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  1. Dropped 3rd Strike Check Swing

    I don't 100% agree with this, especially if you haven't pre-gamed this with your partner. While I agree that a decision needs to be made quickly, you should probably wait for your partner to ask you on the appeal. If you automatically come up with a "YES HE DID!" and a big hammer if a. your partner hasn't come to you yet, or b. the offense doesn't think it was even close, you've likely just created a big SH*# storm, with little rule support to back you up on your initial call without the appeal. I just feel like it's a bad situation and likely an ejection waiting to happen.
  2. POLL: MLB Logo on Umpire Shirts?

    If it was a logo approved for use on uniforms by the NCAA, individual conferences, NAIA, and/or NFHS, I suppose I would wear it, or at least consider wearing them. Not sure how the NCAA would feel about the MLB logo on uniforms used in their games.
  3. Belts (Patent Leather??)

    I wear a patent leather belt, and really like the look of it. Honestly, unless an assigner or conference says otherwise, it likely doesn't matter. Since I wear patent leather plate shoes, the belt naturally goes well with that. But I wear it on the bases too. YMMV, but I've never seen anyone's umpiring abilities either increase or diminish based on the type of belt they were wearing.
  4. NEW NFHS warning rules

    In NCAA, the line equivalent to "This if your warning. If you continue, you will be ejected," is exactly what they want. A formal warning,andeveryone knows it.
  5. Honig's Ultimate pant

    I have worn them for the past two few years and really like them. They hang well, wash easily, and the expander waist clip is a huge benefit for me. I've never had any issues with them. They don't seem to fade very quickly either.
  6. Umpire Camp/ Clinic Questions

    When I'm looking for a camp, I first look at the instructors and how well-known and respected they are. Secondly, I look at the geographical region and how my location is relative to that camp and the assigners that will be there. Being from Missouri, it makes much more sense for me to go to(for example), a camp in Springfield, MO or Indianapolis, IN than it does for me to go to a camp in California or Arizona. I also try to talk to other umpires I know who have been to the camp I'm interested in and ask them for their opinion and feedback. Probably the most important for me is who are the assigners I want to get in front of and where will they be. Granted, if some high level umpires see you and talk to the assigner, that could help, but the best way to move up(in my experience)is to get seen by the actual assigner and make the most out of your opportunities.
  7. 2016 Camps

    I went to the Mid-American camp in Springfield (2-man) back in 2013, and it was by far some of the best money I have ever spent in regards to umpiring. Jason and his instructors are fantastic, and I can guarantee that you will leave that camp a better umpire. I would agree with Jason's point that just because the camp isn't close to where you live, doesn't mean it won't benefit you. Umpiring is a very small world, andword of mouth (good or bad) about an umpire can spread very quickly and over far distances. If you meet the right instructors, who like what they see, and they talk to the right people, you're likely to get a shot. It's what you do with those opportunitiesthat can make a huge difference.
  8. Batter requesting time

    Not saying my way is the right way, but if the batter requests time too late, I typically don't say anything. I guess my logic is that if I don't respond, the batter will (should)know thattime wasn't granted. On the flip side, if he asks for time and I determine that I'm going to grant it, everyone will know it.
  9. 2016 NCAA Test Discussion

    I had A originally. Are they wanting you to assume that with R2 being so far from 2nd,a double play would be likely? The question didn't explicitly state that, so that's why I went with A.
  10. Facebook discussion: 1 or 2 ball bags

    I agree with others who have said this is rather trivial. In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter how many ball bags a PU chooses to wear? That being said, I wear 2, not because it looks better, but I (like to) have anywhere between 4-6 baseballs at a time, and one ball bag wouldn't be sufficient for that.
  11. NCAA Test #4

    If there are less than 2 outs and it's intentional, wouldn't the answer be "C?"
  12. Are any of my fellow umpires that are attending the NCAA Meeting in Chicago this weekend going to be arriving in Chicago late Friday night? If so, please PM me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance!
  13. New Balance

    It's legit. My local association here has a deal with NB, and our rep's name is Mike Phelps.
  14. Another SAFE all day long ....

    Apparently not. From the last angle, the tag gets the helmet right before the left hand contacts 2B. Really close, but out.
  15. Officiating other sports

    I currently work 4 sports (baseball-10 years, basketball-6 years, softball-10 years, and volleyball-first season.) I like each sport for different reasons, but my first love is baseball. (Others than SWMBO) I've played baseball through high school and started umpiring while still there, and just love the game. I make it a point to try to learn something new every time I step on the field (or court). Softball I enjoy because it's a little quicker and the girls seem to hustle a lot more than baseball players. Basketball, I enjoy the challenge, exercise, interactions with players and coaches, but mostly the atmosphere. To me, you can't beat the energy that's inside a packed gym for a varsity game between two teams that can't stand each other. Volleyball is a nice change of pace, in an air-conditioned gym, but like others have said, two varsity or JV teams can make it really tough.