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  1. Little bit of Clint Hurdle in there.
  2. It took me half-asleep as I am right now to watch the replay before I even figured out what was going on. =\ lol Should have tagged the guy on his way back from third first.
  3. lol. You're not trying to suggest that those two have any comparison whatsoever to the two that I posted, are you?
  4. You strike me as someone who probably thinks these are swings too.
  5. You'd think that a decision like this would actually help Angel's case, though.
  6. Is this how it's done?
  7. For what it's worth, Gil has that particular play listed as an incorrect call.
  8. I'm really curious to know what was said here. Chase Utley isn't one who's got a reputation for causing problems. This was his first ejection in 11 years.
  9. That may hold true on a borderline pitch. This wasn't a borderline pitch by any stretch of the imagination. It was two inches off the center of the plate and almost nine inches, or 38.3% of the entire zone, from the bottom of the zone. That's a bad miss, regardless of how the catcher caught it. It brings back memories of this sequence:
  10. As I said, a terrible miss. Frankly with the way the batter backed out, anything close should have been a strike.
  11. As bad of a miss as you're likely to ever see at that level.
  12. Lots of good info here. When I umpired up until around four years ago, I too used the V on fly balls from inside. I like the BU taking everything unless called off because it forces the kind of mindset and communication that could prevent this situation from happening.
  13. This video was posted by the NFHS in April of 2013. I didn't see a thread where it had been discussed and thought it could provide an interesting discussion. I've been out of umpiring for about four years, but I'm still interested in proper mechanics as well as what the best way to handle this situation ultimately is.
  14. From about three months ago, and not the greatest video in that I don't believe it shows exactly what the pitcher was doing. Did this ever get any discussion around here?