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  1. You guys are all making me really glad that I did not procrastinate on the Team Wendy deal for my Gold. Normally I would have but for some reason I didn't. Thank God cause the Wilson foam was hot and thick. If you can go with Kevlar. I feel nothing when hit and am low profile.
  2. "Out"
  3. I just clean my white bottoms after every game. Dawn dish soapy water in a spray bottle and a stiff brush does the trick every time. They still look like new. No brekdown of the heel cushion as of yet. Then gain I hve several base shoes that I use depending on the quality of the field I am working on. Usully after 2-3 years I want something new anyway.
  4. I know what to call. Just posting and asking for others.
  5. Had a SS do it this year. I figured I did not have a rule to hang my hat on and his coach let him do it so I left it aline. He made the plays but his team got 10 runned so we left early.
  6. OBR & FED RULES: R1 & R2 are on....2 outs...3-2 count....batter contact BUT Pitch hits batter in the foot....and gets away from catcher...everyone runs...WHAT DO WE HAVE? Please cite the rule number...
  7. We had this today in the Illinois HS State Tournament semis...the 'protector' in the bullpen fielded a two hopper... then dropped when he realized what he had done...batted ball would of been a true triple....the runners were scored and the B-R was awarded 3rd....
  8. I have a hat coming in the mail that is said to be made of the same material as the Smitty pants. This should be interesting. I will report back.
  9. I like both the Fetchheimer Poly Wools and the Smitty's. Just depends on the situation. Normally I go with the Fetch's but today in the Regional finals (75 degrees today) both my partners wear Davis so I will attempt to match with the Smitty's which are much darker than the Fetch's. The comfort factor between the two is minor to me. I do like the feel of the Smitty on my body and also like their interaction with my Force3 shins. I say have both and then you have options.
  10. Nice find.
  11. Me too. I just loosen them up in the first inning by simply mashing them with my fingers. As far as the protection I feel nothing when hit. TW's do their job which is all I really care about.
  12. I like their shirts, plate coats and pants. Guess it is time to find new likes or adjust.
  13. Agreed the Force3's are the truth.....none better
  14. I tried to get a travelers crease put in mine and Men's Wharehouse would not do it. They were scared they would damage the material. Where did you go?
  15. After trying many different combos I have settled in on this order; from the skin out, 1. athletic briefs 2. Force 3 Kevlar tights with Nutty Buddy installed in the cup pocket 3. Nutty Buddy Compression shorts Finally the Nutty stopped moving on me....I don't like the floating concept.........