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  1. I'm not so sure how civil I could be if a coach is outright trying to blame me for an injury like this, but I know it wouldn't be a long conversation. That line alone tells me it's not really a conversation, but a 4 yr old trying to find someone to blame. I think the most civil would be "No, coach, that's not at all what I'm saying" and if he persisted, "Take care of your kid, coach, we're done here" and begin walking away. If he follows...he knows what he's doing and what comes next.
  2. Oh, sorry, I wasn't terribly clear in the OP....I don't think the B/R hit the ball, just was in the way of F2 from picking it up to throw to 3B for the steal....will edit the OP to clarify
  3. Indeed, upon relooking, I found the relevant case. Not sure how I missed it last night....though admittedly multitasking with that and WVU-Gonzaga. 8.4.1 SITUATION I: B1 swings and misses a pitch for strike three. The ball ricochets from F2’s mitt and rolls several feet down the first-base line in fair territory. As F2 goes for the ball, B1 accidently kicks or steps on the ball. RULING: If, in the judgment of the umpire, B1 did not intentionally interfere, then the ball remains alive and the play stands. However, regarding the batted ball, what about this case? 8.1.1 SITUATION R: B1 hits a fair ball in front of home plate. Both the batter-runner and catcher make contact while trying to complete their respective responsibilities. RULING: If either player attempts to alter the play, interference or obstruction shall be called depending on who violates the rule. If neither player attempts to alter the play, no call shall be made.
  4. So this happened last night, and I feel silly because I *should* know it, but can't quite remember or find it. HS varsity scrimmage, R2, outs immaterial. Batter gets ball 4, which bounces off F2 and up the 1B line. R2 is stealing on the play, but with a late jump after seeing the ball get away. I was BU so didn't get a great look as I switched between looking at runner, 3B, and play, but partner said later that ball got between B/R's feet, preventing F2 from grabbing it to throw to 3B, as he headed to 1B. He didn't call anything but thought later it should have been INT. The B/R didn't touch the ball, just was in the way as he trotted to 1B on the walk. I know that if it was a batted ball, we have the case that says that as long as there is no intentional INT, this is a big bag of nothing. But this wasn't a batted ball but rather a mis-fielded pitch that caromed off the catcher. The B/R didn't do anything abnormal as best I can tell/heard, but was in the way unintentionally. Even though 95% of the ball in our area is FED, posted in this section to get rulings in all codes out of curiosity. Edited to clarify that ball didn't hit B/R
  5. I almost always wear 2, but only because I have this thing about having only one ball on my right bag with my brush (unless I have more than 4 baseballs, can't overload the left bag). Of course, like all of us, I only wear 1 on bases. It holds my rule book and brush just fine. 2 would just be obsequious. the second line is sarcasm
  6. 1. I do belong to an association, but that is not linked to assigning. Assignors are independent of associations here. Each league generally has an assignor for the whole league, but assignors often do more than 1 league (some even more than 1 sport). 2. We have about 8 meeting a year - the state requires us to attend 4 local meetings per year, but it can be thru any association. 3. Yes, that is their primary purpose (along with association vote being a part of the playoff ranking process). 4. We have a mentoring and informal eval process, with an eye to training. For playoff ranking, it is a vote with the state giving you points depending on what tier you are in (top 10% of your assoc, etc., along with coach/AD rankings, assignor votes, etc). 5. Must be a minimum of 1:05 or something to qualify as a local meeting recognized by the state 6. The first few meetings are well attended, since everyone has to get their 4 meetings! It tails off a bit later. 7. Not really applicable, associations aren't tied to leagues or assigning here (they may be in other areas of the state, but not in Central Ohio) 8. 9. Our main assignor actually does do a yearly clinic and informal eval process 10. There's been considerable consolidation of assigning in this area, with one assignor having pretty much all school ball except for some isolated middle schools and the Columbus City League (inner city/urban district) - which he probably doesn't want anyway. Non-school/summer ball is much more diffuse, with lots of rec leagues having their own assignor as well as many teams just finding guys themselves.
  7. Of course...why wouldn't it be? Barring some weird local rule, of course.
  8. hmm, this could lead to an entirely new paradigm.... ...I'll show myself out now
  9. Let's hold on, though. There's a fourth thing allowed, faking/feinting to 2nd pr 3rd. If it truly slipped, did he really throw it to an unoccupied base or throw it without trying to make a play?
  10. There's a case in Fed where the fielder is juggling the ball, but because he doesn't have *secure* possession, it's obstruction.
  11. Then you nailed it, good get.
  12. Well, the Fed discussion is easy. Clearly, inarguably obstruction.
  13. Was there a fielder in possible position to field it? If not it seems to fall under the inadvertent contact provision above, since the bat is now dropped not held.
  14. It's a little old, but i remember this video was helpful...
  15. And you think that the reaction time is so swift that the signal from the brain to slow down the follow through and pull up short is in that exceedingly short window of the ball leaving the hand at the apex of the throw at full velocity to the end of the follow through? Nope, that makes no sense. And if you tried to pull that during an argument, it would be an even shorter conversation.