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  1. bengalvfan added a topic in Situations   

    OBR, 2out, Ball 4, bases loaded, batter goes in dugout
    I have been reading some posts about this lately and did some searches and found some old discussions but it never seems to be resolved. Some say the umpire is to call the out immediately. Some say it must be appealed. Some claim abandonment even though the batter never even reached first. 
    What is the correct mechanics when this scenario happens? Do we call the out right away or wait for some sort of appeal?
    And when this is a game ending scenario do these mechanics or the way it is called change? (4.09 b) This may sound dumb on why would a runner go to the dugout if it did not end the game well in one scenario I am referencing is that in middle part of a game there was a five run limit and the coache tells his runners that is 5 runs come on in and the batter did not touch first. 
    The main point here though is the out called immediately or on appeal?
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  2. bengalvfan added a post in a topic FPSR rule FED   

    ​Well I believe the wording in 8-4-2b are more applicable. in 2-32-2 this just defines illegal slides.  8-4-2b elaborates further on when and when not to enforce.
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  3. bengalvfan added a topic in Rules   

    FPSR rule FED
    The main discussion I am having with this play is does the rules support getting two outs on this play. To me the pop up slide does not alter the play. Does this matter here?
    Relevant rules are:
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