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  1. Heading to Missouri on Saturday.
  2. No worries. Tone is tough.
  3. I know...I was attempting to be humorous.
  4. "Expert" We just go out on all the fly balls and then work two man. "Expert" lol
  5. I've pregamed this stuff with guys they shake their heads in the affirmative, "yep, yep, sounds good" It happens five minutes into the game and then they go and do the opposite. Can't make it up.
  6. For sure. Some MLB managers/players don't know all of the rules, we certainly can't expect folks at the amateur levels to understand RLI. The first few times I called it in my games they burned the damn fields down.
  7. Perhaps...I'll err all day on a kid making a mistake because they're kids. (Doesn't mean I'm not going to make a call) I have less patience with adults.
  8. This is a pretty easy call. I'm not even saying that the kid did anything intentional. He violated...sure. For every time is has been called on him there's probably another 50 times where he ended up on 2b or 3b due to one of our brethren not calling it for a multitude of reasons. As a's very easy to teach your to first base in the runner's lane. Wouldn't that be one of the easiest things a coach could teach a baseball player?
  9. Oh sure. At a amateur level there is LOTS of work to be done in many facets of the game. With respect to Evan's opinion or anything else in MLB, I have no idea. I will defer to those who are in or nearer that circle than me.
  10. can simply be called correctly so more runners learn to be compliant. More umpires need to have the seeds to call it and oddly enough runners will begin to follow the rule then it's no longer a problem. The half swing is the epitome of judgment calls which also leads to several ejections or escalated game tension...certainly that shouldn't go away.
  11. Watched the video once in real time. I don't have a problem w/ the call the runner was non compliant the entire way down so he's not afforded protection the last couple strides to the base which is in fair territory. Nice job.
  12. I think the news is out there and this thread has run its course.
  13. So this hit the Internet within the last week or so... Then news of his resignation was also posted online. Very, very interesting. I wonder what caused people to start digging.