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  1. But, as we all know, there are no ties. Though in this case, a perceived tie goes to the call on the field.
  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......those fragile souls.
  3. Feel free not to give up 10 runs after that...
  4. I don't know if it crossed the plate or not...I just think he stepped more to home than first, so i think it's a balk just based on that, but very close.
  5. Sure, but this is almost never an issue in school games, I've only seen this come up (rarely, but about 1 or 2 times a year) in the summer. Had it happen to me this past summer in a (mercifully rare) 12U summer tourny. "Head coach" at the plate meeting seemed nice enough, but his 3rd base coach was kind of surly. Lo and behold, during a contentious call later in the game, 3B coach wants to charge down to 'discuss' a call, only to be met with a stop sign. "BUT I AM THE HEAD COACH!". You weren't at the plate meeting, sir, not for this game then.
  6. And they should be very thankful they didn't....if they had won that one game and every other game stayed the same, they'd have the #5 pick coming up in the next draft, not the #2 pick.
  7. Even if it was reviewable I don't think it was conclusive at all, not enough to overturn to me. Go get a pacifier, Craig.
  8. Why on earth was that ruled a lodged ball??? It's just sitting there on the track, the outfielder has no problem just grabbing it. NY created this problem.
  9. Spot on on all points. Seriously, saying Kill the bum? Really? I'd also make it mandatory that any ratings of 1-3 must be accompanied by specific, detailed comments. Every company I've worked for wouldn't allow a "not meeting expectations" rating without comments, even if only for documentation/legal reasons. But the stated reason is still very valid - it provides the necessary context. If someone gets a 1 but the coach can't articulate a reason why? Useless rating.
  10. Slow down. When you think you're going too slow? Slow down even more. It's just a game, no one's dying from your call.
  11. There's an even simpler solution to the undershirt question - don't wear one. As long as you button up one or two buttons - not all the way, just one or two - and don't have your chest hair hanging out all guido-style, no one can tell and you'll be fine. Change your shirts (and socks - you'd be surprised how much that can make you feel more comfortable) as needed, or more often than needed.
  12. That is rather curious....the ball obviously didn't cause it, since it clearly didn't get under the mask. Did the springs bottom out or the frame somehow hit his chin? That would be concerning. Was it a rock or some other debris? Doesn't seem likely but I guess it's possible. Or is it that the covering is so abrasive to him that the movement caused it? Perhaps the most likely scenario - but man, weird...
  13. Well, again....if the price of avoiding a bruise on my brain is a little cut on my chin? Sorry, chin, but you're getting cut.
  14. No kidding....and this is a habit for him? Early onset CTE, anyone?