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  1. Facebook discussion: 1 or 2 ball bags

    I agree with others who have said this is rather trivial.  In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter how many ball bags a PU chooses to wear?  That being said, I wear 2, not because it looks better, but I (like to) have anywhere between 4-6 baseballs at a time, and one ball bag wouldn't be sufficient for that.
  2. NCAA Test #4

    If there are less than 2 outs and it's intentional, wouldn't the answer be "C?"  
  3. Are any of my fellow umpires that are attending the NCAA Meeting in Chicago this weekend going to be arriving in Chicago late Friday night?  If so, please PM me as soon as possible.  Thanks in advance!
  4. New Balance

    It's legit.  My local association here has a deal with NB, and our rep's name is Mike Phelps.
  5. Another SAFE all day long ....

    Apparently not.  From the last angle, the tag gets the helmet right before the left hand contacts 2B.  Really close, but out.
  6. Officiating other sports

    I currently work 4 sports (baseball-10 years, basketball-6 years, softball-10 years, and volleyball-first season.)  I like each sport for different reasons, but my first love is baseball. (Others than SWMBO)  I've played baseball through high school and started umpiring while still there, and just love the game.  I make it a point to try to learn something new every time I step on the field (or court).   Softball I enjoy because it's a little quicker and the girls seem to hustle a lot more than baseball players.  Basketball, I enjoy the challenge, exercise, interactions with players and coaches, but mostly the atmosphere.  To me, you can't beat the energy that's inside a packed gym for a varsity game between two teams that can't stand each other.  Volleyball is a nice change of pace, in an air-conditioned gym, but like others have said, two varsity or JV teams can make it really tough.  
  7. Out on review at 2nd

    Agree with Jax...what is there to not like?
  8. Replay at first

    Not enough to overturn. Wouldn't have been enough to overturn even if the original call had been safe.
  9. Mid-American Umpire Clinic Kansas City

    Dang. Perhaps I should anyone attending this camp that will NOT be a clinician and want to split?
  10. Is anyone else planning on attending this clinic? I'm looking to split a room if anyone is interested.
  11. Rank these levels of baseball

    I think for me I just feel like the game is meant to be played with a wood bat.  The sound of a wood bat hitting a me, there's just something about it that makes the game more enjoyable.
  12. My rant about the plate

    I agree with Lala.  If I'm working with someone I don't know, or is wishy-washy about working the plate, I just go ahead and take it.  Why waste my time arguing, when I don't mind doing it anyway.  I like having some kind of control over the game, and I don't feel you do as the BU.  
  13. Rank these levels of baseball

    Scott,        I have to disagree with your assessment of Legion baseball in St. Louis.  No, it's not as good as it used to be.  And no, it's not as good as the 18U Showcase tournaments.  But your comparison that some of the teams are worse the HS freshmen is laughable.  The great part about legion baseball is that players play for their towns.  There's a sense of pride there, and in fact, legion baseball used to be the best summer baseball BY FAR, at least in the St. Louis area.  It wasn't until these "showcase" or "prospect" teams came about that a lot of good players jumped on the bandwagon and parents shelled out thousands of dollars per summer so Johnny could get exposed to coach with a pulse.        I'm not saying these teams aren't good.  A few of them are some of the better teams I've ever seen.  But you can't honestly tell me that it costs $6,000+ per player per summer to play 40 or so games.  I've got to think someone's making a substantial profit here.  Legion players pay roughly $600 per player per summer for a similar number of games, plus similar exposure.  I can't tell you how many times I've worked a "showcase" tournament, and not seen ONE scout, coach, or team rep in the stands.         Personally, I'd rather work all legion ball instead of tournaments.  Yeah, you're going to get a garbage game here and there, but it's the same way working anything.  Plus, I'll take wood bat games all day.  YMMV    
  14. quickest game ever

    SR Legion All-Star Game a couple weeks ago... 9 innings in 1:35. HT scored in the bottom of the 9th to win it.
  15. Umpires who can't/won't/don't do their jobs

    Scott, l Preventive umpiring isn't something that should be or needs to be directed from a TD or UIC. It should be an automatic part of your game that you work. I think that you might be too worried about how others (coaches, parents, assigners, TDs) think and react when you're working. Why would you ask coaches at the plate meeting if they want warnings on balks? They either get them or they don't. Why would they get an option? Perhaps I'm missing something.