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  1. Tax Time

    Here's a handy chart that may help with those interested in whether you can claim mileage. Also, be very careful of going down the Sch A/hobby expense route - those are indeed miscellaneous expenses and only deductible to the extent that they (and all other misc expenses, like tax prep fees, etc) exceed 2% of Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). It's may be unlikely your officiating expenses alone would exceed this floor. The gist of this is understanding that where you officiate (unless you're going every day/week to the same location) is a temporary work location. If you have a job with an office that ISN'T your home, you can generally deduct any mileage to/from that temp work location, as well as from your regular job to the temp work location. IF you work regularly from home or are retired (sorry, Jax), then mileage from home to the temp work location is simply normal commuting and non-deductible, unless it's outside your metro area.
  2. Magic eyeglasses

    This is a perfectly pedantic representation of this entire pedantic thread. Glasses are corrective lens to improve vision and adjust the optical images coming into the eye. MIRRORS ARE NOT GLASSES! They are adulterations to glasses, additional equipment added to gain an advantage, not correct vision. Is this a serious debate?
  3. 8-4-2f on a force play

    I'm fairly confident that this is indeed a FSPR violation as long as the ball hits the runner before he attains the base. IF WE'RE PLAYING DODGEBALL RULES!  
  4. 2016 Rule Changes

    Indeed, if you issue a written warning, then you are also restricting the coach. I don't really think that this is turning out as nearly the tempest that we initially thought. If it's a minor offense, then restrict them and write down that you did. If major, chuck them immediately. If that's what the whining coaches want ('But he didn't warn me!! Waaaaah'), fine....there's gonna be a good number of restrictions. Enjoy what you asked for.
  5. Vs the parade of mediocre NL pinch-hitters who can't really field OR hit much - but they can barely hit better than a pitcher? Keep it.
  6. FED Tests Poorly written for 15 years

    I do admire her honesty at the end, at least
  7. Bunt on 2 strike count

    It's just a foul ball, so runner goes back to second. The only difference is the batter is out due to bunting. A batter isn't out on a foul ball with two strikes UNLESS it's with a bunt. That exception doesn't change the foul ball to live, it just affects the batter.
  8. Tax Time

    I didn't look at it in-depth, but at first read it appears that if you report your income as a hobby on Sch A, then any expenses deducted are subject to the 2% AGI limit on misc/other expenses. Depending on what else you have, you may be losing the ability to deduct many legitimate expenses.
  9. Facebook discussion: 1 or 2 ball bags

    Are you serious? On the top 20 list of things to worry about, this is the 67th. Do they have an opinion on tighty whities vs boxers as well? Maybe brand of socks too?
  10. Best Team Annoucers

    I think one of the most level headed and competent teams out there are the Cubs with Len Kasper on TV and Pat Hughes on radio.
  11. A league of their own

    What does it pay? And will there be the non-stop incessant chanting like softball that could drive a person to homicide?
  12. Alternative title: ABOUT F@#$%% TIME... I will admit that there is a certain romance to taking out a good starter in the 5th simply because his sure-out is coming up and starting the parade of mediocre relievers and barely-able to hit pinch hitters, but.....keep it. End of baseball as we know it? With the DH already in place at virtually every other level except MLB? A wee bit overdramatic IMO.
  13. Is that a girl?

    Round here, we call that 'April'
  14. SEC back dominating NCAA football

    What a great game, thoroughly enjoyable. And congrats to the Bulldogs, Bulldogs, Tigers, Tigers, Tigers, Wildcats, Gators, Gamecocks, Volunteers, Razorbacks, Rebels, and whatever Vanderbilt calls themselves on their big win last night!!!!!!!
  15. SEC back dominating NCAA football

    maybe y'all ought to get your own coat one of these days... been quite a while since some of them had their coats on, too...