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  1. Honigs was sold around April 25th...The owner in his 70's must have had enough. He basically told his staff at AA he had sold the company and it would only be operating out of CO All the inventory was shipped to the CO location
  2. I am interested in purchasing a harness . 

    1. Razzer


      Please email me

      include shipping address for the PayPal invoice ($36.50 USD) I will send you which includes delivery

      I offer free custom name and number so let me know what you want on the harness and the type of CP you wear





  3. + pos...your partner is wrong It looks like he cut up a pumpkin for the pads
  4. I know a guy who has the pattern...will ask him if he still has it
  5. I bag start with 6 baseballs one to the mound and when I get down to 3 I am asking for 2 more ...we have good ball boys up here in my league
  6. Not Me I have one in Black
  7. If you are a 44R in a suit coat...order the same size for your plate coat because they made to accommodate the cp. Sizing up will be too big
  8. My harness is on a few v2 and most guys who upgraded to the v2 just switched my harness over. Some bought a new one.
  9. Anyone looking for a harness can email me directly Ray
  10. Allan Is your grey or black Ray
  11. I have 2 of them both Majestic Black...1 no sleeves the other has
  12. I do a lot of twill work for my team wear business and from experience it is hard to remove the adhesive. It is going to be even harder on a plate coat. Even removing the number you may never be able to hide the outline and chances are the coat has faded and the outline of the old number will be darker
  13. I make my own mask harnesses and they are all elastic except for the webbing. No issues putting on or taking off the mask.
  14. I was revisiting my X-Wing harness and to be honest it takes more time to make and originally I was asked by a few girls to make a harness that is more like a bra. This is where I am headed with this idea. So I will still keep the same design I have been doing since my old hockey repair days.
  15. When I ordered my new shoes I was sent an email telling me Black was out of stock so if you have a limited supply please put me down for a pair Jim.