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  1. There is a perception among us peasants (non D1 guys) who feel like what's discussed or is protocol at the meetings doesn't always apply to the big dogs based upon what is seen and heard on televised games throughout the season. Essentially they do as they please. One example I have is with the arm sleeves. An umpire I know was working pretty deep into the post season somewhere in the USA and he mentioned that the pitcher was only wearing one arm sleeve (I believe we also saw this in either the Supers or CWS as well) It was ignored in the Supers or CWS and in this person's game as well...yet it was a POE at the national meeting not that long ago...that's just one example...but certainly there are plenty more. Go to a clinic and ignore the arm sleeve and it would certainly be noted as a negative. Thanks for the discussion.
  2. Look on the Internet. Hundreds of our brethren are smarter than OBR, the MLB crew on the field, the MLB crew in New York, and MLB who denied the protest. Those umpires would still call interference even though there is zero support to do so. answer your's already happening.
  3. You are right. He should have.
  4. Yeah, the thing about that was that we had one coach in particular who put the same illegal bat out there every game just to see if we caught it. What a douche move.
  5. Protest Denied
  6. In this case..."advance" does not necessarily mean in a counter-clockwise motion. He was "advancing" to first base..."advance" isn't a great verb for this...but that's how it's written.
  7. Case in point...Mattingly was in Deep B...where the umpire belongs.
  8. So let's give the OP some things he can do by rule to work through a coach blatantly ignores the fact that PU is ending the mound visit. What specifically are the next steps? What should he say? We've all dealt with the coach who isn't going to be told what to do. How do we handle this within the rules to avoid being bullied by a coach who is trying to control the situation? I've read lots of do this and that...but without very little rule book support. So, what tools do we have at our disposal? (By rule)
  9. Here's a non-24 minute clip of the play. It's about as basic as it gets...but every time you make the call, it will cause people to not like you. At the local level it is something you will deal with when you gain the guts and confidence to make these correct calls. Remember, there are two sides to making this call. It's not just the offense that "gets screwed" The same thing happens to the defense if an umpire chooses to avoid conflict and not make the call.
  10. doing it in that manner...I would agree is okay and good umpiring. I may have misunderstood uour original post. Thanks for clarifying. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  11. Two excellent points in the last two posts. Thanks for posting!
  12. Separation of hands or a start/stop.
  13. it happens, you'll never miss it again
  14. I agree, until a knowledgable coach comes out and asks why you didn't call the balk. Or asks why you swapped out the baseball and you tell him why (the truth) will then (well, at least should) properly enforce the balk. I'm not saying that I'd handle it differently than any of you...but we have to be careful with handling obvious rule violations differently than what is in the rule book. What's the best way to get rid of a bad rule?
  15. would be a pretty quick sell out. It's incredible.