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  1. Find the head of their league/association/umbrella organization for that team and forward the email, asking if this kind of unsolicited attack is representative of their group.
  2. HR. The ball is dead, no one is assisting anyone.
  3. I don't think that box was calibrated properly to that batter. People don't like the human element in umpiring? Enjoy the human element of the intern in the truck setting the calibration.
  4. #1 isn't a mechanics issue, it's a rules issue. And he's wrong. #2 is a mechanics issue, and he's still wrong. He also sounds like an arrogant, ignorant jackass.
  5. They must have some uber-drainage system, because here's that exact same field today (with a before/after from yesterday):
  6. No, just saw it on Twitter. I'm on NW side of town
  7. So, one of the biggest tournaments in the Midwest is this weekend in Central Ohio. Unfortunately, we've had a monsoon today, nearly a complete washout. This is one of the fields....
  8. Just use the normal tools that you have at your disposal. They're entitled to use their visits, but just break them up at the normal pace you've been using all game. If I know/suspect a team is stalling, I won't give the catcher a 2nd or more trip to the mound. Keep those batters in the box - just like I'd hope you'd been doing all game anyway. Disallow more than 1 offensive conf (and it's disallowed by rule in Fed games anyway, which is the vast majority of games in my area anyway) per inning. And if they persist? 20 seconds to the next ball/strike, as it may apply.
  9. There are times when you should interject yourself uninvited, but IMO only in a crew save situation. Something like the game winning run getting called out at home, but you see the ball on the ground. The "save us from being on youtube or on Deadspin" situations. This doesn't rise to that level. Just let it go, let him know in postgame - his reaction will tell you all you need to know about him.
  10. Um...not exactly. It changed to the current design about 6 yrs ago but hasn't changed since. Now, other sports have gone to logo shirts vs blank shirts (football and basketball namely), but baseball has been pretty much the same for 6 years now, and there was an ample 2 year period to switch over when both were acceptable. We don't have to buy a new shirt every year by any means. It's pretty straightforward - navy shirt with embroidered state logo, obtainable from 4 or 5 suppliers, grey pants (in all my games, I've seen heather grey exactly once), navy hat with state logo. Sure it's a bit of a racket, but it doesn't add that much more to the cost, about $10 to the shirt and a little less for the hat.
  11. the TL:DR version: blah blah blah more money for NOCSAE yadda yadda yadda and btw, you can now overrun/go past 1B on a walk. (useless rule eliminated - a good start)
  12. A jump turn is a move from the plate. He has to gain distance to 1B with his left foot and throw the ball. What he does with his right foot is completely immaterial.
  13. I have it on unimpeachable authority that five is right out
  14. Well, we might...I will admit this - scrounge isn't my real name :).
  15. there is no such rule....