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  1. Flag Day is the Army's birthday. The rest, it's not my lane.
  2. I'd wear that on Memorial Day and the Army's birthday. I wonder if I could put a rank epaulet on it to cover the logo.
  3. I think you're misunderstanding what we're saying.
  4. I don't. That was the first thing I thought of in the vid.
  5. Runners (including the batter-runner) are awarded two bases from the time of the pitch, unless all runners have advanced at least one base at the time of the throw, in which case they get two from the time of the throw.
  6. My dreams may finally come true...
  7. This isn't a force out. This is an appeal for failing to tag up. Once the runner has retouched the base from which he started, he has corrected his infraction. If he overruns going back to his original base, he must be tagged while off the base to be out.
  8. Well, let's say you and this assignor work together next spring, and he asks "What was your take on how Bob was?" If you reply truthfully, and there are several complaints in the interim (as you feel will inevitably happen,) do you think he's going to ask why you didn't mention it before he heard it from them?
  9. I did read the OP. You saw a reason to call him safe. Your partner cannot have additional information for you on that.
  10. How could you miss something that would change a safe call into an out? I'm not buying that you're taught that at the NCAA level, either.
  11. Don't go for help on a safe call at first.
  12. The best way to change a stupid rule is to enforce it consistently and to the letter. If you want discretion, then the rules need to be changed. If they're local modifications, then they can change them.
  13. Nothing is ever out of the's a matter of accepting the consequences.
  14. Mine are V3s.
  15. I'm in the Upper Midwest. Mine are doing the same. However, I don't think it's due to sun...I think that the surface microscopically cracks and causes a hazy finish--I say this because the haze is in the same parts where dirt has a tendency to collect, and even after scrubbing, the haze remains. When the shoes are wet, the haze disappears, indicative of the cracks being filled with a clear substance and making the overall surface smooth again.