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  1. If he's injured, that means that he's on the field. It'll be pretty noticeable if he leaves and no one takes his place. For the rare occasions this isn't the case, once the coach says he's out, he's out.
  2. It's simple. If the isn't a sub to be named as his replacement, it's over.
  3. We pregame this--if there's a situation where the primary has an inferior look than the secondary, or if there is a gray area as to who is which, we make quick eye contact and if one of us definitively has a call, we tap our chest.
  4. Not in the least. Sounds like they need some help.
  5. I think you're overthinking things. All of your answers are in this thread. Take a break and reread with fresh eyes.
  6. 5.05(b)(3) and 6.01(g).
  7. Think of it like this... A pitcher can physically step in four directions--towards home, first, second, or third. If he steps towards second, but does not throw to the base, it is a feint. He can choose not to throw, or throw elsewhere, as long it is not more in a direction to another base than the one he steps.
  8. In OBR, the balk penalty is enforced (advancing all runners) AND the CI penalty (awarding the batter 1B) unless the situation somehow happens where it would be ignored. So, all runners advance. In FED, you are correct.
  9. Yes. And only interference/obstruction. No balk.
  10. I really can't get any clearer than what you quoted. CI with R3 attempting to score is charged as a balk in NCAA and OBR.
  11. Again, no. There is no balk for this in FED. A catcher can leave the box anytime he wants after the time of the pitch.
  12. Nope. It is simply charged a balk when there is R3 attempting to score, by rule, and all balk penalties apply. This is only in NCAA and OBR.
  13. He can't. It's on the NCAA hub. This particular video...this is a gray area, at least to me, in NCAA. OBR, I have a tag--the act of the tag is completed, as far as I can tell.
  14. It's not considered a balk, therefore only runners attempting to advance are awarded a base, unless forced.
  15. BI?

    No BI. The hindrance didn't affect the throw.