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  1. NFHS 2016 Baseball Interps

    I figured out how to do this legally. I'm not putting video up, though.
  2. 8-4-2f on a force play

    I wonder if this is the group that banned me. 
  3. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    Given that the first comment from the presenters was regarding how U3 probably would have made the proper call had he used proper timing: "He started to make the right call..." and later stated that this call was reversible because it was made after the play ended, I can assure you that OBS was soundly rejected. The INT discussion hinged on if F2 was involved in the play or not.
  4. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    That was the only thing that was unequivocally NOT the right answer. The discussion centered whether INT was an option. They even said that OBS was not on the table on this one.
  5. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    The conclusion that I remember was that this was nothing--no INT, and no OBS due to the intentional contact. 
  6. Pen or Pencil

    I have a red pen, a blue pen, and a pencil. I primarily use the pens but have the pencil as a back-up.
  7. I disagree 100%. This networking is the only way, under the current system, to get umpires to the levels of their talent. There is no PBUC-like system where the NCAA controls umpire training and placement. There was an implication as such in the panel portion in Chicago.
  8. The only salient issue that I can see is rectifying any advance by the runner due to interference by the batter. I would argue that we have the ability to call the runner out for interference (assuming that his advance was past the award,) but we do not have the ability to call the batter out.
  9. I agree that it can be expensive. That being said, the substance of the clinic is only part of the benefit of being there, and even that is better than watching videos online. There's the chance to have something clarified if you don't understand, there's the opportunity to hear what the intents and emphases are for these new enforcements, and most importantly, the ability to hear what the line is between rule and judgement (there were a few on the aforementioned plays at the plate where they would talk about the elements of the rule, but different speakers had different opinions on whether those elements were met.)  Perhaps more importantly for a newer umpire, the clinic offers an opportunity to network. As in anything else, when you begin, you don't know what you don't know. Likewise, you won't know who you should talk to to get seen in your area. In the informal networking, you're putting your face and name out there, especially if you have others in your area attending. Then their network attaches to you, and now you have more opportunities. In addition, the chance to have very good umpires and supervisors/advisers at least know who you are is huge. I shared an elevator ride with one of last year's CWS umpires, and shot the SH*# a little. Will that help me down the road? Who knows, but it couldn't hurt.  If you treat the clinic as an investment just like others, and make it an integrated part of your offseason plan with other advanced clinics, you will develop those relationships that can help. These clinics have high-level assigners, advisers, and national staff in attendance. If those guys who have some pull see you repeatedly, they might not know your name, but they at least will have a small amount of familiarity with you so when your name does come up for advancement, the light bulb will come on. The more you attend both this clinic and skills clinics, the earlier you will have established a name for yourself, too. Getting evaluated by one of these knowledgeable people in September and having a beer while picking their brain in get the picture.
  10. Facebook discussion: 1 or 2 ball bags
  11. Team Wendy Pads

  12. SEC back dominating NCAA football

    Everything there was factual.
  13. SEC back dominating NCAA football

    Given that when human polls were devalued, the SEC didn't win one championship, combined with the admitted poll-stacking (eight teams in the top eleven on one ballot, admittedly to boost the poll coefficient,) as well as the blatant paying of players, the SEC needs to be criminally investigated. 
  14. No More Plate Coats?

    $295. I won't get billed (didn't even ask for my card) until they arrive and can be shipped.
  15. No More Plate Coats?

    Okay, ordered mine today. Here's how they're doing it now: They order them in batches, and if they happen to have your size already ordered, they will notify you when that batch comes in. At that point, you pay for it and they ship it out. Thus, if you have a common size, you may end up getting it more quickly (thankfully, I'm a 44R, so they had a few that were still not allocated.) If they don't have your size already ordered or all of the ones in the current batch are spoken for, it will have to wait until the next order they place.