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  1. PM sent about the fonzie pads.
  2. Undergear

    when it comes to cold weather gear I agree with you, but the Nike hypercool stuff is great in hot weather.
  3. Undergear

    I use the Nike Hypercool tights and I love them.
  4. Nike Mask Prices???

    I got mine for about 300 :)
  5. What to do about league?

    You could do what I did, quit and go to pro school. lol
  6. Wilson Leather Replacement Pads - Natural Tan   Brand new, off of my Wilson TI mask.   $35 shipped.   PM if interested.  
  7. Champion / V-Sport / All-American CP

    I'm trying to find the old velcro model.
  8. Champion / V-Sport / All-American CP

      Sent you a PM.
  9. Anybody out there have and willing to sell a 13 inch version of one of these CPs?  
  10. Backup Mask Advice

    15% discount from school.
  11. Backup Mask Advice

    Guys, thanks a bunch for the advice. I just ended up pulling the trigger on the Wilson Ti, the more I think about it, it may supplant my bucket (I think I'm a bit too skinny to pull off the bucket look, and the it's a pain in the a#$ to haul around on the road). Also, $135 from ump-attire was a bit too good to pass up. Thanks again.
  12. Backup Mask Advice

    Ok, I'm a happy HSM user, but I am looking around for a traditional style mask to outfit with Team Wendys, to serve as a backup. I will hopefully be working Pro ball this summer, so I realize I should probably just go with the Wilson Ti, but I was wondering if there were any other alternatives. I know I am crazy for asking but would a Easton speed elite frame be anywhere near serviceable? I had to ask, it would be a good looking mask. Anyways, thanks.