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  1. scrounge added a post in a topic Steal of home - Replay confirmed   

    At least under Fed, if a runner is stealing on a CI, then they would be awarded the base they're advancing towards, if I recall correctly. So if Kershaw didn't step  off and CI was awarded, you'd have the batter on 1B and the runner given home in a high school game.
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  2. scrounge added a post in a topic You Wanted It, You Got It (Replay Overuse and Abuse)   

    I have absolutely no problem with this call at all, nor with IR in general. No one would make that out call in our games at lower levels, but we also wouldn't make the same balk calls, situation management, etc. The runner popped up and got himself out, so what? He did it. Don't do that next time. Problem solved.
    Other than eliminating the crew chief review - or at least restricting it (there should be a penalty for blowing your review earlier) - and putting a 3 min time limit (2 mins would be better) - I'm pretty satisfied with IR and think it's been a useful and helpful part of the game. As well as inevitable. It's been a much smoother rollout IMO than with football.
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  3. scrounge added a post in a topic 2 EJ's with good audio   

    "I'm not sure what Beltre could have said from that far away".
    Maybe if you'd shut your yap and listen to your own feed, you'd know.
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  4. scrounge added a post in a topic Call reversed to end game   

    Unless there was an angle down the 1B line that they didn't show that showed his foot on the bag, then this was a very bad reversal IMO. Guesswork vs. definitive proof - no way you can tell his foot position from the 2B-1B or overheard 1B angle.
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  5. scrounge added a post in a topic Infield Fly Double Play as Bourgeois Doesn't Know Rule   

    Ah, that brings joy to my heart to see that....Riggleman the 3B coach must have been like "dude, WTF, this isn't 12U".
    All 40 of the people in attendance appear to have had the same reaction.
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  6. scrounge added a post in a topic Kershaw loses his cool   

    I think that pretty much settles it...the clear language of the rule says the reason (it's dangerous) and the preferred approach (do not permit it), with the prescribed penalty if it happens anyway.
    Stop it if you can, penalize it if it happens anyway.
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  7. scrounge added a post in a topic VISIT?   

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  8. scrounge added a post in a topic High School Sports Officials / PIAA Union   

    I'm not sure the benefits will outweigh the costs of organization, nor am I confident that officials would collectively support it - someone will undercut - unless it's a closed shop environment.
    Not being a lawyer of any type (though I did take the LSAT back in the day and did stay in a Holiday Inn Select once), I thought the NLRB examiner was way too shallow on some of the anti-employer aspects of the independent contractor status tests. Namely, he just brushed right by the ability of officials to seek and accept non-PIAA contests, the independent role of assigners, etc. He seemed to place quite a bit of emphasis on the place being 'controlled' by PIAA, when that's simply the worksite for PIAA games. Are officials to negotiate the school field site? There are employee-like aspects here but I read the decision - again, as a layman - as a predetermined conclusion in search of argument.
    As I understand this, this is a single person's ruling, not the entire NLRB, similar to the Uber IC-employee ruling in California recently.
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  9. scrounge added a post in a topic Fashion thread   

    WHO F@#$^@#$^ CARES?!?!?
    No coach or team gives a rat's a%% what color you're wearing if you suck, and they don't care what color you're wearing if you don't. Other than MAYBE a momentary chuckle or puzzled look at the start - and that alone won't last more than a nanosecond - what you DO will determine how you're perceived more than what you WEAR. I'm not talking about looking dirty or dingy - if you're going to show up as a ragbag in ANY color, you're going to be seen as a ragbag. But if you show up in a clean, fitted uniform of pretty much any color short of blaze orange, no one's going to know or care.
    Other than hypersensitive partners who insist on focusing on the superficial and trivial.
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  10. scrounge added a post in a topic Honigs new site..   

    It's about time, their previous site was embarrassingly bad. Looked like it was right out of 1998. Still too many items missing pictures.
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  11. scrounge added a post in a topic Strange play at the plate   

    And additionally, diving supersedes obstruction
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  12. scrounge added a post in a topic The strings got him!   

    it was slight but I think it was more than just the strings, fine by me with an out/call stands
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  13. scrounge added a post in a topic Back to Back to Back Weekends   

    Yep....the more things change, the more they stay the same.
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  14. scrounge added a post in a topic Replay Has Changed The Umpires   

    Yea, I think I'm with Elk on this one. Umpire, quite understandably, thought he saw a transfer or got tunnel vision or whatever, missed the call. But with IR fixing it, it's a minor footnote that will be out of the news cycle by this evening. Otherwise, it's the front story on Deadspin and a lead-in for Jimmy Fallon "oh, those stupid umps" segment.
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  15. scrounge added a post in a topic Liitle League EJ makes TV news   

    Well, unlike yourself, I don't make any claims of magic powers. You never stated in your landmark first post anything at all about being there at all, "chearing" for either team. Somewhat convenient to trot that out now, but just to be sociable, I'll take your word. Being in the stands doesn't mean you're any less clueless about what really happened anyway.
    All kidding aside, once you trotted out the "jackbooted" hyperbole, there was no real reason to read any further. Open a history book and you might learn what REAL jackbooted moves look like. None of them have anything to do with baseball.
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