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  1. They just came in the mail when I got home today. Will use them on Tues. Got a nice field and a big game. Seems like a good time. I can tell you they are light, comfortable and feel like gym shoes. All those are a winner in my book before the first game. Will report back next week.
  2. Been wearing my WVG for 13 years...added TW pads 2 years ago. Upgraded to an All Star harness 3 years ago (an improvement) and last year switched to a Ray Brownlee ULFH and the WVGTW never has fit better. Order your harness immediately if you want your chest protector snug....
  3. Just had my Fetcheimer Poly Wool's tailor creased. Men's Wearhouse = $8 each....Love the look. Taking my New Smitty's there Sat....I hate ironing...just like I hate polishing shoes so I ordered the new low cut New Balances last night....
  4. I have a friend whose mom took my old blue coat and took it apart to make the pattern for his. She did a good job. She has first stage dementia so she is no longer an option.You need the side gussets and extra width in the shoulders for it to work right. And the bellows ball pockets are a must. Plus the material is thicker...not just suit coat material....I have a MLB Hardwick from wearing it too....Honig's has them (certain sizes), just stay on them and be serious, ready to purchase when you call.....please guys don't try to use a regular suit will look stupid
  5. Always wear two. Been doing it that way 19 years. I got certain stuff that goes in each. If I don't have two I would feel 'unbalanced'. I know...I am weird like that. Plus I like the look. I carry 5, 6 (right bag) if they let me....1 on the mound....soon as I get to 2-3, I want more....everything else in the left...lineup card, pencil, chewable candy/gum, brush, and I just ordered the Smitty expandable so I will report back after a few ball bag I own is attached to my plate coat....
  6. It is all personal preference. What works for me and my body type, stance, experience and level of working might not work for you. For me I use Wilson Dyna Late Steel (I have one Alum too) Masks with Team Wendy Pads on them, West Vest Gold with Team Wendy pads and Force 3 Shins (absolutely the best). I also recommend that you get a harness for your CP from Ump-Life and ditch whatever brand harness comes with the CP.
  7. I have not tried them on with my Force 3 shins yet (because I have not hemmed them) but just visually looking at them the leg area from knee to ankle looks slim. Since the Force 3's are slim I don't anticipate an issue. Originally I was just gonna wear the combos on the bases in the summer so I did not really worry about the shim fit but upon further review I will use them for their intended purpose - DH' As soon as I hem them I will report back on the fit.
  8. Thanks for responding Jim. I will follow your direction and order my normal size and go from there.
  9. Naw, I just got snowed out for tomorrow. I am thinking I might get on the field next Wed., Mt Carmel vs Simeon. At least I hope I do because that would be a great game. I don't know if the tights are advanced or not but I need a pair of tights so might as well get some protection too. Never been hit in the thigh by a pitch but you never know. I just need to get the sizing right before I order because I hate doing returns. Hopefully my Nutty Buddy will fit too. Then I will be really happy.
  10. I normally wear the GD Fetcheimer Poly Wools base and plate. I just bought the new Smitty Combos (I normally don't wear combos) off a buddy who had the wrong size sent to him. Although my first game for tomorrow was snowed out (LOL) I am thinking after reading this thread I will order another pair of Poly Wool Fetcheimer and a pair of base and plate Smitty's. Why you might ask? Well, I love the Fetcheimers (comfort, fit, feel) and just in case they get phased out, I am set plus I am in Chicago where it don't get warm until May 15th. I will have then 3 pair of Smitty's (darker color) for the hot days (sun fade/cooler) and warm nights in my summer college leagues. This way by this time next year all reviews will be in and we will all know which direction our pants are going. Either way I will have the best of both worlds.At least this is my plan.
  11. I want to get some but after seeing this thread I don't know. Wish I had the McDavids. I wear 36 waist pants so sounds like I need a medium. Have not wore a Med since high Jim Kirk help us.
  12. I liked the Reebok. If I can fix the top eyelet that tore I will rotate them in. I bought the NB 460's last year and am buying the low cut's this year. The biggest difference is they NB are lighter. But for those of that use to wear the +POS all new shoes are better. I will wait some more time to pass judgement but so far the NB can hold their own but everyone should have a pair of Reebok in their trunk.
  13. I automatically put one on all my mask....don't know if it keeps sun out as have not try one looks cool as hell....oh and yes for sun glasses on the plate...I need my eyeballs relaxed in all situations-not squinting
  14. Got my first look at the new pants today at a clinic. Nice! I will be getting them prior to March 15. I still like my Fetch by GD but these seem perfect for warmer weather. As a gear junkie I must have.
  15. I got time...first game is in March and I bought the 460's last season so they still look good. Think I will wait for the low cut.