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  1. Spot on Max Plan is to work on a cp here by using my pals who are building hockey gear. Once I have the rig I want it will be sent to one of my many contacts in China where I will have 20-30 samples made. Test those samples and make any changes and do a limited run of 200 units to test the water. It ca be done and I believe I can find a price point that works for the end user.
  2. I have a few rigs I alternate 15" and 13" Douglas both black older versions WV Gold no issues with pec pads as I sew them down on the shoulder cap. F3 v1 with lower part removed and the neck extension also removed and the Carlucci. I like all of them and use all off them but most of my plates this season I have worn the WV Gold. My only complaint is it does trap heat. I keep telling myself to take out the padding and replace it and the cover with newer breathable materials...will get to it sometime this season. I think I could reduce the heat and the comfort...just need to find the time.
  3. I got the Carlucci from a guy with a guy with similar build to me. It fits like your favorite slippers..heavy to pick up but once you strap it on it had the great snug feeling.
  4. I have a Carlucci The Hall Of Fame model in Navy beige color scheme and it is being cloned using modern materials and fabric that might be alternative if I can get the cost price right. Will get some photos as we progress to the finished product.
  5. gnhbua93 I am a hockey guy right to the core...the materials I use work to the benefit of the user and the limited products we strap on our chest to umpire a baseball game. You have a track record of making everyone know you are behind F3 products all the way. I use them too and others. I don't slam them only try to enhance the product for the end user. F3 makes great products so do the other manufacturers. All I am doing is offering options for a better fit. You can tell everyone all day long F3 is the best product on the harness sales say otherwise for all the mfg's including F3 because not everyone on this media think you are the authority on F3 products. My harness must work because lots of guys in the SHOW and MiLB use it...same for umpires around the globe Ray UMPLIFE ..... I am a hockey guy...
  6. You are just like EF Hutton...when you start talking I listen Thanks for your contributions on this site because they are very informative and your attention to detail helps all members make good decisions when it comes to equipment purchases....keep fighting the W Max because they must listen one day. Most importantly thanks for the endorsement...It means everything coming from a guy who knows gear and how it works. Ray
  7. Not a lot, Trevor was looking for some, I had a set told anyone to email me. another person who also said he was looking bought them. I edited my post saying I had sold them. Trevor said he was still looking for some I made a mistake saying to lock up the thread. I then edited my post again removing the lock it up as Trevor was still going to try and find a set. Nobody died.
  8. I have a set of the grey wilson mask pads sitting here. Email me with offers and I will send photos
  9. I just purchased 2 pair of plate and base and I cannot wait to use them. They look and feel great. Even Mrs B said they were better fitting and
  10. Honigs was sold around April 25th...The owner in his 70's must have had enough. He basically told his staff at AA he had sold the company and it would only be operating out of CO All the inventory was shipped to the CO location
  11. I am interested in purchasing a harness . 

    1. Razzer


      Please email me

      include shipping address for the PayPal invoice ($36.50 USD) I will send you which includes delivery

      I offer free custom name and number so let me know what you want on the harness and the type of CP you wear





  12. + pos...your partner is wrong It looks like he cut up a pumpkin for the pads
  13. I know a guy who has the pattern...will ask him if he still has it
  14. I bag start with 6 baseballs one to the mound and when I get down to 3 I am asking for 2 more ...we have good ball boys up here in my league
  15. Not Me I have one in Black