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  1. Did I see the mask compress and impact the brim of the hat?
  2. It looks like CCA is different than PBUC/MLBUM. While CCA shows U1 pivoting in on the graphic in the text they show him only responsible for the touch of 1B and, as you say, U2 has the BR at 2B and 3B. They might differ from PBUC/MLBUM because CCA does not require going out on all fly balls while PBUC/MLBUM does.
  3. CCA does not address all the permutations of R3. On a no catch U1 pivots. On a catch U1 does not pivot. But on a fly ball with U3 going out how does U1 know to pivot or not in time to do the right thing?
  4. Sorry, I hijacked the thread into R3 only. So there would be no R2 but otherwise the mechanic should be the same.
  5. Wouldn't the appeal be entertained? And ruled safe or out?
  6. Make it late winter. Spring is too late.
  7. Or perhaps visit around Jan or Feb and look at page iv mas o menos in the rule book for the changes. You did know about the intentional walk and declaring a windup? Right? Or is everyone in the Utrip, select world unaware of current OBR.
  8. Actually, if the book was anything like the current book, the balk penalty might have been seen as being specifically addressed by the umpires Ken Kaiser, 1B - Rocky Roe, 2B - Larry Barnett, 3B - Dale Ford. Depends on how their book was printed:
  9. I'm wrong. No actual balk by pitcher. This is from The Big Book of Baseball Brainteasers. Their conclusion is not correct though. The rules do not support the balk although the indentation problem might have convinced the umpires otherwise.
  10. Must have been an actual balk? Twitch, no step after taking the rubber, some kind glitch while dissengaging? Because there is (was ?) no balk for a fielder in foul territory after the ball is made live or while it is live to back up an appeal play. And there is no balk for a fielder in foul territory when you make the ball live as you require him to go fair before you do. Or maybe that's why the interp exists now. Also there might have been an indentation problem with the Balk penalty in the rulebook which caused umpires to think it applied in other than an intentional walk.
  11. Isn't U2 at the edge of the grass in LF in order to cover 3B if U3 goes out? As far as I can tell CCA and PBUC have U1 take the BR to 2B if the PU is staying home with an R3.
  12. I don't think some mechanics do this--- "No. U2 stays at second, U1 stays at first." With U3 going out U2 would be headed to 3B on a fly ball and U1 would take the BR to 2B if the ball was uncaught. But maybe on a base hit like the OP where U3 went out for fair foul and/or Spec. Int. that would be what would be what would happen.
  13. There are more than a couple of different ways to handle U3 going out with R3. Which is why the mechanic should be briefed and the rotation signaled. Some mechanics have PU staying home always with RISP. Some have PU cover 3B with two out. But if PU is staying home both U2 and U1 will be coming in and sliding depending on what happens with the ball. U1 might rim instead of coming in.
  14. What about R3 only?
  15. You typed too quick.