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  1. No ejection here, but I'm absolutely giving them a team warning for that. Also quietly saying to the catcher that I'll handle it and there's no need for anything else.
  2. Didn't they remove the force by getting the out at 1st?
  3. So...what brand of potato did they use to shoot that video?
  4. It happens to us all from time to time. If it's more than a pitch or two per game, though, you may have something systematic going on. When it happens to me, it's usually because I either gave up on the pitch, went too quick, or got tunnel vision. No matter what, slowing down and concentrating - really concentrating - on seeing the pitch all the way through the arc to the glove has helped me get back on track. Consciously think of the last 10 feet of the ball travel.
  5. wait, you just *now* started the season?
  6. While very easy to say, I don't think it's fair or realistic to expect that to happen. People have been waiting their whole lives for that assignment, with a LONG line of people ready to take their place if they stand down. All they'd accomplish would be to blackball themselves forever, lose public support (such that it exists in the first place), and be open to arguments - no matter how specious - that they're just closing ranks and hurting kids who had nothing to do with the decision. Now, if I'm called to do the makeup Game 3 just added, however....huh, my schedule seems to have been full. Oh well..
  7. Oh, no....if R3 is stealing on CO, he gets home. He would not get home if not stealing, unless forced by B/R getting 1st (IOW, it was bases loaded).
  8. Balk? No runner gets 1B on a balk call. Just go with the much more straightforward catchers' interference/obstruction in all codes and score the runner while putting the B/R on 1st (unless for some crazy reason the coach wants the play - I wouldn't even bother asking in this situation).
  9. I don't really understand your response to the first set of questions. Why would you tell him he made it if he's already out? Did he mean slide short of the base or something? Perhaps a little more detail up front would help - you certainly don't need to give him a dissertation, but saying something like "John, he tagged him on the leg before his hand touched the plate" would help. Coach certainly might not agree, but that's a different subject. As to the second set, a verbal warning (even if informal/quiet) like "John, we already talked about that play, we're not going to rehash it" would be entirely appropriate. If he persists...we escalate as necessary.
  10. You underestimate the power of the GHSA! Not only did they overturn the call, but they changed his name as well.
  11. In other news, the GHSA has awarded Andres Gallaraga a perfect game.
  12. When I saw the thread title, my first thought was "What did the GHSA do this time?"
  13. This is an outrageous quote from the head goober, totally engineering an outcome based on their feelings with rules be damned. Screw them... [from the article above]GHSA board of trustees president Glenn White, citing 20 years of experience on the GHSA’s executive committee, called it was the hardest decision on a GHSA matter that he had made. The vote went 5-2 in Johns Creek’s favor. “Normally I would support our baseball officials, and I’ve done that for years, but in this situation after listening to both Johns Creek and Lee County and their administrators and coaches, and then the summary from the GHSA office, it swayed me to believe that the wrong call was made and that it was not in the best interest of students to support that call,” White said. ”The bottom line is what’s right and what’s wrong, and I thought it was right for Johns Creek to go back to Lee County and play a third game.’’
  14. Not only that, GHSA also said they did indeed remove the umpiring crew from further postseason assignments. Scapegoated because a bunch of snowflakes and rich daddy good ole boys weaseled a blatantly illegal (per both GHSA and NFHS rules) outcome.