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  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct and my

    "F2 didn't think it was a strike either" Who cares what he thinks?
  2. Is runner interference a live ball, delayed dead, or dead ball infraction? Perhaps we would need to make the call on the action inconsistent with running the bases prior to observing actual hinderance.
  3. Double Play Attempt

    By rule is there an infraction under any or all of the following codes? OBR, NCAA, NFHS
  4. Vicinity balk @ 2B

    This has definitely run its course. LOL
  5. Having One or Both Feet Over Playing Surface on Catch

    Begins his leap.
  6. Whose game is it?
  7. Knee Pop Balk

    Nice example of the knee pop balk
  8. Eclipse

    Heading to Missouri on Saturday.
  9. Academy "You Call It"

  10. Two Umpires Make Opposite Call

    No worries. Tone is tough.
  11. Two Umpires Make Opposite Call

    I know...I was attempting to be humorous.
  12. Two Umpires Make Opposite Call

    "Expert" We just go out on all the fly balls and then work two man. "Expert" lol
  13. Two Umpires Make Opposite Call

    I've pregamed this stuff with guys they shake their heads in the affirmative, "yep, yep, sounds good" It happens five minutes into the game and then they go and do the opposite. Can't make it up.
  14. Ump Ejects Himself

  15. RLI Called in LLWS Regional Maryland vs DC

    For sure. Some MLB managers/players don't know all of the rules, we certainly can't expect folks at the amateur levels to understand RLI. The first few times I called it in my games they burned the damn fields down.