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  1. You would have to read some things into the FED caseplay which would make it the same as the OP. I picture a fielder jumping to catch the fly ball which goes over his glove and hits the top of the fence (chain link with or without padding or solid surface with or without padding) and rebounds toward the field while the airborne fielder still has his glove outstretched inside live ball territory. The ball hits the glove and then goes over the fence due to the geometry of where it hit or due to movement of the fielder's glove. In FED I have a book rule double. In OBR I believe they want it called a HR.
  2. Probably not in FED. But the caseplay does not specify the top of the fence. "8.3.3 SITUATION H: B1 hits a long fly ball to left field. F7 goes back to the fence, leaps, but is not able to touch the fly ball. The ball then rebounds off the fence, strikes the fielder’s glove and ricochets over the fence in fair territory. Is this a home run or ground-rule double? RULING: This would be considered a ground-rule double. To be a home run, the ball must clear the fence in flight. Action secondary to the hit (ball ricocheting off the fence and then off the fielder’s glove) caused the ball to go into dead-ball area. Therefore, the hit shall be ruled a ground-rule double."
  3. Interesting Time Play

    Off Topic: How do you get the clip to start at that point when it's the full game on Youtube?
  4. Interesting Time Play

    So, don't make the first or last out at 3B is not the mantra any more?
  5. Interesting Time Play

    Was 3BC pissed because, he didn't hold up Happ at 2B, because Happ didn't hold at 2B, because Happ didn't slide at 3B, or R2 lollygagged getting home?
  6. Does the run count

    And what "time" the bag is touched has some semantic issues in all the codes.
  7. 20

    Not an umpiring question. Try fan-boy.com.
  8. MLB Situation

    So it's already in there. I couldn't find it in the set I pulled up.
  9. MLB Situation

    I would say no. The sub is in and the batter is out of the game. Might be uncharted territory for addition to the replay rules.
  10. The clip doesn't make it clear but viewing the game on MLBtv makes it clear that the runner was past 2B and it should have been obvious to the umps. Gorman went out leisurely on what looked like a can of corn. He is not in any of the video frames showing the "throw out of play" but I think he booked it to the stands fence out of any video frame and would have had a view of the fielder's back, some outstretched spectator arms extending in front of the fielder who was facing away from Gorman and then a ball going into the stands. They need to hang their hat on spectator intereference or get gigged for kicking a rule.
  11. It was "thrown" into the stands. 2 bases TOT. HP should have been awarded unless the BR hadn't touched 2B at TOT. Maybe umps thought he only had touched 1B at TOT or they had spectator interference (Thats their story...). No protest, no problem.
  12. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    Left hand doesn't agree with what the right hand is doing. That conflicts with PBUC/MLBUM in that year and with MLBUM this year. MLBUM even added a spectator interp this year which might help @timelydew with how to rule if the wall was low enough for a fielder to grab the stationary ball from the top of the wall. Added to the interp this year: "Unless otherwise provided by local ground rule, a fair fly ball striking the top of the outfield wall that in the umpires judgement would have bounded over the wall if not for the permissible action of a spectator shall be ruled a home run. A fair fly ball that strikes the top of the outfield wall and is picked up by a spectator while still in motion shall also be ruled a home run. A fair fly ball that lands on the top of the wall and is picked up by a spectator after coming to a stop shall be deemed a ground-rule double."
  13. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    From PBUC/MLBUM "Unless...ground rule, a fair fly ball striking the top of the outfield wall and bounding back onto the playing field shall be treated the same as a fair fly ball that strikes the outfield wall and rebounds back onto the playing field (in play but may not be caught for the purpose of an out)" But the wrinkle is it hit the top of the wall twice. I don't think that should make a difference. It never bounded over the wall.
  14. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    The yellow line is on the padding. The ground rule pertains to where railings or other structurs extend above the padding. Check the MLB visuals for the ground rule at the field.
  15. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    Per PBUC/MLBUM a ball that hits the top of the wall and does not go out or come to rest is treated the same as a ball that hits the face of the wall, live and not catchable for an out.
  16. Ball Hitting Top of Wall, Deflected Out by Fielder

    All yellow lines are in play. If the ball hits the top of the wall/fence and goes out it is a HR. If it hits the top and comes back in it is live. It would seem that if it came back in and touched a fielder that it couldn't be caught "in flight". How it can still be a HR after it touches the fielder I don't know.
  17. From what I can see on Brooks his zone was consistent in not calling the low strike which would account for 84%. Were the complaints from the pitchers, batters and/or announcers?
  18. From what I can see on Brooks he was good sideways and consistently not calling the low strike. A few misees up. I'm not a nuanced Brooks analyst though. Are you judging from the TV box?
  19. ALWS

    Those would be called "softball" shirts in my neck of the woods. Are those what AL provides?
  20. unpire.org blocked as dangerous

  21. unpire.org blocked as dangerous

    My original IPad opens the site ok on Safari. But yesterday I got a Pegasus spyware infection popup. Wonder if it came from there? Not the infection, just the popup.
  22. Jimurray

  23. So did the replay official determine that, literally, the ball would not land on the green metal roof and the fan prevented it from landing on the yellow metal roof which would keep it in play?
  24. F2 carries ball to DBT

    The old catch and carry rule only envisioned "catching" and carrying a fly foul ball into DBT. PBUC/MLBUM expanded that to any fly fair ball. Where do you find that a gloving of a fair, non fly, or thrown ball that is carried into DBT is a one base award?
  25. Outs shouldn't matter in that case. BU has the V. But it sounds like a good excuse if somebody screwed the pooch or some older mechanics for a possible time play that I can't envision.