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  1. Yes the run counts. No it's not a force, it's a time play. The runner had scored when the appeal was upheld and the out recorded.
  2. Sadly .......that has happened.
  3. Wait....nobody said anything about s'mores!
  4. I know where the plate is. I won't clean it then, maybe a few pitches/plays/some time etc passes then I'll do it. My guess is F2 would reach up and knock some off first. I just want them to know you don't mess around with Jim (well Greg in this case).
  5. How about the other manager, players and coaches? Are you worried about the fans, they don't know the rules much less anything else. Whether you realize it or not he is showing you up, he knows it, the other coaches know, everybody else knows it! How you deal with that will go a long way toward how you're viewed and treated.
  6. To me, this is 2 different things. Just because an Umpire is wrong doesn't give the coach a license to be a jackass. Once he realizes the Umpire doesn't know the correct ruling let it go. I had to eject a coach once over what turned out to be my mistake but that was my problem, the ejection was his fault and his alone.
  7. Well now we'll have another issue that should take everybody's mind off the skunk play.
  8. Thanks for all the feed back, that's what I thought but not how it was done. I'll let him know the consensus.
  9. I couldn't find it (doesn't mean it isn't there). Would you call time and stop play?
  10. Fed 8-4-2 Any runner is out when he: O - positions himself behind a base to get a running start; or.... A buddy had this last week and the PU called time in the middle of the pitchers windup and called R3 out. I couldn't find anything in the Case Book or any guidance on how this should be handled. I told him I would have had the out as soon as it happened then waited until play stopped then called it. Similiar to Coaches Assistance. Understand this will rarely happen. Anybody that would do it different, or know how it should be done?
  11. Nah, that was me glossing over the other. You have reason for the tobacco, if he's been warned and still causing problems...use it!
  12. I probably wouldn't have for that statement. I think that's the better response. Me: "Thats a good pitch". I would not have ejected him for that statement alone, now if it continued.... To start "The fans and the visiting coach had been chirping about my strike zone all night" Don't let them do that, on the second chirp NIP IT! Bad behaviour doesn't get better as the game progress, it gets worse so step on them early.
  13. First, if he's missing an inch off the plate, call that strike, (unless you're in the MLB)! I don't get too worked up over what he says to the other players but when he throws his hands in the air after a call that's toward me and I'll send the catcher out to stop it right then. If he does it again..gone. All of the other antics were directed elsewhere but will lead to him doing it to you so be ready when he does.
  14. As do I.
  15. In the OP, if you thought the helmet throw was in respose to your call then EJ him. But just throwing it because he's mad he got out...maybe there was a bee in it etc. doesn't rise to that level for me. Again I wasn't there. The rules allow for an EJ 3-3-L "deliberatly throw a bat, helmet, etc." but we have to put context around the action and use our judgement.