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  1. Can you call him out?

    8-4-2c only mentions "....in the immediate act of making a play on him; or" as a cause for an out. I usually just run the player for the "chicken wing", that way nobody feels they have to retaliate.
  2. Dan McDonnell Ejection

    To me "try and keep them in the game" is similiar to after a coach is EJ'd saying "he got his money's worth", it's more nonsense falling out of their mouth. I can't control a coaches words or actions, all I can control is mine. I want to use the tools at my disposal (verbal, non-verbal, shive) to try and de-esclate the situation. If I can't and he crosses the line then he's gotta go. That's what "keeping them in the game" means to me, not take more abuse. You could tell be the way he came on the field he wanted to get ran.
  3. Batrer

    I was being a little facetious about the strike zone determination. I would need him to bring the bat otherwise we're just standing around staring at each other.
  4. Batrer

    Got to have a bat to get an at bat, make him bring one. I can't call strikes because wheres the zone? Says (paraphrased) as the batter attempts to strike the pitch, without a bat how can he attempt to strike the pitch..how can he have any pudding if he don't eat his meat?
  5. Non-Ejections: 2 Examples

    Since the game is over 1) "Have a great day" While walking away. 2) See above, unless the team will keep playing then feel free to run the rat!
  6. A fun one that happened last night

    This is control, she's controling the ball and her body. I'm calling the catch. If a player grasps a ball on the ground but doesn't pick it up does he have control? We're now getting into crazy senarios that we could continue to expand. My original point was not to get hung up on how it was being held just that thru actions, showboating, steps and time I would have a catch. But then again I wasn't there and could be wrong.
  7. Yes! He's starting in "C" but for the call at first he should have MOVED to the 1st base side of the working area. Staying in "C" is LAZY! Now if you're being sarcastic.... 100% agree with this.
  8. A fun one that happened last night

    @beerguy55 From everything you've posted here I would have ruled a catch. If she wasn't bobbling the ball or stumbling and trying to regain her balance she has firm and secure possession (I only do baseball so I'm pretending this is baseball in case softball has something different). 5-6 steps a good 5 seconds I'm calling the out. This tells me she had control over the ball and herself. Firm and secure doesn't have to mean an iron clad grip.
  9. 1st of all this isn't optics, this is poor umpiring! In 1, BU SHOULD NOT have been in "C" making a call at first (ok that part is optics). 2nd in neither example should BU have entertained PU's opinion. This is what happens when poorly trained or don't give a crap umpires work games. It's also what happens when moronic coaches ask an Umpire to get help in stupid situations fishing for a different outcome because they didn't like the first answer, @lawump (as usual) is right about that. Whew!......I feel a little better now.......time for a nap.
  10. 3rd out on Appeal

    Yes the run counts. No it's not a force, it's a time play. The runner had scored when the appeal was upheld and the out recorded.
  11. To clean or not to clean... THE PLATE

    Sadly .......that has happened.
  12. To clean or not to clean... THE PLATE

    Wait....nobody said anything about s'mores!
  13. To clean or not to clean... THE PLATE

    I know where the plate is. I won't clean it then, maybe a few pitches/plays/some time etc passes then I'll do it. My guess is F2 would reach up and knock some off first. I just want them to know you don't mess around with Jim (well Greg in this case).
  14. To clean or not to clean... THE PLATE

    How about the other manager, players and coaches? Are you worried about the fans, they don't know the rules much less anything else. Whether you realize it or not he is showing you up, he knows it, the other coaches know, everybody else knows it! How you deal with that will go a long way toward how you're viewed and treated.
  15. Strange Play

    To me, this is 2 different things. Just because an Umpire is wrong doesn't give the coach a license to be a jackass. Once he realizes the Umpire doesn't know the correct ruling let it go. I had to eject a coach once over what turned out to be my mistake but that was my problem, the ejection was his fault and his alone.