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  1. $200 for the West Vest retro fit?
  2. $200 for the WV Platinum with TW?

  3. Runners on 1st and 3rd. What is the proper position for the base umpire (B or C)?
  4. Sorry out of the loop past few days will get pics up later.
  5. I have one that I am willing to get rid of.$75 plus shipping.
  6. #38 comes in as courtesy runner for the catcher. After the next pitch offensive coach discovers that #38 is in the lineup playing second base. Wants to substitute #42 who is not in the lineup. What is the call?
  7. Started on a program Sept 1. My starting weight was 277, as of Nov. 1, I am now at 235. My goal is 200 by Jan. 1. I am working on a modified Paleo program (no carbs), cut out snacks (bag of chips and salsa), sodas, beer (the hard part) and I am doing karate 3 days a week. I want to start walking but just can't find the time.
  8. Sit: Bases loaded no outs. Line drive to second base he catches and attempts to double the runner on first who is going back to the bag. He over throws and ball enters DBT. Where are runners placed?
  9. Sit: R2 1 out full count on batter. Pitch called a strike catcher thinking 3 outs flips ball to PU who Catches ball(not sure why). R2 advances to third as defense leaves the field 3rd base coach tells runner to score which he does before defense realizes what's going on. What do you do to fix this?
  10. Got mine took a foul ball to lower part of mask and knocked it off my head. Didn't feel a thing threw the ball and and got started again.
  11. Idiot. No it didn't come back I just called you out for the heck of it.
  12. Yeah were laughing alright.
  13. You can't retro the charcoal because of the rivets.
  14. It was Vandy and Ilini. To me I thought he might have called the interference on the backswing, it looked like it hit the catcher in the back as he was throwing.
  15. Fans!! I don't hear no stinking fans!! Fans are like assistant coaches they mean nothing, ignore them and your life will be so much easier.