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  1. Are the pants the new Honig's or the older ones?
  2. The polish marks on those areas would lend credence to your hypothesis. I'm guessing they went for molding instead of forging because of how tricky magnesium is...but a forged version would be so much better.
  3. Just putting feelers out...I've got an FM25TI frame I don't need. First acceptable offer gets it (I'll pay for shipping.) PM me for pics.
  4. I have a pair of those pants. They do not look like this.
  5. I missed the fact that R1 would be a force on the reversal and nullify the run. Now, to address your new sitch...the run still counts. The batter has not been put out, and cannot be put out after the play at 2B.
  6. The quote function isn't working--I've been trying all day... The additional wrinkle changes things. The batter is not out until tagged (as Maven said.) Thus, if they throw to second to get the runner for the third out, the BR is still not out at that point. I have the run scoring. To bring up my logic, I'll direct you to this thread. Bring beer and a few hours.
  7. I'm going to disagree. The batter isn't out until the tag. Thus, his out occurred after the out at second.
  8. Unless someone else uses the same type of ID tag on the waistband...I haven't seen something like that on any other source's pants.
  9. They are from Honig's (or at least distributed by them) and they were from the 2013 season. That's all I can tell. I want to say that they are the MLB pants, but I thought those had white lining.
  10. Did it? It shows it ended with no bids.
  11. I listed my actual titanium frame twice over the last month--couldn't get a bite at $140. If this sells...
  12. I see no benefit to scratch lists if an association assigns umpires whose competence is commensurate with the level being played. If a coach has a legitimate issue about an umpire, then have a procedure in place to allow them to bring up such issues with the association. This is what we have, and there is no official blackballing. In the last three years, we have had exactly one grievance, which was addressed with all parties concerned and to everyone's satisfaction.
  13. 1. Assuming that the request is granted, yes, because the ball becomes dead. The 12-second clock always starts over after a dead ball. 2. Whenever the umpire chooses. It usually only comes into play if a pitcher is unreasonable with his requests. 3. Depends on if the umpire feels that the ball is unsuitable for play.
  14. I get that. Some situations it may not be apparent which portion of the call the batter is referencing. But that's not the case in the situation I was answering.
  15. Your first answer is baiting. Answer the damn question. There is no reason not to (barring some reason that you could reasonably ascribe to arguing.)