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  1. First base coach

    Only under 18 required by FED, if adults are required too then that's a NJ thing
  2. Legal pitching motion?

    Absolutely agree on the philosophy, just interesting that it really isn't addressed at all by either rule book or case book. Maybe no one ever envisioned this motion, but it's in a limbo where logically - as stated above - it isn't legal. But it can't quite be proven beyond implication that it isn't.
  3. Belts (Patent Leather??)

    I have one of each, can't say that I really ever game either more than a moment's thought. Wear what you like. I probably see more patent leather than not, but as long as it's serviceable, it's fine.
  4. Pitch lodged in backstop

    Then perhaps he should have his pitcher not bounce a ball way out in front of the plate, cause that's who gave up the run. Play better next time. Easy solution, no umpire involvement needed.
  5. Legal pitching motion?

    So...not to necessarily pick solely on this post, but why is this motion illegal in FED? Feet position define the hybrid/windup/set from a positioning perspective, not the existence or lack thereof of a rocker step. Clearly, it 'looks' like a windup, but what actually makes it illegal?
  6. Appearance question

    Livan Herndandez was a big fan!
  7. Signals from the rubber

    Anything? An over-controlling coach, but that's about it.
  8. 3rd strike caught or not?

    I think it's time to inform your partner as to your preference of ale, lager, or porter. Cause he's buying.
  9. Substituting

    Very true, that is an unstated assumption, probably from the word 'beaned'. But not clear. I don't know LL rules either and would defer to @Rich Ives or others more versed in LL (which is practically non-existent in my area). However, IF we are talking about a kid who did get hit in the head and exhibited these signs and symptoms consistent with a potential head injury, then I don't give a rat's ass about his question or something so meaningless as a game. Get the kid to a doctor immediately. There is no 'breather' for a brain. In my state, if I saw those signs, the kid would not return under any circumstances. Not because of Rule 6 or whatever exists or doesn't exist in LL rules, but due to the Ohio Revised Code. Here, it's the law. A blunt instrument, to be sure, but one I wholeheartedly support. It's just a game. Brain >>>> game.
  10. Pregame addition ?

    I'm not into this code stuff....if you ask me, I'm gonna tell ya what I think.
  11. Mr.

    Virtually none. I did hear about a LL team in one of the northern suburbs once, but by far the largest league uses HS-based, at all ages (with modifications in some cases, of course). No PONY or Babe Ruth/Ripken that I'm aware of at all. I'm not saying it doesn't exist - but in 6 years I've never heard of it. Frankly, makes it easier. Everyone's trained on Fed, everyone knows Fed, very little switching to other rule sets except for those doing Adult or college...and they're likely experienced and good enough to handle it.
  12. Mr.

    Valid point. Here in central ohio, 95% of youth leagues use Fed/HS rules as their base, OBR games are virtually non-existent outside of adult leagues. Sometimes I forget that and default to Fed when answering too quickly.
  13. umpire

    Assuming no umpire said foul ball or dead ball or such, and that no defensive player did any shenanigans like telling the runner to go back, then it is indeed an out. The run would score as this is a time play. Especially at anything for 13U or above. This one's on the 1B coach. Pay more attention, fellas.
  14. Mr.

    Only if he's standing on home plate at the time of contact during the hit. Just running after the hit? No, he's fine.
  15. Near the on deck circle...

    Had to enforce it last night, against one of the better suburban teams in the league who should know better. At least 6 or 8 or them swinging in front of the dugout. Uh uh, fellas....pick two, any two, I don't care. But only two. And I'd say it's even more important at the youth level, when you've got a greater likelihood of a teammate not paying as much attention or other rugrats running around. 2 max, and I'll make sure to peek if they're too close to each other. Not my job? Maybe not. Sure, it's against the rules, and that's reason enough. But far more importantly than that, there WILL NOT be an accident, like the bat boy that got killed last year, on my watch if I have anything to do with it. This is an easy safety rule to enforce. Do so.