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  1. scrounge added an answer to a question What are your thoughts   

    Did the batter run when he shouldn't as a result of an umpire's command? If so, then it's a relevant analogy.
    Since it's not, I don't think we can use the construct of punishing the side that screwed up. No one did except the PU. The least bad of the bad choices is to stick with the call.
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  2. scrounge added a post in a topic Hello... is this thing on?   

    I'd recommend making it a quarterly award
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  3. scrounge added a post in a topic HS Rule Changes   

    I'd generally agree with that. I average calling it about once a year (though none this year) - either from a chicken wing drop of the elbow to try to buy a call or, rarely, a dude just obviously standing there when there was every opportunity to move - the kind of slow curve/lob ball that you have time to think "wow, this just might hit this guy if he doesn't move".
    If people aren't calling it now as some are describing it, that's a failure to follow the given rule rather than a problem with the rule itself.
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  4. scrounge added a post in a topic HS Rule Changes   

    I know FED gets a lot of grief for their 'lowest common denominator' philosophy that people perceive at times. While occasionally frustrating, I do kind of get it. The rules for high school do indeed need to reflect a view towards safety and sportsmanship, as well as a pragmatic view that they have a LOT of officials to train and sometimes those officials aren't putting in the time or effort - or simply don't have the ability - that the majority of us on U-E have. They can't write rules just for the top 10% on the best varsity games - the rules have to accommodate the guys doing all those MS and JV games, in all areas of the country. It's not enough to say 'well, if they don't want to learn, screw them' - unless we want the game to wither and become a pure club sport. No thanks IMO. So here's my $0.02:
    Things I actually like about FED and would keep
    3 conferences per game. If anything, I'd expand the concept to only allow 1 catcher-pitcher conf per inning. Or maybe 5 timeouts per game - whether used by a catcher or a coach. What does it matter who stopped the game? Call time, get charged a timeout (unless making a change of pitcher).FPSR. Maybe allow sliding past the base in a direct line, but I do NOT support allowing pop-ups. It won't be understood well and will lead to uncalled illegal slides.Keeping the auto 1 base for obstruction. Type A/B obstruction will just get messed up, and I kinda like that there's a definitive penalty for committing an infraction.Coach's restriction. Yep, I said it. It would be nice if we all lived in areas with assignors who'll back you and encourage ejections for bad behavior and where coaches don't hold grudges. Unfortunately, we do not. And I think eliminating restrictions will have the perverse effect of allowing MORE bad behavior, as some umps become hesitant to go all the way to ejection. I think there is a place for an intermediate penalty, like a UNS flag or tech foul. Even if only from a political point of view, there's value in showing you tried. Perhaps we should use the restriction more often (but get rid of the silly yellow-flag/written requirement coming).The dead ball appeal. Another subject I'm out of step charlie with the rest of the forum. What's the big deal? Why go thru the charade? The point is that they're appealing. Frankly, I'd like to see OBR adopt it, a la a replay challenge. Just get the game moving.The DH. Add it to the National League while we're at it. I'd rather see a good hitter hit, not a manager think.Things I'm agnostic about
    Eliminating 1st to 3rd move (making 3rd base feint rules same as first). No biggie if gone, kind of entertaining the rare instances it works.Pivot foot in set being required to be fully within rubber. Again, not a huge impact but half the time we ignore due to poor mound condition anyway.Catch/carry rules. Don't really care either way.Glove color rules. Is anyone really mistaking a grey glove for a ball? But it's not that big of a deal and everyone knows it, so it's on them if they use one.Balks as delayed dead balls. It's easier this way but I don't really care that much - just settle on one standard.Pitcher having hands below chin. No one's calling it anyway, so might as well get rid of this oddity, but not much impact either way.Overrunning 1B on a walk. Have never seen a putout on this, but I suppose it will be a crapshow if having to call it one day.Things I strongly suggest changing
    Allowing pickoffs from windup and eliminating hybrid position restrictions. This actually goes along with the FED 'keep it simple, sonny' philosophy. It's contentious, not really much advantage gained, and they see it on TV.ELIMINATE managers arguing!! NO other high school sport allows the coach/manager to come onto the playing surface to argue. If we're going to maintain this facade of the field being an extension of the classroom, then get rid of this. Just because pros in 1903 could do it doesn't mean high school coaches should now. They can still ask for an explanation - from the bench, just like other sports. And if they come out - warn them and charge them a TO/conference.Allowing ANY HBP to get a base IF batter is fully within batter's box and pitch is a ball. Could add language similar to interference - keep them in the box only if contacting a pitch in the SZ or if batter makes an affirmative action to hit the ball. This would simplify it and eliminate many contentious arguments.Allowing as many warmup pitches as a pitcher desires - BUT allowing 1:30 between innings from the last pitch of the last inning. Period. Moving fast and getting 10 in a minute? Fine. Going slow and only getting 3? Tough. 90 seconds - use them wisely.6 pitches for a new pitcher within an inning (for normal replacement, not injury/ejection). They're warmed up - let's go. 
    Ok, that was a little more than $0.02
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  5. scrounge added a post in a topic Barrett at the Dish. NLCS Game 3   

    That was Cal Ripken. He's been absolutely worthless during these broadcasts, offering nothing of value and just taking up space. I'd rather just go Darling, who is annoying at times but at least adds some nuggets.
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  6. scrounge added a post in a topic Pink Shirt Question   

    I like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man chest protector!
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  7. scrounge added a post in a topic Pink Shirt Question   

    Oh, you want to see real cynicism? Their "NO MORE" campaign appears to be nothing BUT branding/crisis mgt....

    Marketing uber alles
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  8. scrounge added a post in a topic Pink Shirt Question   

    it doesn't hurt anything but let's not fool ourselves into thinking it's doing much good either...the NFL's 'pink washing' campaign, when you look into the details of it, is one of the most cynical and self-serving marketing campaigns around. A very small, single digit percentage of the money raised actually goes to anything remotely close to charity or research, and much of that is for other 'awareness' programs. Sure, there's some good being done, it's not entirely useless - though there's debate in the medical community if even the screenings are effective - but if only $0.08 on the dollar is actually going to the cause? Well...
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  9. scrounge added a post in a topic Utley-Tejada Slide, Replay   

    Don't be's the explicit reason that it's excluded from replay, precisely for this reason.
    Now, since no DP was attempted, I realize this play doesn't fall under that explicit and clear (to anyone who isn't willingly ignoring it) provision for the neighborhood play. But to say it's gone from the game is objectively wrong.
    Back to the play....I think it was illegal and dirty as hell. It wasn't really even a slide, but rather a late tackle with the sole purpose of hitting Tejada in a violent manner. It showed a wanton and callous disregard for Tejada's safety and I think it was absolutely shameful that it wasn't called INT on the field.
    Having said that, though, I think Utley has a very strong case on appeal. This hasn't been called much, and if a rule isn't called much at it still a rule? Torre is indeed making it up as he goes, purely because there was a serious injury on a high-profile game involving a NY team.
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  10. scrounge added a post in a topic Utley-Tejada Slide, Replay   

    How can you say there is no more neighborhood play when it's explicitly in the rules? The throw didn't take him off the base - safe or out shouldn't have even been reviewable. IMO it was a dirty, illegal slide that had no intention of involving the base at all, but even if marginally within the rules it's a cheap shot. It's an anachronism that I believe needs to be removed from the game, just like taking out the catcher. Yea, it's been that way since the start of baseball. So what....a home run going over the fence after 1 bounce was originally there too.
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  11. scrounge added a post in a topic Race to first stands   

    In all seriousness, he may have beat the fielder by a microsecond...but IMO, the evidence is insufficient to meet the threshold of a reversal. Call stands.
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  12. scrounge added a post in a topic Internet Forums   

    I would echo that, especially for basketball. It does come across at times as a closed, long-time-members-only club but i suppose any online community can at times.
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  13. scrounge added a post in a topic It's this high   

    Hmm....unless that ball was a high arcing slo-pitch softball kind of pitch, I'm having a hard time believing that it could really have a trajectory that was shoulder high at the front of the plate but make it to the top of the zone by the time it gets to the rear of the plate. Are you sure that you weren't calling the catcher's glove? Slow arcing balls may very well be caught - well behind the plate - at the top of the zone, but they were well high while going thru the zone.
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  14. scrounge added a comment on a gallery image Schutt XV with DeltaFlex mod, front view worn   

    Now when going into a crouch or a HOK stance, the CP doesn't have the propensity to pitch forward (or down). It hugs the shoulders even more than before, and as the wearer comes upright, it stays with the torso in the proper protective position.
    Note the shoulder ailettes were moved up on this CP because the umpire felt that, in his stance, he'd likely need more protection towards the top of his shoulder than the front, which is already adequately (in his opinion) shielded.
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  15. scrounge added a post in a topic IAWE...Shoot?   

    well, if the choice is that or get beheaded...
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