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  1. I can think of another one that would probably get me banned.
  2. No, it's just a symptom--whether it's green or yellow helps to determine the ailment.
  3. The coach is. By the letter of the rule, a player in possession of the ball can never be guilty of obstruction. By interpretation, a player with the ball can be guilty of it if they do something intentional and unrelated to making a play on a runner (tripping, for example.)
  4. I wonder if there's a inverse correlation between mandatory state logos and the flexibility of colors. Ours has none, and we can wear pretty much whatever the hell we want as long as we match.
  5. You're never going to be able to get a hard-and-fast line on what to do here. In your case, the outcome proved your management was appropriate for the situation. In the future, it might or might not be, and the downside is that you won't know which way until it's a problem.
  6. Forget the last sentence. Even if he is intending to break it up, the opponent is going to feel it's 2 on 1.
  7. More likely to make it more black-and-white.
  8. I find the clacking aesthetically pleasing. I guess different strokes for horses of different colors.
  9. 78. The batter will be declared out when: An attempt to bunt on the second strike is foul. The third-base coach interferes with the third baseman attempting to catch a foul fly ball. With two outs and a runner on first base, the missed swinging third strike is not caught. A, B and C. Ok...I have A and B as being true, and C as false. The only thing I can think of is that I'm misreading A, and that the foul bunt results in the second strike, whereas I'm reading it as the situation starts with two strikes. Am I going crazy?
  10. Perfect. Thanks.
  11. I had a 27-degree game last year.
  12. Holy micromanagement.
  13. Oh?
  14. Broken nose in the 2nd inning of a college DH. I finished it out, of course.
  15. I don't. Don't want OBS? Catch the ball.
  16. Ahh...I was thinking on steals.
  17. How would he be in danger of umpire interference anyway?
  18. What was the status of the runner at the time of the infraction?
  19. Stay out of this one...coaches will either view it as a mandate or a reason to accuse you of interjecting yourself where you don't belong.
  20. Under pure OBR, the game is over and forfeited.
  21. For the Big 12 and the B10, the jackets are black--the old one with the shoulder stripes (default,) or either convertible jacket--the one with the white on the sides and horizontal across the front, or the all-black Majestic.
  22. In this case, it doesn't matter. R3 couldn't score on an upheld appeal at 2B, since he's the runner being appealed.
  23. That's what I wear on the plate.
  24. Yes, it is.