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  1. I lean w/ those who would grab this for altering the play by sliding illegally to the same side of the base as the fielder and altering the play. In my mind, the hand is the harder sell.
  2. Under that line of thinking a bigger player is at a disadvantage because something malicious may not hurt him. On the other side of the coin, a bigger player could be penalized for MC for making legal contact w/ a smaller player. Think of Shaq.
  3. I get it. We're splitting hairs at this point.
  4. In my experience it is far more contentious when it's called than when it is not. Your experiences certainly might be different.
  5. It's a divisive call at all levels. When you call it, even if you're 100% correct it's going to get nasty for a bit. It's not an enjoyable moment in officiating.
  6. You can continue from where you paused but not from where you stopped.
  7. The rule calls for a stop, not a pause.
  8. Camera angles are much, much better on this play.
  9. Some nice camera angles here to show Runner Lane Interference
  10. To move the discussion forward, it's most likely some sort of DDB mechanic. Outside of mechanics, let's try and keep this focused on the play. So far under strict OBR we have an out for interference. Seems like a pretty good consensus on that piece yes?
  11. I really like this clip. It's probably on here already, but I was looking for some some other interference clips and found this one. So I'm going to post it again and see if it spurs any discussion.
  12. What do you have in this play (if anything), under OBR, FED, or NCAA? I put the video in "Rules" because feedback on all three rule codes will be helpful for all of the umpires who work those codes.
  13. Is there a Malicious Contact/Ejection provision anywhere in straight OBR? In other words, EJ as a result of judged malicious contact. If so, please cite the appropriate rule/interpretation as a part of your discussion. Thanks!
  14. OBR. Bases loaded, B9. Game winning run on 3B. A. Less than two outs B. Two outs Batter walks on ball 4 but does not touch first base, R1 does not touch 2B, R1 does not touch 3B, R3 touches home. What are the base running requirements? What, if any, are the appeal implications in A & B? Discuss and post relevant citations or interpretations.