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  1. Yes, a town, county or exit would help
  2. Not sure how/when this is happening. On batted balls? If so, clear the catcher before taking off your mask. You should be moving out from behind the plate on batted balls. If there's runners on 2nd and/or 3rd and you need to stay at the plate, keep the mask on until you back up a step. There's no rule you can cite to justify an EJ for F2 throwing his mask off.
  3. Guest JJG - Please be aware the rule is different in OBR and high school (FED) rules. As stated above, under OBR, the batter needs to clearly hinder the catcher's attempt to retire the batter runner. For example, ball bounces off the catcher and up the 1B line, where BR kicks the ball, unintentionally, away from F2, causing the F2 to not be able to make a play on the batter. This is interference, BR out, other runners return TOP. However, in FED, the interference must be deemed intentional by the umpire. In FED, given the same play as I describe above, there is no violation if the umpire deems the kick unintentional. Play on.
  4. I think you misread. He's explaining why you cannot run on a U3K with 1B occupied and < 2 outs.
  5. That rule, if I'm not mistaken, was added more as a "Pace of play rule", than anything else. It is the Maddon Rule. He would send the pitcher of record out to warm, giving the RP that much more time to continue to warm in the pen.. After the 8 warmup pitches and the batter would walk to the plate. Maddon would then come out and change pitchers, and now RP gets another 8 on the mound. I understand it is a rule in the rulebook, but to enforce it in a game where your bringing F5 in to pitch, really has nothing to do with the reason the rule was added. Might be a case of umpiring with the rules and not by the rules.
  6. They've all been wearing least a lot of them from what I've seen. Some of the views are great..others not so much. I think a lot depends on how PU sets up.
  7. Sometimes it's got nothing to do with the partner..When it's 90 and humid and you've run out of water in the 6th inning of game 2? Yes indeed. ...Next Sunday I'll bring enough water.
  8. They don't make me want to quit. They're actually the reason I started umpiring. Seeing so may misapplied rules watching my son play through high school, I started thinking, I can do better than half these guys. The unteachable, stubborn, ignorant partners are annoying, and one of these days I'm probably going lace into one on a rant of why the heck are you even doing this, blah blah blah. But that day hasn't come yet
  9. 9 games with this guy? God Bless You.
  10. haha...fuhgetaboutit
  11. Something like this, I'm not ever letting it happen on a field I'm on. Maybe I'm a little tired of ignorant partners, (I've had my fair share this year). I'm telling my partner flat out, he's wrong, BR is out, end of discussion. I'd point to BR standing on 1B and say , You,OUT. I'm not getting into long discussions with my partner over applying simple rules. I had a partner misplace runners on an overthrow this year...R1,hit and run, GB to F6, throws it into DBT over F3's head, my partner says "You (R1) home, you (BR) 3B" I walk in to talk to him and tell him it's 2nd and 3rd, 2 bases TOP 1st play from the infield. He tells me, "NO, everybody gets this wrong, it's two base from where they are when the ball goes out of play. " I said again, No,it's 2 bases TOP on the first play from an infielder" He started saying something..I turned around and pointed the batter runner back to 2B, and the kid who just scored standing at home back to 3B and said, "now let's play."
  12. We have some Ariz members here I'm sure will help. @KenBAZ and @MadMax come to mind quickly.
  13. I can picture a situation where PU is behind the plate, and taken by surprise as R3 breaks for home, and for whatever reason doesn't get any kind of angle on a swipe tag attempt by F1 on the back of R3. (Maybe the swipe attempt happens 1/2 way down the line or maybe even closer to 3B.) In such a case, BU may very well have been able to see "daylight" during the entire tag attempt. In such a case, where PU had R3 between him and the tag attempt on the runner's back, it's possible his partner had a clear view that the swipe missed the runner. As mentioned above, if such a situation happened, and PU decided to get the additional info from his base umpire, it would still be up to the PU to reverse his out call. If I were PU, I'd want my partner to tell me he was 1000% sure the tag was missed before I reversed my call, and if I were the BU I wouldn't offer any info unless I was 1000% sure there was no tag.
  14. I haven't run into this guy yet.....But I've met a cousin of his who doesn't use deodorant for a few days before the "big game"
  15. I'd say F3 shins as well. Every time I take one off the shin or knee I literally feel nothing,.....and I smile