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  1. LL is and was the dugout as was OBR and NCAA until OBR changed to the circle for pace of play and NCAA followed OBR for that reason or maybe the AJ incident influenced them. LL has not updated their book to current OBR for quite a while. Which is why we have to require F1 to step off the dirt to go to the mouth, why a double hit with a batter in the box can be an out literally or a foul by interp. The absence of a dirt circle on LL fields should not be a reason to continue to use the dugout. OBR addresses that with umpire judgement.
  2. That rule, along with allowing the pitcher to go to his mouth on the dirt, where both changed to speed up the game. No other reason given when they were changed.
  3. Where is the other thread? Anyway this newsclip shows the conference about the call. 20 minutes and two outside persons do not inspire confidence in what happened.
  4. And what would NFHS have to say about it? I believe they don't mind states modifying their rules in a non playing rule manner but I think they can vote to exclude a state from the rules committee for modifying playing rules. I don't know if they took action against Florida for their DH mod.
  5. And what does the Georgia HS Baseball Umpire Association (I'm guessing about the name) have to say about this?
  6. "split crew" presents the problem, or a chapter or members of a chapter that don't prepare or just a brainfart or snake in the grass that tripped the rotating ump.
  7. In 4 man I've seen, and I think my association requires, a U1 pivot on a normal rotation with no one on and U3/U2 goes out. It seems to be a backup if U3/U2 does not come in when the other goes out. After the pivot, U1 goes home if needed and I guess, takes 2B if needed and U2/U3 did not make it to 2B. Good idea? Doesn't seem to delay any coverage of HP. Would you not do this if you could see U2/U3 doing what they are supposed to?
  8. I was at the game. When the camera panned away he gave a foul signal.
  9. Just found game on Youtube: Go to 5:10 for play which still leaves me a little confused, as was this crew regarding 4 man if you watch the whole game. But that confusion did not affect any of the plays in the game.
  10. I'm aware of the touching the ground criteria which did happen in the OP. My wording was questioning whether U3's call, as "an umpire", and not the correct umpire, could be overruled by the PU who I could not determine if he signaled anything. Mechanics wise it was the PU call and it should have been a demonstrative point fair based on the play. The foul signal by U3 was emphatic but ignored by the runner and by the time F5 retrieved the ball it did not matter if he reacted to the foul call (noise prevented me from hearing anything). Once relaxed U3 was still signaling foul and then time was called as the umps got together and reversed the foul and scored the run. I'm guessing the score mattered to the loser and prolonging the game was not in his interest, especially when the foul call was obviously in error. In a tighter game a knowledeable coach might have an issue with the reversal as per: 2.16.1 SITUATION A: On a count of 1-ball, 2-strikes, B1 hits a fly ball down the right-field line. While the ball is in the air, the umpire inadvertently declares ‘foul ball’; (a) F9 catches the ball in flight, (b) the ball falls to the ground in fair territory, (c) the ball falls to the ground in foul territory. RULING: (a) The batter is out and the ball remains live, (b) and (c) the ball is immediately dead as soon as it touches the ground; the batter returns to bat with a count of 1-2. Rule: 2.16.1 2.16.1 SITUATION B: On a count of 1-ball, 2-strikes, B1 hits a ground ball down the third-base line and the umpire inadvertently declares “foul ball.” F5 fields the ball in fair territory and throws to F3. RULING: The ball is dead immediately once it hits the ground; B1 returns to bat with a count of 1-2. MLB just had a PU overule a double call, incorrectly I might add. But I don't see wording in FED about if differing calls are made the PU will make a determination and I don't know if that could have been applied in this game.
  11. It might be dangerous if coaches send their corners in too far but what are you gonna do about F1 who is always 40 some odd feet away on any pitch.
  12. I'm talking about your response to @isired who as I envisioned, asked if a windup pitcher could step back toward the base he was not facing, depending on his stance, and then turn and pick off. So are you saying a windup pitcher can take a backwards step and the turn and pick or do you just have a semantic issue with @isired post?
  13. Uh no. Voted down almost every year in the LL congress.
  14. I think the " turn" in the MLBUM interp would not allow this but you are welcome to try that move in the real world. You are also welcome to argue it in this venue. Have you used a backwards step from the windup and pick successfully?
  15. Do not go to the twitter feed of the "offended" team. That will be Gils job.