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  1. Ive been around baseball my whole life all over the country and have NEVER seen a baseball umpire clean a base or rubber with a brush. I have a friend who does high school softball and wanted to go watch him he said "just be ready we do alot of weird mechanics and things in softball" and he wasnt kidding. The first time i saw him clean the bases i couldnt stop laughing it looks rediculous.
  2. even behind the plate mine shows cause i wear mocks for both.
  3. In Baseball never brush a base or pitchers plate.
  4. I have been wondering the same thing, hes not been on for quite some time. Yawetag also.
  5. I like Scott only wear black or pro blue so i only wear black undershirts, i will take a white undershirt for the black shirt if partner wants to wear white.
  6. come to a stop and take all your surroundings in wow
  7. why was this removed where can i find it
  8. i went to the 2011 international camp it was great
  9. I know one of those guys very well, that was cool
  10. U trip around here is $35 or $40 and 1hr 45 min time limit
  11. Kyle and his dad were with me at the Evans Florida classic in 2010 before Kyle went to 5 week in 2011. Congrats to him
  12. Your lucky your young 13 plates in 3 days will wear you out and make you hate umpiring. At least it would me, good luck to you.
  13. Yes i saw the way Gibson looked away from Tracy to see what Layne had then went back to Tracy. I had no catch live and after replay.
  14. Exactly dont take my money then have to credit it back. Know what you have in stock at all times. Ill pay more to know im getting what i ordered.
  15. you took my 12 regulars damn you lol