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  1. When To Call It

    Why? That happens.
  2. Balk or No Balk Question

    And if he doesn't clear the rubber, he hasn't gotten distance and direction to second--it's either third or first. It's impossible, with the exception of moving the free foot directly in line with second base, to gain more distance and direction to second than to any other base without clearing the rubber. And if we allow that one exception, then every time a pitcher comes set, it's a step to second.
  3. Misses bag, Winning Run Scores

    It may be a good idea that if you're this detail-oriented, have some of us review it before publication. We may be able to correct things that are incorrect but "everyone knows the rule."
  4. I could be wrong. I was going off memory. I may have been thinking of some other clause that defines fielder's choic.
  5. No hit. It's a fielder's choice credited to the fielder closest to the runner.
  6. Well, I pulled the trigger. If I don't like it, I'm sure I can get rid of it pretty easily. Thanks, everyone.
  7. Big sale at Honigs

    Big. Go a size down.
  8. Ok, I'm thinking I want a new mask. I currently have the All-Star FM25TI, and I'm thinking about getting a Wilson Aluminum Dyna-Lite. However, I'm a little concerned about the weight being higher on the Wilson...anyone have any thoughts (in particular, does anyone have experience with both?) Thanks.
  9. Injured on the way to first base

    Technically, he gave himself up. This isn't truly abandonment, as he had yet to reach first, but the principle is similar. There should have (and I mean should as in by rule) been an out, even without a play being made on him. All runners have to either score, be put out, or left on base. If you wanted to keep the same spirit that you had in the game AND satisfy those requirements, I would say that there should have been a substitute runner to take his place (although that would have also violated a rule, it would have satisfied the totality of the rules more than the alternative you did.)
  10. Does a Home Run Negate a "Force" Play?

    Yes, you are incorrect. R2 is forced to 3B. thus an appeal on him for missing it is a force out. No runs score. If this were exception #3, R3 would still score.
  11. Line drive off F1 to base umpire

    That you missed the call?
  12. Busting towards third gives you a worse angle, not a better one. Busting towards first gives you the best angle you can get here without going foul. You'll have to decide how close to the line you'll want to stay, balancing the possibility of needing to make a call elsewhere.
  13. Check swings

    And they would be wrong, by rule. Protestable.
  14. Check swings

    Uh, no. A ball that hits the bat is always a batted ball, no matter if the bat moved, didn't move, held over his head, etc. Your example is not true, either--we rule it fair or foul based on what happens next. I really hope you're not killing plays when there's an unintentionally batted ball.