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  1. Here is what we have for's old, but the coverage is the same. Attachment. insuranceinfo.pdf
  2. MLB catchers get their hearing back. I hope he enjoys his retirement. He had a superb career.
  3. I'm 100% positive on ours.
  4. I will check again, but in OBR I don't think this is an appeal play...I think we are to call him out. My guess is that this will come out in the national meetings.
  5. Agree. I see no need to have more than one policy. I don't have double car insurance, home owners, etc...why would I have or need double officiating coverage? To each his own, but to me, it's a waste of money.
  6. I suspect that there are very few people who actually file a claim. The fine print is the key with this stuff. They will always take your money.
  7. I am insured through my state association for all sports that I work for that year, plus assigner coverage. I don't see the need for more insurance. Some people like NASO for the "free" Referee subscription. Good luck w/ your decison.
  8. I think he can sell the mask for the price he desires. The pads & harness are the easy part due to the fact that it will accept many types of pads and probably close to any type of harness. The frame is probably worth close to $350 IMO. If you don't want to buy it or can't afford it, then move on to a different thread.
  9. I lean w/ those who would grab this for altering the play by sliding illegally to the same side of the base as the fielder and altering the play. In my mind, the hand is the harder sell.
  10. Under that line of thinking a bigger player is at a disadvantage because something malicious may not hurt him. On the other side of the coin, a bigger player could be penalized for MC for making legal contact w/ a smaller player. Think of Shaq.
  11. I get it. We're splitting hairs at this point.
  12. In my experience it is far more contentious when it's called than when it is not. Your experiences certainly might be different.
  13. It's a divisive call at all levels. When you call it, even if you're 100% correct it's going to get nasty for a bit. It's not an enjoyable moment in officiating.
  14. You can continue from where you paused but not from where you stopped.
  15. The rule calls for a stop, not a pause.