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  1. Yea, that's the kind of fake macho crap I'm talking about get into proper position AND wear reasonable protective equipment? Do you go out there without shin guards, tough guy?
  2. It's going to take something like this to cause someone to lose a year before we finally get over this silly macho bull%#% and not be considered smitty for wearing forearm pads. It's protective equipment, no different than a chest protector. But no one wants to be 'that guy'....but during March/April, under those long sleeves? Yea, I'm wearing them.
  3. Second the motion to contact Brad as well. Also, after having done so myself a couple years back, no need to improvise a leather pad - they have one they can sell you. I bought it and vastly prefer it to the stock foam pad.
  4. I tell you what, though....I'll sit there and listen like a chump about you demanding an 'explanation' - and that's what it is, a childish demanding of satisfaction, not a quest for knowledge - if you sit there and give me an explanation for that crap-ass lineup that couldn't hit a barn today, or the 2B you insist on playing despite having 2 left feet, or why you pulled your starter and put in a bum who gives up 5 runs, or sent that runner who got thrown out by 15 feet, or why you're bunting in the bottom of the 7th down 3 runs and giving away one of your three remaining outs, or calling for a curve that ended up going to the backstop with a runner on 3rd in a tie game when you know this kid has had control issues all day, or...... Deal?
  5. What the heck would you expect from such a conversation? And what does this rather snarky and belittling response have to do with it anyway? What 'explanation' are you seeking? This kind of response isn't a request for information, it's a dressed up insult. This is how coaches earn the rodent title.
  6. Sounds like a freak accident....and doubtful the Force 3 would do anything at all, since the springs are oriented forward as well. At least you didn't have a traditional might have hit nothing at all before you.
  7. That is absolutely vile and I would not continue any game unless those fans were removed. No authority behind the fence? Blah blah fishcakes...this is a prime example of a hostile work environment. No one would put up with fans calling them or their partner the n-word, this is the same thing. Disgusting.
  8. All I have is cream, black, powder, and black collar powder. Sold my red bowling shirt a couple years ago.
  9. And that's what makes it a waste of time to mention it. The ones that listen aren't likely to be the ones that will cause the problem, and the ones that cause a problem likely won't listen.
  10. Which rule set? That makes a key difference. He's out under dodgeball rules.
  11. Not in baseball. As I understand it (which is very little), the mechanic in certain levels of softball is indeed to call safe.
  12. This too....restrict if it's minor, not just to keep a temper-tantrum-thrower in the game.
  13. Well, I gotta admit.....I kind of like these changes. I know, that's not the fashionable reaction to Fed...but I think these are actually pretty good in reality. Home plate slide rule - I think this is long overdue, no one wanted to make that call in the first place. Coach's assistance - sure, why not, simplifies and makes it consistent. Runner's out, that seems sufficient and relieves the need to worry about placement. Warnings - let's face it, is it really doing anything more than formalizing and recognizing the verbal warnings that we were already giving in the first place? I bet nearly all of us were already doing the 'informal' verbal warning in our IAWE progression already. What's the difference? If anything, this will help in documenting it and keeping us out of the 'he didn't give me a warning!' business. "Gave coach verbal warning, he continued, gave written warning with restriction, he continued, I ejected him". May even make it easier to go up the ladder, since it's now formalized. No more 2 and 3 verbal warnings, just give out those restrictions - like they want. Seems like there will be a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth over this provision, but the practical effect strikes me as simply acknowledging the progression we almost always were already doing. I think this is a molehill. Taunting - whatever, already there in practice Pitching - coaches' business
  14. The whole idea of the restriction concept - as explicitly defined by NFHS - is to allow an intermediate penalty before ejection precisely to allow the coach to remain in the game and continue coaching his players while being penalized for inappropriate behavior. In last year's change requiring a restriction/warning for minor offenses, Fed made that motivation/desire to keep the coach in the game quite clear. What possible purpose would restricting serve if he had to just sit there as a spectator? Long time HS official made a blunder.
  15. I wouldn't even bother telling the monkey to leave. I'd just do what I did last night when I dumped an asst for personal and prolonged arguing against my partner (a 15 yr old youth umpire) in a low-level rec game: turn to the head coach and tell him that the game is suspended and we'll resume as soon as the ejected coach is out of sight and sound. In this case, the head coach took it completely in stride and merely said "John, you got to go to the parking lot, that's it". I don't really think he was all that upset with the ejection - and pretty much admitted later in the game that he couldn't control that dude either. I think I did him a favor. I know I did me and my partner one.