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  1. Stay off of social media and tell your family members the same when big things occur in your games. Yes, this is MLB, but locally it can have the same impact.
  2. FED - R3, RLI

    Rule 8-2-9
  3. FED Rule 3-3-1f5 states that: A coach, player, substitute, attendant or other bench personnel shall not: commit any unsportsmanlike act to include, but not limited to, being in live ball territory (excluding team's bullpen area) during the opponent's infield practice prior to the start of the game. Here's my question: To my knowledge, there is not a rule specific to this in the NCAA rule book. How would you advise dealing with behavior like this in an NCAA game? Perhaps you would do nothing? Perhaps you would do something? Why or why not?
  4. FED - R3, RLI

    Yep, so would you enforce this as a TOI or TOP in a non-force situation?
  5. FED - R3, RLI

    What about umpire interference on a batted ball?
  6. Throw hits runner

    I think there's value in a clip like this because it appears as though the throw from F2 hits R3 who scored. I sent it to a few of my buddies locally and they missed that piece, they thought I was sending them a RLI video. I think the runner's lane in this clip is irrelevant...or at least it was meant to be irrelevant. :-)
  7. Throw hits runner

    When a throw hits a runner do we have interference? Why or why not? Let's use this play as an example:
  8. Problems ordering from The Official's Choice?

    My guess is that it's an issue of managing inventory. If people are always getting what they order, but later, he's probably not stocking lots and lots of shirts.
  9. 60 Seconds

    I enforce it, but just shy of a stopwatch. It can be done. The rule is written clearly as well. I think it's great and it does keep the game moving.
  10. FED - R3, RLI

    FED R3, Squeeze play, 1 out. Bunt is down, R3 touches home plate, then BR is called out for Runner Lane Interference Under FED rules, do you count the run? Why or why not?
  11. POLL: MLB Logo on Umpire Shirts?

    I think some folks put too much of this stuff into the wannabe category. I might wear my Minnesota Twins cap, or I might wear a Chicago Bears T-Shirt...but that doesn't make me a wannabe. I'm just like the team. (not the Bears was just an example) :-) How about the adult males who wear Steph Curry jerseys? (or any other player for that matter) Are they wannabes or just fans of that player/team and nothing more? As I said, and it's certainly okay for there to be different opinions on something like this (and I'm not saying that my version is the right version) but for me if I like the item and it happens to have the logo on it, I'm going to wear it. However, I'm not purchasing the item because it has the logo...I would likely get the item whether it has the logo or not.