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  1. Silver Mask Purchase

    Yes, really. I may only have the one mask out of 1000 on which the finish faded. It may have been the first one in the line for paint or it may have been the last, but for some reason it did not receive a quality paint finish. I wanted and purchased a silver mask. After five months it is now gray. I do not want a gray mask. But, what really ticked me off was the BS response that I received from them. I don't know about you, but this is not my first rodeo. Here is my response to their email: I realize that as a customer service representative for All Star you have to respond to customer complaints with words and statements as directed by management. I am sure you had to be laughing on the inside as you typed your response to my concerns about the face mask. Did you ask yourself, "I wonder if this guy will actually believe this?" Well, the answer is no! I found the statements in your email to be a farce. Does All Star think I am, or anyone for that matter, gullible enough to believe what you stated? No, it is not normal wear and tear for a painted finish to fade or wear away in such a short time. I do not expect the finish to last forever, but I do expect it to last more than 5 months. Your statement about the mask being used in "a sport where there is sand, grit, metal, and plastic all rubbing together it is expected and normal for metal paint coats on metal to rub off " is fatuous. I am an umpire. My mask has never touched the ground. It is on my face, under my arm or in my bag. There is not a scratch or rub mark on it. "This is why we try and match the paint finish to the metal beneath as closely as possible." By making this statement, I assume All Star uses red metal for their red masks, blue metal for their blue masks and black metal for their black masks. I don't think I have ever seen red, blue or black metal. Perhaps you could send me a picture. " I have also been informed that on our silver cages such as the FM4000, the paint finish when exposed to UV rays, will also wear off. I’m sorry, but this is normal and expected." This is perhaps the most ludicrous statement I have ever heard. Did someone in quality control come up with this one? Maybe it was someone in the marketing department? It is "normal" by whose standards? Are you telling me that All Star "expected" this paint to fade? Why don't you put this information in your product description? You know, something like "After you purchase this mask we at All Star expect the silver finish to turn to gray". I don't remember seeing a warning about keeping the mask away from sunlight and UV rays. Is this a "night game only" mask? I have umpired 59 games since I purchased your mask. Only 31 of these games were plate assignments where I wore the mask, with 18 of these games occurring at night. Thus, the mask was only exposed to those lethal UV rays during 13 games. Maybe you should rename this the Vampire mask! The bottom line is this-All Star has a faulty product. I wanted and bought a silver mask. Not a gray mask. Paint should not fade or rub off after 5 months. All Star has a quality control problem with this mask and should not try to side step the issue. It is too late to appease me, but All Star needs to put on its big boy pants, man up and accept responsibility when products fail. No, I do not want to purchase another mask for $48.00. I would have to expect the silver finish to fade to gray and I don't want another gray mask. To put it bluntly, I will never purchase another All Star product again. If you agree with me fine. If not, that is fine too. Now it is about principle and how a company stands behind their product. I am sure All Star makes some good products. If you choose to purchase from them I will respect your decision. I hope it works out for you and you don't have any problems.
  2. Silver Mask Purchase

    Thanks for the offer, but after their response I will never own another All Star piece of equipment again. Nothing but BS propaganda. I will probably donate the mask to my local summer league umpire crew (teenagers). A college umpire buddy of mine had a Davis mask with an Ice Gray finish that I thought looked pretty sweet. The finish would not fade on this mask.
  3. Silver Mask Purchase

    In April of this year I purchase a silver FM4000. A few weeks ago I noticed that my mask was not silver anymore, but was more of a dull gray. I contacted All Star and sent them a few pictures of my mask. After waiting several days without a response I emailed them again and received this reply: "I just got an update this morning from quality control. This is considered normal wear and tear and will not be covered under warranty. Paint coats are not designed to last forever, and do not affect the structural function of safety of the mask. Based on the amount used by the user a sport where there is sand, grit, metal, and plastic all rubbing together it is expected and normal for metal paint coats on metal to rub off. This is why we try and match the paint finish to the metal beneath as closely as possible. I have also been informed that on our silver cages such as the FM4000, the paint finish when exposed to UV rays, will also wear off. I’m sorry, but this is normal and expected. If you would like a replacement mask I can sell you one direct at a discounted price for $48.00 plus shipping and handling. However, even a new mask will have the paint finish rub off eventually. I’m sorry again. If you have any further questions please let me know and I will try to get you an answer as soon as possible." Jena Allen -- JENA ALLEN, CUSTOMER SERVICE I do not have a problem with the integrity of the mask. The mask itself is fine. But, I ordered a silver mask, not a gray mask. I'll let you interpret and determine what All Star's response means to you.
  4. Player/Assistant Coach

    Rich Ives, on 12 July 2011 - 09:50 AM, said: Did anyone actuall look up the NCAA rules? Oh comeon Rich that would be too easy and logical. Its far easier to just ask the question here and then all speculate on the answer. (Sorry Im just feeling a little crotchety today but I do think that my main point that posters should spend a little time on research before posting either a question or an answer is valid)
  5. Player/Assistant Coach

    Thanks guys, but I probably made a mistake in listing OBR as a rule set. It should be just NCAA. I have found in the NCAA rule book that an assistant coach cannot be a player. However, I think this is aimed for games during the school year where assistant coaches are adults and not students. This summer wood bat league usually has at least 1 adult (non college player) at the game serving as the HC. I assume that a lack of adult assistant coaches has allowed them to have player/assistant coaches on the official roster. But the question still remains is if the player/AC is now the head coach can he remain in the line up?
  6. Player/Assistant Coach

    College Wood Bat League. OBR/NCAA rules. Head coach and assistant coaches are ejected. They do have a player who is officially listed as a player/assistant coach. This player is in the line up when the HC and AC are ejected. By rule, can the player/assistant coach remain in the line up or does he have to be removed from the line up to become the head coach for the remainder of the game? Rule cite if possible. I do remember Peter Rose being a Manager/Player with the Reds back in the day. Just not sure if he was still technically the Manager when he was in the line up or if he was just a player. Of course, at that level not sure if was even an issue.
  7. Anything?

    In my opinion, as soon as he puts his pitching hand (with or without the ball) at his waist and leans in to get a sign he has committed a balk. It does not matter if the ball is in his glove or in his hand he is still deceiving the runner by not indicating where the ball is located. In a legal position the runner can see the ball in his pitching hand at his side or behind his back. If the runner cannot see the ball in his hand he knows the ball is in his glove. To me, the purpose of the hand to the side/behind the back rule is to let the runner know where the ball is located.
  8. Anything?

    Thanks for the replies. Personally, I think this position is illegal because the pitcher is basically hiding the ball from the runner. That is the reason the rule states that the pitching hand should be to the pitchers side or behind the back. Even with the gorilla arm stance the pitching arm is out in plain sight. I would have to think that if this was a legal position you would see a pro pitcher somewhere with this mechanic, but I can't think of one pitcher who does it. They all have their pitching hand to their side or behind their back. Even though I mentioned FED rules I don't think there would be a difference between FED and OBR in this situation.
  9. Anything?

    RHP in stretch position. He is slightly bent over at the waist leaning in getting the signal from the catcher. His gloved left hand is resting on his left thigh. The right hand holds the ball at his waist, against his belt, to the left of his belt buckle and almost directly above left leg.Anything wrong with this position? FED rules.
  10. Balk-shoulder shrug

    Thanks for the responses. I agree that in most cases, with a slight upward movement of the shoulders, I would not call a balk. But, the other night I had a pitcher on two different occasions that took a deep breath where his shoulders came up and touched his neck. It was a very exaggerated movement. I did not call a balk, but the more I thought about it after the game the more I felt that it should be a balk.
  11. Balk-shoulder shrug

    FED. Runner(s) on base. As pitcher is coming set he shrugs his shoulders as he takes a deep, relaxation breath. The shrug of the shoulders is complete before or as he comes to a complete stop. I have nothing. But what if he takes his deep/relaxation breath and shrugs his shoulders after he comes to a complete stop?
  12. Balk? Stepping off rubber

    Thanks guys. My partner and I saw it the same way and did not call a balk. I felt confident about the call, but started thinking about it on the way home and wanted some feedback from some knowledgeable people.
  13. Balk? Stepping off rubber

    FED. R3. F1 is in set position. As he lifts his back foot to step backward off the rubber his spike on his shoe hits the top of the rubber which causes a slight hesitation/stutter before he completed disengaging the rubber. He did not lose his balance nor did it cause any other awkward movement that might be called a balk. It is hard to describe, but basically instead of lifting his foot 2" to clear the rubber he lifted it 1 3/4", hit the rubber, and then stepped off. Balk or not? I cannot find anything in the book to support a balk.
  14. Courtesy Runner

    Thanks for the input. I'm afraid I might have kicked this one, but I did not get any argument nor did it effect the outcome of the game. This doesn't happen that often so I'll file this one away and will get it right next time.
  15. Courtesy Runner

    Fed rules. Bottom of 7th. BR (F3) gets a base hit. Can CR for F1 pinch run for F3? I know he cannot enter in the same half inning if he has already ran for F1, but in this case he has not been a CR for 2 innings. Can he enter as a PR?