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  1. Also look at the way I say it and the way ElkOil says it. Each is a different type of tool. With mine, saying "I had..." gives the implication that it is my opinion and not a hard fact. This can be useful with a defensive (emotionally, that is) coach, but can be something an aggressive coach might jump on as a window of opportunity. His is phrased as a statement of fact. This can promote an air of confidence and keep a coach at bay, but also may come off as unapproachable and arrogant. Think about not only the content of the message, but the phrasing. It can go a long way.
  2. You can use whatever senses you need. I would suggest saying "I had" instead if "I saw (heard)" as it allows you to explain your judgment of what happened without prompting a question of how you used a specific sense. If he wants to keep arguing, shut it down.
  3. I would stand up and walk out on him.
  4. I hope you are open to learning.
  5. No, professionalism requires you not to clean up after him.
  6. I'm curious as to where you're thinking professionalism requires this when the exact opposite is true.
  7. No, it's not childish. He is showing you up. You cannot allow him to create work for you in that regard. He started it, someone on his side can end it.
  8. It's not your job to clean up after someone showing you up. Would you pick up a bat thrown on the field in anger?
  9. Out for failing to retouch home.
  10. You should watch more baseball.
  11. Incorrect. The run was never legally scored, which means it can be unscored. By returning to third, he unscored his run.
  12. Why would we do this? He didn't legally score, he created another infraction in fixing the first one, and is liable to be put out for the second one.
  13. It hasn't. Fake tags and verbal interference are legal, but bush.
  14. No, because then he'd be simulating the start of a pitch.
  15. That in and of itself does not make it a balk. The step just has to be direct and more towards first than home.