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  1. WTF? There's nothing minor or good spirited about that, not to the target at least. It may not have been with malice, but it was stupid as hell. And Evans lost his affiliation as much or more due to the clumsy, slow, and completely tone-deaf handling of this embarrassing incident.
  2. Honestly, if they're reading glasses, I'd probably just put them in my chest pocket. The convenience of immediate access is worth the small risk of breakage. And as cheap as reading glasses are, if they break...they break. If you can get them out of a ball bag quickly, that's fine too.
  3. I'll stand with those who like it as well. I know it's a Potentially Unpopular Opinion, but I think FED gets a bum rap on many issues, including this one. Especially at lower levels, but also HS varsity, spare me the kabuki theater of clumsily putting it in play and conducting a live ball appeal (or a base on balls, but that's a different thread). The point is the appeal - did he miss the base or not, etc. Ask and move on. Yea, it's not the OBR tradition. Home runs used to count if they went over the fence on one bounce, too. Life goes on.
  4. @VolUmp, he said county, not countRy
  5. Totally agree
  6. I dunno, nothing hard and fast. As @maineump said, it depends. If it's someone senior and I respect or has been approachable, I'll usually initiate by asking for feedback. Heck, will often do so with a peer or even a junior person who knows his stuff. If something happened unusual, we'll probably discuss that. But if it's just some buster or someone who gives off a vibe of not caring or not interested in feedback, nothing but pleasantries and a quick change and departure.
  7. It's nonsensical....if pitch counts are a safety rule, then what safety is endangered by counting imaginary pitches? Now, if it's a game management/fantasy baseball/cutesy gamesmanship/whatever rule, whatever reindeer games and silly little pretend counts LL wants, have at it. I'll never know personally.
  8. ugh, even worse....this is going to be like that old rule in college football where the crowd couldn't be too loud at the snap or the poor visiting team would cry and get a timeout/penalty charged to the home team. An unenforceable, idiotic rule put in because someone's sensibilities got offended. It will be either widely ignored or this mess will be undone in short order.
  9. That's last year's manual, correct? I assume this innings-based rule will be replaced this year with a pitch count-based rule. The link to the 2017 manual on isn't active yet.
  10. How on earth will this be enforced? What is the definition of 'stealing signs' anyway? This is pure idiocy, nothing more than a vehicle to enable every whining coach out there.
  11. I get that this may offend Jim's personal sensibilities, but I see no problem for which this solution is vainly hunting.
  12. you really think that a coach - ESPECIALLY at the levels a 16 yr old will be calling - cares one bit or even has the self-awareness to even notice what jacket a kid umpire is wearing? I mean...seriously. That coach is going to do what he's going to do because it's an umpire and because it's a 16 yr old one at that. I'd be astonished if even ONE coach could tell you the color of the ump's jacket, much less the brand and logo. This is much ado about absolutely nothing in my opinion.
  13. In its entirety and in full context, I had no problem with beerguy's post
  14. Because jaywalking isn't trespassing isn't assault isn't murder
  15. Oh, about 8 years this upcoming year. But even in year 1, it just didn't cause that much confusion. Ok, it's goofy to say R1 on 3rd instead of R3. But it's simply not all that hard to translate to R3 in your head. At least I don't find it hard to visualize what they mean, and I don't think it's because I'm any sort of superreader or anything. Again, yea, it's annoying, but to say that this is the molehill upon which we should get outrageously outraged? Come on, man.