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  1. Men's Warehouse would not put Travelers Crease in citing the type of material.
  2. Oh wow...that is what I wear...Dyna lite with Team Wendy.....nothing is fool proof
  3. What pads are these that Dale Scott is using? He left this game with a foul ball concussion.
  4. Pretty ugly whatever it is....ijs...hope it protects better than it looks
  5. Patent Leather, spray with water and wipe....very easy clean....
  6. New in the box New Balance 11 1/2 EE width Base Shoes (Black )N 460 v3 Patent Leather Low Cut....$70 & shipping....regularly $85 plus shipping....comfortable, easy to clean, stylish, protective. Ordered the wrong size and wanted to offer to the umpire community before returning. Pay Pal or Chase Quick Pay preferred methods.
  7. I have worn them on a hot day. With all we wear I doubt the pants will make any difference but I got some of the new Smitty's to find out this summer and I will get back to you after my test.
  8. Whoever designed the Force 3's got it right. Best shin guards out and they don't have a MLB logo but should have one.
  9. I am with kylejt on this topic....
  10. Wore mine for the first time tonight. Like them but not more than my Fetcheimer's. A bit wide in the leg and dark like GD pants but I can make them work. I am still a Poly Wools guy but these new pants can get in the rotation.
  11. You make a good point. Because we have different body types we need different vest. I sold my Force 3 and went back to the WVG-TW. It was just more comfortable for me. In the end you need Razzor's harness to make it not move. Pull the trigger.
  12. This is exactly what I was going to post.
  13. You don't want it too big or too small. If you know someone that has one close to your size try it on. You can not use your regular suit as a guide because of the cut and your cp. The Honigs measurement guides help.
  14. They just came in the mail when I got home today. Will use them on Tues. Got a nice field and a big game. Seems like a good time. I can tell you they are light, comfortable and feel like gym shoes. All those are a winner in my book before the first game. Will report back next week.
  15. Been wearing my WVG for 13 years...added TW pads 2 years ago. Upgraded to an All Star harness 3 years ago (an improvement) and last year switched to a Ray Brownlee ULFH and the WVGTW never has fit better. Order your harness immediately if you want your chest protector snug....