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  1. scrounge added a post in a topic Honigs new site..   

    It's about time, their previous site was embarrassingly bad. Looked like it was right out of 1998. Still too many items missing pictures.
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  2. scrounge added a post in a topic Strange play at the plate   

    And additionally, diving supersedes obstruction
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  3. scrounge added a post in a topic The strings got him!   

    it was slight but I think it was more than just the strings, fine by me with an out/call stands
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  4. scrounge added a post in a topic Back to Back to Back Weekends   

    Yep....the more things change, the more they stay the same.
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  5. scrounge added a post in a topic Replay Has Changed The Umpires   

    Yea, I think I'm with Elk on this one. Umpire, quite understandably, thought he saw a transfer or got tunnel vision or whatever, missed the call. But with IR fixing it, it's a minor footnote that will be out of the news cycle by this evening. Otherwise, it's the front story on Deadspin and a lead-in for Jimmy Fallon "oh, those stupid umps" segment.
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  6. scrounge added a post in a topic Liitle League EJ makes TV news   

    Well, unlike yourself, I don't make any claims of magic powers. You never stated in your landmark first post anything at all about being there at all, "chearing" for either team. Somewhat convenient to trot that out now, but just to be sociable, I'll take your word. Being in the stands doesn't mean you're any less clueless about what really happened anyway.
    All kidding aside, once you trotted out the "jackbooted" hyperbole, there was no real reason to read any further. Open a history book and you might learn what REAL jackbooted moves look like. None of them have anything to do with baseball.
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  7. scrounge added a post in a topic Liitle League EJ makes TV news   

    Strong first post, and VERY impressive extrasensory powers....since, in reaching your very reasoned and well-supported judgment, I'm sure you know what not only occurred earlier in the game but you're also able to hear what the kid said at the end of the game.
    That...or your yakking out of the exit of your digestive tract.
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  8. scrounge added a post in a topic Extreme Ugliness   

    dammit, dammit, makes me sick just thinking about this tragedy
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  9. scrounge added a post in a topic Ouch!!!!   

    That wouldn't be the end of the world, really. In the interim, I don't know why we keep up this false macho BS of not wearing arm pads. You're not a wussy if you do, but every cluck-clucks about the Smitty if someone does. I'm getting them for next year's school season when we're usually in long sleeves/jackets early on. And for the rugrat games - if I'm unlucky to get stuck on them, I've been avoiding U10-U12 like the plague lately but it still happens - where they're still just learning to catch. Someone wants to chuckle at me from the safety of the stands? They can bite me.
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  10. scrounge added a post in a topic Blocking the plate?   

    I think it's a perfectly fine rule - though it shouldn't be subject to review, any more than any other OBS/INT judgement call is. I think they could simplify it a little by streamlining the language on when hitting the catcher is ok - just call the OBS.
    In this case, though, I think the ball got there in time such that there is no OBS because there was no hindrance. An out to me, and an EJ at any level not collecting a paycheck.
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  11. scrounge added a post in a topic Play at the plate   

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  12. scrounge added a post in a topic Liitle League EJ makes TV news   

    I don't know how anyone can say this is OOO or an uncalled for ejection without knowing what, if anything, was said or done at the time of the final helmet throw. If the kid didn't do anything except slam his helmet in celebration, yea it's probably OOO to me, though if a warning had already been given then I can understand it, even if I don't agree fully with it. But if the kid did anything that even remotely resembled taunting or a "Take that, ump!" or at all directed even a peep at the umpire, then I fully support this ejection. Without knowing that key bit of information, I have no clue.
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  13. scrounge added an answer to a question Pitched Ball Bounce through the Strike Zone   

    I think in 1875 it was a strike. Not lately, though.
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  14. scrounge added a post in a topic Someone put a tent on this circus?! Please   

    The scary thing is....I think they're more right than wrong. I think we will see some sort of system like this. But even tennis, where they do have similar optic systems, haven't eliminated line judges. It will evolve.
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  15. scrounge added an answer to a question Homeplate Contact   

    Maybe or maybe not OBS to me, but doesn't matter, cause I've got MC easily.
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