If the pitched ball deflects off the catcher or umpire and subsequently touches the batter-runner, it is not considered interference unless, in the judgment of the umpire, the batter-runner clearly hinders the catcher in his attempt to field the ball.
  12. I've met Chris twice at clinics the past couple years. This winter when I saw him, I said "I didn't see you too much this year". He just shrugged and said something like "It is what it is"..I sure wasn't going to pry. I will say from spending a few days around him, it would absolutely shock me if it had anything to do with off field things, or big leaguing it. He's a class act,and very dedicated to his profession...At least that's the read I got being around him during clinics and 2 social gatherings.