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  1. doing it in that manner...I would agree is okay and good umpiring. I may have misunderstood uour original post. Thanks for clarifying. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  2. Two excellent points in the last two posts. Thanks for posting!
  3. Separation of hands or a start/stop.
  4. it happens, you'll never miss it again
  5. I agree, until a knowledgable coach comes out and asks why you didn't call the balk. Or asks why you swapped out the baseball and you tell him why (the truth) will then (well, at least should) properly enforce the balk. I'm not saying that I'd handle it differently than any of you...but we have to be careful with handling obvious rule violations differently than what is in the rule book. What's the best way to get rid of a bad rule?
  6. would be a pretty quick sell out. It's incredible.
  7. I haven't read the article yet, but in my mind, if replay exists, use replay, it's likely you're going there anyway. It should speed up the process too.
  8. Yeah, at that price point, I'm going to need to be sold on it. Back in the day it was a "must have" publication.
  9. Yep, definitely ground for an ejection. If the umpire doesn't take care of it, at certain levels of baseball, expect a pitch between the shoulder blades or ribs the next time he comes up.
  10. Tough to say...years ago it was one of the only interp manuals available. Now the MLBUM, MiLBUM, WUM, and BRD up until this year are all easy to get and are more authoritative than J/R. At that price point, I'm going to wait since I typically get the MLBUM and MiLBUM each year. I would be happy to be sold on buying one though. What says the group?
  11. I thought it might take longer to find this. But here's the slide from the rules meeting back in 2013.
  12. Can't say I disagree. :-)
  13. If on the rubber, it's not a balk for going to the's more of a start/stop least that's how it was described to me at one point. I suppose it may have changed. Continuous and uninterrupted.
  14. We know you're not saying that. I don't think anybody is even thinking such a thing.
  15. They, like anybody else, are not immune to feedback. In fact, typically the guys at the top are the best at giving and receiving feedback. Watch the guys who have better plates...generally, they're a bit slower on their timing and they're more likely to get pitches at the border correct. Nobody is saying he doesn't belong in Omaha...just that the idea that any umpire is perfect regardless of where they're working and that average guys like us aren't capable of picking up on little things that guys could at least consider for feedback is pretty arrogant. Just sayin'