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  1. It's the hitch before stepping off. Start/stop.
  2. Just got my new mechanics manual today. I turned, as I do every 2 years, to see who is supposed to take the BR to third on a bases empty triple. And they still have it wrong. Oh, well, right in the trash with it. Edited to add: How can they FINALLY properly designate the plate umpire as PU and then refer to the third base umpire in a 3-umpire crew as U2? My goodness, it's like this in every sport -- it's almost like the NFHS has to be different just for the sake of being different.
  3. Why don't the schools just self assign in Arbiter. They're picking their own anyway. Horrible system.
  4. I see nothing wrong with that. Practical solution to a real-world problem.
  5. Exactly. There are HS conferences around here where the commissioners (assigners) act as though keeping the coaches happy is the most important thing in the world. They keep elaborate scratch lists, they hire officials from over an hour away, they honor requests for who they want to work, etc. All it does is reinforce how important these coaches think they are. I took this side gig cause I thought I could make a difference and a few extra bucks as well. I send who I want to the schools. Doesn't mean I always take the official's side -- I've fired people and I've told people when I think they're made mistakes. I welcome feedback and lists of people coaches prefer -- and I use it as input and a sanity check from time to time. Truth is, though, I know what makes a good official / umpire and I'm the one who's paid to make those decisions.
  6. Giving coaches power to scratch is just not where I am. I'm more likely to feed the coach a diet of that umpire till he gets used to the taste. If the umpire doesn't want to be there, then fine...
  7. I assign. I'd quit before I'd allow scratch lists like these. Give coaches a little of this power and they'll stretch it to absurd levels. If a coach paid me off after driving to a school, I wouldn't be happy to be home by dinner. I officiate to work the games, not just to get a check.
  8. I assign for 24 schools. I've tried to get the message out that umpires don't need to ask a partner just cause the coach requests it. Sadly, there are many umpires out there who think that it's their duty to do so, even if it is just to "appease" the coach. We don't have assigning associations here -- I work for the schools. But I don't let schools black list and I don't get a whole lot of complaints from either coaches or umpires.
  9. Amazing how announcers use the graphic when it suits them. When it shows strike 2 in the zone, there's silence.
  10. Have you seen pictures of the living quarters? It must be a cult. Even LL puts us in reasonably nice hotels.
  11. I have no skin in the game -- I've never been and will never go to CDP. But why is this not a topic for a public forum? If people wish to ask and receive replies or private messages, well, why not?
  12. I worked an adult league once where I found out the teams were allowed to choose the playoff umpires. The assigner was all about keeping his job amd keeping the league happy. My last game in the league was a few years ago. I worked the section championship and watched some really awful and really green umpires work the championships while I stayed home. Since then I'm simply not available for them.
  13. You made a choice, and so do I. Neither is wrong.
  14. I couldn't have said it better with respect to how I view LL.
  15. What does that even mean? Personally, I am thrilled that there is no leading and, subsequently, 45 pickoff throws to first base. The only thing I'd change is I'd move the fences back another 25 feet.