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  1. Runner on 1st less than 2 outs. Runner steals and batter hits a hard liner to the second baseman. The second baseman catches the ball for out 1. R1, knowing he is going to get doubled up, rounds second and heads toward third. Second baseman then attempts to throw to first to complete the double play and throws the ball into the stands. Where do you put R1 and can the defense then appeal?
  2. Not saying I'm smart or you're stupid. I don't know you, and your clarified question is more appropriate. But it's still mostly useless: you want to do what makes most legal sense in NH, given your state's liability laws. The fact that FL or MN associations do something won't necessarily provide you with any guide to what's best in NH. And, for what it's worth, I think it's a great question, and one that every association needs to address (and few do). UE just isn't the place for a proper answer. JC...would a MOD please delete this thread? More trouble than its worth.
  3. I love a good irony. Lmao...and an english teacher too. My profound appologies my use of the internet language gonna git me sum mo red marks?
  4. Let me clarify, I am not seeking an airtight legal opinion. Im aware that an internet forum isnt the place for that...Perhaps poorly articulated. My real question is what are other associations doing. But hey, it gave you a chance to show how smart you are by implying someone else is stupid with that clute little your welcome.
  5. Just a quick question...the issue of background checks has come up with a few of my associations customers. We have never done them ourselves and have not previously had a league request them. As all of us are independent contractors it wasnt something we had previously considered. Any thoughts on this? Would our association be able to be held liable for something happening and we hadnt done checks? Would the liability belong to the leagues alone? Do we have an obligation to check our "contractors"?
  6. I saw none of this game. I also happen to know the umpire in question. They said his name more than once in the clip. Might I just observe, his stoicism did more to get his point across than anything else he couldve done. You already took care of business and dumped him...let him act like a child and give him no reaction. Well done Rob.
  7. Anyone know where we could see video of this? Trying to show another umpire in my group.
  8. @afaber12 I literally starting laughing out loud..."You bloomed us with that call, you blooming pineapple!" I have completely forgotten what this thread is about and laughed so hard my eyes watered. I need more sleep or professional help. Great line though.
  9. Interesting to look at Miller when Washington comes out...looks like he says more than once "what did I call, what did I call?"
  10. Lol...right after I posted I read yours
  11. Babe Ruth so OBR. Called strike 3 to end the game, batter clearly knew it, knee buckling curve. Takes his bat and two hand throws it up the line. Lands near first base narrowly missing the F3 who was coming off the field. League says we own the field until we leave it. Postgame-BUH BYE
  12. I was considering both Mid-American and Southern. Really want to go to one. The airfare from the northeast to either is killing me though. :/
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