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  1. Cuzzi's unusual position, mechanic

    Just shows how tough it can be to get in that optimal spot.
  2. I can buy that reasoning.
  3. This, I believe is the same in all codes. It's the "Top of the wall" thing that seems to be the grey area in all of this.
  4. Ok. I get it. Now let's add the kicker.. Same for all codes?
  5. So is Gil saying if F7 in this clip somehow misplayed that bounce and the ball went over the fence it's a HR? I understand if he reached on top of the wall and the knocked the ball over, HR, but I'm having trouble saying HR if it bounced BACK into the field, fielder CHANGES the direction of the bounce off the wall, and back over.
  6. Home plate collision Q

  7. Home plate collision Q

    That's for runner infractions.
  8. Home plate collision Q

    Assuming there's a play being made on the runner trying to score, It's type one Obstruction. Ball is dead and umpire judgement as to other runners. If the play at the plate happens on a infield ground ball with R3 advancing, and the BR runs through the bag, he may not be awarded 2B. (1) If a play is being made on the obstructed runner, or if the batter-runner is obstructed before he touches first base, the ball is dead and all runners shall advance, without liability to be put out, to the bases they would have reached, in the umpire’s judgment, if there had been no obstruction.
  9. Interesting Time Play

  10. I guess the biggest issue is "Is it different if the ball returns towards the field after hitting the TOP of the wall. We all agree if it hits the fence, ricochets back and off the fielder then over the fence we have a double. Chances are I'll never see it in one of my games, so I'm not overly concerned, but would love to see an official interp.
  11. This has been discussed at length on other treads here. As far as I can tell there's no consensus, and we can't find a definitive cite in the rules, manuals, etc. Personally, I side with the ruling that , since the ball was indeed headed back into the field of play without clearing the fence, , then deflected over the wall,it should have been a double. Some will agree, others will not.
  12. Weight Loss Group

    I'm no expert. Bought a bow flex Max trainer last year. I'm sure there's a similar machine at your gym. 20 minutes on this 3x a week gets the heart pumping and the sweat glands pouring. As far as food, I've never been much for counting stuff. I just watch the carbs and sugar intake.it seems to work well. Stay away from the white bread, pasta, cereal, soda, bad snacks. Read labels. Lots of carbs = stay away. Drink water. My go to flavored drink these days is Turkey Hill diet green tea. 0 carbs, zero sugar and I like the taste. Fruit and nuts for snacks. I'm 6'0. I've gone from 240 to 210 in less than a year. Feel better too. Still have more to go, but it's working. Probably could have been better/faster results if I didn't "cheat". I don't back away from a good Sunday lasagna with the family or a Friday night pizza. I think if you're to strict you fall off the program easier. I've found personally that if I don't make the "program" difficult, just attainable and livable, it's easier to maintain. Good Luck!!
  13. 20

    I'd be worried.....Peaking a few weeks early.
  14. Does the run count

    I'm pretty amazed this play happens as much as it's asked on this site. In 8 years and probably 1,000+ games, I haven't sen this more than once or twice...Yet it's asked here virtually every week.
  15. catch/lodged ball?

    FWIW, in FED, I think I'd have an out @1B. (Can't get much more secure than lodged ). I'm on the same page as Maven here. If R1 stops at 2B, and there's no further action, call time, get the ball out and get it to the pitcher. If R1 rounds 2B, keeps running, (or even dances to try and draw a throw) and F3 is trying to get the ball out, and can't after a few tries, I think at that point we need to kill it, and award R1 home. Then begin practicing those game management skills with the DHC. I