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  1. Just stop. You had a lot of respect here until you pulled this bullSH*# out. The kid, and that is what he is, made a mistake. It happens. I have yet to see an umpire, at any level, even approach the amount of egotism and being bigger than the game as the participants do.
  2. For all intents and purposes, it is, since "being able to" is a requirement. The only reason that this clause is written this way is so runners can voluntarily leave the base, with no further interfering action, and not be considered automatically out.
  3. Most likely, I have INT on the BR. He's out, and runners return to their last legally acquired base at the time of INT. If R3 had scored, his run counts.
  4. That is the proper enforcement. On all runner interference, the ball is immediately dead and the runners return. The BR is called out as the penalty, as R2 is already out. However, under OBR, there was a change mid-season that if there was no possibility of a double play, there is no additional out (which I vehemently disagree, as this is a safety rule and this means that there will never be a stronger penalty than the probable outcome of the play.)
  5. Why not just have that go straight to your backup?
  6. Look at his first sentence. What he said was legal.
  7. Everything you just described is legal. And as maven said, when it comes to a complete stop, complete means complete. Every part of the body.
  8. That's what I was kinda wondering.
  9. That's great advice for a TD. This isn't a site for TDs, though. We can only do so much in a situation like this, and how to get the most effective resolution is key. That's why we need to approach this in a way that isn't adversarial or demanding. If this situation warranted that, it warranted an immediate stoppage and EMS.
  10. Know what my role is and how to get results from a superior? Absolutely.
  11. Not ex...still am.
  12. Really? Then why was your ass still on the field instead of calling 911? Again, not your role to tell your boss what to do.
  13. I didn't. I told him he could have approached it better.
  14. You don't get to tell people what to do. That's what you're not getting. Tell them what you're seeing, but you don't get to demand things, even if they are the right thing.
  15. Yes, you were. Stop talking for once and start listening.