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  1. Pretty sure that was Jim Palmer ranting about it's a bad call, and not a balk. He's so horrible in the booth. I'm sure as a HOF pitcher,he knows the rules about stepping to a base,but he's such a homer the O's never do anything wrong...even if it is illegal. Watched an Oriole game the other night on MLB network. Palmer made me twitch 5 or 6 times with moronic comments he made regarding rules, umpires, etc.
  2. Not only HIS best reliever, the best reliever in the game last year.
  3. Balk. As far as the coach's "argument" goes, the pitching regulations begin when the pitcher intentionally engages the rubber. That means in any position. If he's in contact with the rubber, the regulations apply.
  4. Listening to postgame on the radio. That was Buck's gripe. Not the fact that it was a balk, but how PU gets it and not U1or U3.
  5. It's only real important with runners on. Players all need to know it wasn't a foul ball and the ball is live. With the bases empty,it acknowledges you know it hit the bat and F2 caught it. It doesn't change play at all. Better to signal it all the time than forget to with runners on. Similar to putting the ball in play after a foul with no one on. Good habits lead to better officiating.
  6. ....And I'm on a JV field outside Newark...I know I suck, but.....Just sayin'.....
  7. You're thinking too hard. you nailed it here. ^^^^^ On the 4th 5th and 6th singles, R3 misses the plate each time and it's successfully appealed each time.
  8. When I have a pitcher standing on the rubber ready to deliver, and a batter walking into the box getting ready, it is one of the few times I'll use the stop/do not pitch sign.
  9. I thought it was
  10. Almost always this is ruled a single, RBI, and advance to 2B on the throw home.
  11. Then I suppose you need to see the play at 1B, then turn back and ask your partner was it a catch or not, then make the call. If I have the order right and PU said no catch point to the BR and say "safe", and wait and see what F1 does and what the defense does. Sooner or later R1 will run for 2B or F3 will tag him. No easy solution other than like AL Stripes said, PU needs to come up BIG with the no catch verbal and safe mechanic so there's no way in Hell you, or anyone else could miss it.
  12. You HAVE to pick him up and see his call. There's R1, you're in "B", F1 charging in to catch a pop up is PU's call. Both F1 making the play and PU are right in front of you. You need to see PU's call before F1 even throws to 1B. After missing PU's call, the bed is made. After BR crosses 1B, then the ball gets there, the R1 gets back, then F3 tags R1, all you can reasonably do is call "Time", find out if the pop up was caught or not, and sort out the mess from there.
  13. Maybe it's different in the tobacco belt of the south, but tobacco is strictly prohibited on any high school anyone...actually anywhere on high school grounds. It was nice of you to tell him at the plate meeting to lose to tin. When he came out and I saw it again, he'd be gone. 3-3-1(o)