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  1. I know. We got it right...confidently and deliberately. But there was a lot of butt hurt from the team who tried to do this yesterday. But apparently this particular team has been doing it illegally and getting away with it for "decades" according to, while those who have replied may know...hopefully one or two more guys will read this and get it right going forward.
  2. Yeah, just an effort at being thorough and complete to avoid any potential misunderstanding.
  3. Not showing as bold on my screen. I bolded Smith vs drawing a line to separate the portion of the lineup that mattered for this scenario.
  4. Block them so that account can no longer message you.
  5. Evidently.
  6. I do not think @Richvee or @ALStripes17 are missing anything. Perhaps I am I'll let the thread run a little longer. :-) Thanks for chiming in!
  7. Read the OP again. The scenario is spelled out (I think) quite clearly.
  8. Thoughts on this one? Here is the relevant piece to the scenario: Lineup: Jones 8 Smith DH So...Smith is DHing for Jones who is playing centerfield. In the 2nd inning Smith singles and is stranded on base. At the end of their offensive half inning, Jones goes to play defense in center. In the 5th inning Smith leads off with a single. Jones pinch runs for Smith. At the end of their offensive half inning, Jones goes back to centerfield. In the 7th inning Smith bats for Jones again and lines out to right field. At the end of their offensive half inning, Jones goes back to centerfield In the 9th inning Smith is in the on deck circle to hit again for Jones. If Smith gets up to bat rule is this legal or illegal?
  9. There is a perception among us peasants (non D1 guys) who feel like what's discussed or is protocol at the meetings doesn't always apply to the big dogs based upon what is seen and heard on televised games throughout the season. Essentially they do as they please. One example I have is with the arm sleeves. An umpire I know was working pretty deep into the post season somewhere in the USA and he mentioned that the pitcher was only wearing one arm sleeve (I believe we also saw this in either the Supers or CWS as well) It was ignored in the Supers or CWS and in this person's game as well...yet it was a POE at the national meeting not that long ago...that's just one example...but certainly there are plenty more. Go to a clinic and ignore the arm sleeve and it would certainly be noted as a negative. Thanks for the discussion.
  10. Look on the Internet. Hundreds of our brethren are smarter than OBR, the MLB crew on the field, the MLB crew in New York, and MLB who denied the protest. Those umpires would still call interference even though there is zero support to do so. answer your's already happening.
  11. You are right. He should have.
  12. Yeah, the thing about that was that we had one coach in particular who put the same illegal bat out there every game just to see if we caught it. What a douche move.
  13. Protest Denied
  14. In this case..."advance" does not necessarily mean in a counter-clockwise motion. He was "advancing" to first base..."advance" isn't a great verb for this...but that's how it's written.
  15. Case in point...Mattingly was in Deep B...where the umpire belongs.