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  1. I don't think this has been posted yet. But a very rare scenario and ejection regarding a first baseman's mitt.
  2. No and no.
  3. Agree. Be a strike zone umpire.
  4. I've got nothing based upon this clip.
  5. Easily searchable on the web.
  6. that's right...the "in my judgment" piece is far from the be all end all. We must be cautious w/ blanket statements.
  7. Could it be called a strike? Sure. Would it be correct? No.
  8. This is not one of those situations. The rule is pretty clear on this play in all codes.
  9. Yes. Will edit for clarity. Nor can any runner advance.
  10. On the field they likely had to stick w/ the out unless somehow, somebody else on the field saw something. While it may have been ruled an out on the field, by rule it was incorrect. The calling umpire would be the first to agree after reviewing the play.
  11. Dead ball ball or dead ball strike. I think you're looking for an out and the only out that could occur here would be if the batter was hit by a pitched ball that was in the strike zone on strike three. Home plate is only relevant here as a guide to determine a strike. That's it.
  12. Where was the pitch when it hit him? It's a dead ball strike or a dead ball ball.
  13. I see where you're going w/ this, but on the field it's splitting hairs. While I'm not overly interested in a engaging in this debate since I'm confident that we both know what is and is not OBS on the field I'm curious to read your examples for incidental vs. accidental or unintentional. I contend that there could be cases on the field where accidental and incidental can be synonymous. Thanks for the discussion.
  14. Incidental contact is a thing...but it also can very easily be obstruction. Obstruction can be, but does not have to be intentional.
  15. Remember that they can hit and advance on the illegal pitch in OBR.