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  1. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

  2. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    Stick with the Appendix...think about it...are you going to run the head coach and keep the AC in the game?  The EJ of the head coach deals with a subsequent argument...this is one argument.  Warn, then run the AC.
  3. Sideways Wind-up

  4. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    Me as well.
  5. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    He's now playing he get the EJ for that game, plus stated on the chart.  You were right w/ your approach to the question.
  6. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    So, the grab the out option?
  7. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    Here's a play from the BRD: Play 258-400: R3 The pitcher is: (a) on the pitcher’s plate, or (b) on the mound, but not in intentional contact with the pitcher’s plate when he touches his pitching hand to his mouth. Ruling: FED: In (a), it is an immediate balk and R3 scores. In (b), it is a ball only if the pitcher touches the ball without wiping off his hand and engages the pitcher’s plate. NCAA: It is a ball in (a) but legal in (b) unless F1 fails to wipe off his hand, when the penalty is also a ball. OBR: In (a), it is a ball; in (b), it is a ball if the pitcher does not wipe the fingers of his pitching hand before touching the ball.
  8. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    Regarding question's what PBUC or whatever they call is now does with it...this leans more in the direction of calling a ball as supported by rule.    
  9. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    What did he say about the Vandy rundown?  The call on the field was OBS, the call on the field stands...BUT the video also said that HPU needed to step up and grab the interference.  Another guy who was there said to just get the out.  I'm okay w/ any of them...I just want to put what they want us to put.  
  10. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    Based on the rule, I would agree with you.  It probably is that easy eh?
  11. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    I'm not caught up in it...just a blatant inconsistency. The answer to that one is easy.
  12. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    Except the crew didn't rule intentional interference in the game.  The only got R1.  They only ruled "intentional interference" in the verbiage of the question...not even in the handling situations video did they say it was intentional interference.  
  13. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    The revert piece is kind of mythical in baseball.  I  would guess that the guy who missed that one, all selected the revert option.
  14. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    Based on how the question was written, we have to get two outs on this correct?  Regardless of what actually happened in this game?   At this point, I just want to get the question right.  Intentional interference by a runner with a possible DP is that runner and the batter/runner.  Rule 8-5 something right?  8-5k perhaps?
  15. 2016 NCAA Test Questions

    So we simply treat it as a hypothetical right?