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  1. scrounge added a post in a topic Race to first stands   

    In all seriousness, he may have beat the fielder by a microsecond...but IMO, the evidence is insufficient to meet the threshold of a reversal. Call stands.
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  2. scrounge added a post in a topic Internet Forums   

    I would echo that, especially for basketball. It does come across at times as a closed, long-time-members-only club but i suppose any online community can at times.
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  3. scrounge added a post in a topic It's this high   

    Hmm....unless that ball was a high arcing slo-pitch softball kind of pitch, I'm having a hard time believing that it could really have a trajectory that was shoulder high at the front of the plate but make it to the top of the zone by the time it gets to the rear of the plate. Are you sure that you weren't calling the catcher's glove? Slow arcing balls may very well be caught - well behind the plate - at the top of the zone, but they were well high while going thru the zone.
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  4. scrounge added a comment on a gallery image Schutt XV with DeltaFlex mod, front view worn   

    Now when going into a crouch or a HOK stance, the CP doesn't have the propensity to pitch forward (or down). It hugs the shoulders even more than before, and as the wearer comes upright, it stays with the torso in the proper protective position.
    Note the shoulder ailettes were moved up on this CP because the umpire felt that, in his stance, he'd likely need more protection towards the top of his shoulder than the front, which is already adequately (in his opinion) shielded.
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  5. scrounge added a post in a topic IAWE...Shoot?   

    well, if the choice is that or get beheaded...
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  6. scrounge added a post in a topic More HS Football issues   

    I dunno...i've only heard of two officials being killed in recent years. And they were both soccer officials.
    Youth sports violence isn't new, neither is football. The ability to hear about these incidents and the general, degrading coarseness of society is the driver here.
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  7. scrounge added a post in a topic Branching out...   

    @Rulekeep, I found @Richvee 's response to be pretty informative and quite polite, not at all the condescending or confrontational one that you seemed to read. Was Rich supposed to magically know all the additional information about your family and your coursework? Of course not...he responded on the very skimpy information you offered.
    I don't think your confrontational response was warranted.
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  8. scrounge added a post in a topic Branching out...   

  9. scrounge added a post in a topic Replay review at the plate   

    His foot does kinda move but that could just as easily - perhaps even more likely - be from hitting the ground, not the glove. Seems like guessing to me...that has no business being overturned.
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  10. scrounge added a post in a topic GREAT CALL on a fair / foul! (leads to EJ)   

    Outstanding call.....not really sure why that's not reviewable though. This should be and 7.13 shouldn't be.
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  11. scrounge added a post in a topic Broken leg turning DP   

    It may or may not have anything to do with the neighborhood play, but, just like eliminating the unnecessary plate collisions, it's time to at the least adopt the NCAA FPSR IMO. Go straight into the bag, no more takeouts.
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  12. scrounge added a post in a topic That's B%llSH*# Blue   

    Can we shut this pissing match down? Please?
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  13. scrounge added a post in a topic More fun with replay   

    I'm perfectly fine with the call and the system. I like that there is at least some risk of blowing your one and only challenge on a small call like this and not have it for later when you might need it a whole lot more.
    He wasn't on the bag and was tagged. Too bad. Step better next time.
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  14. scrounge added an answer to a question Is this common?   

    I'll be out of step charlie and say that I don't think it's an overreaction at all. Loudly said F-bomb AND an extreme derogatory slur? Get the hell outta here, kid. Quietly said f-bomb or some milder slur, a talk to. Not this. This is one step below the n-word when said in this context....and I *hope* no one here would advocate a talk-to in that situation.
    As to the weak-kneed tourney directors? Yea, they caved...and they will again. Build your experience, don't sweat what they do after your game, and move on to better quality assignments.
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  15. scrounge added a post in a topic This is absolutely DISGUSTING   

    Updated:  Apparent coach involvement...

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