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  1. POLL: MLB Logo on Umpire Shirts?

    I think some folks put too much of this stuff into the wannabe category. I might wear my Minnesota Twins cap, or I might wear a Chicago Bears T-Shirt...but that doesn't make me a wannabe. I'm just like the team. (not the Bears was just an example) :-) How about the adult males who wear Steph Curry jerseys? (or any other player for that matter) Are they wannabes or just fans of that player/team and nothing more? As I said, and it's certainly okay for there to be different opinions on something like this (and I'm not saying that my version is the right version) but for me if I like the item and it happens to have the logo on it, I'm going to wear it. However, I'm not purchasing the item because it has the logo...I would likely get the item whether it has the logo or not.
  2. POLL: MLB Logo on Umpire Shirts?

    I would never buy a piece of gear because it has the logo. If I want a piece of gear and and it happens to have the logo (shoes, CP, leg guards, whatever), then so be it.
  3. Legal pitching motion?

    Agree, but it doesn't say that its not permitted out of the set. Usually we operate under the premise that if the rules don't prohibit, then it's legal.
  4. Legal pitching motion?

    I'm struggling to find anything that says that F1 can't use a rocker step from the set. Certainly to those who say that he can't do that I must be missing something in the rules.
  5. RLI Video

    Yes, I think you're understanding it how they want you to understand it. Either way you're going to get a discussion anyway. Just be ready to defend your call/non-call.
  6. Legal pitching motion?

    So let's say that he decides to not use the rocker step after using the rocker every time for the last 4 batters, then does the exact same thing, except goes w/ the slide step. Are we still legal? Sure...right? Unless of course we were to judge a quick pitch. The piece above, which I've also read, states more about how he must face a base and what he does with his hands, not necessarily what he does w/ his feet after he begins his delivery. So far we have nothing concrete about it being illegal in NCAA.
  7. Reebok magistrate plate shoes

    Some photos would be really great for those who are interested
  8. Legal pitching motion?

    Does rule set matter? OBR? FED? NCAA? Coach comes out and says, he can't pitch like that? How do you respond? Ready, set, go...
  9. Balk Move?

    Yet nobody can tell me the inning? Geez. I'm willing to grab the clip and post it, but give a guy a little help here! :-)
  10. Balk Move?

    What's the date of the game? I have yesterday's (Sunday, the 17th) as a foul out to F9 to end the 4th.
  11. Near the on deck circle...

    Do you ever feel like there are only a fewumpiresin your group who enforces stuff like this? OR Teams try it every game to see if it's allowed or not?
  12. Near the on deck circle...

    FED: Whole offensive lineup lines up along the dugout and takes practice swings while the pitcher is warming up. Do you enforce 3-3-3 or let it go? Why or why not? FED 3-3-3 as grounds for not allowing this: ART. 3 . . . Players loosening up to bat shall remain in the area of their team's on-deck circle while the pitcher is warming up (1-2-3). PENALTY: The umpire shall issue a team warning to the coach of the team involved. The next offender on that team shall be ejected.
  13. 2016 MLB Rule Changes Covered by MLB Network

    Great find, thanks for sharing!
  14. Heaters in the dugouts

    What rule would you use to determine that a team can't have heaters in their dugouts? They can't warm their bats, but why go there? There areenough things on the field that can cause us problems, stay away from this one. It's over-officiating and making up rules. Focus on the stuff on the field.
  15. Legal Move?

    So here's the learning piece then... If you have it as legal and OC wants an explanation, what do you say? If you have it as a balk and DC wants an explanation, what do you say?