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  1. Positions

    PBUC/MiLBUM might have PU cover 3B if R1 is not out at 2B and R3 scored without a play.
  2. collision resposibility

    There is some HTBT that should be addressed. R2 (OP designation R1) running hard would be not close to the 3rd baseline. If F2 managed to be in R2's basepath that would be due to a read of an offline throw that he decided to cut or an intentional position to affect R2 that put him a good bit into foul territory that I would not otherwise to expect him to be in. Depending your perception of what happened, a word to R2 or his coach might be appropriate. If the catcher is in your way you need to try to avoid him if possible. We will call the obstruction but if you initiate malicious contact he wins and you don't. If the ball was not cut and the catcher was in position to catch it, depending on the timing and location of the catcher and runner, NCAA might have this as a violation of the collision rule. F2 being in my envisioned position could be intentional or innocent.
  3. Logo removal

    I concur. My 4 year old Wilson/MLB harness lost a lot of elasticity. Just got a Honig's to replace it. There is a black on black Honig's Plate Gear label on it that is very low key. I keep my harness loose but the Wilson could not be adjusted right anymore.
  4. Forum Rules

    Have I/we been remiss in regard to rule 5? "Rule No. 5 -Copyrighted MaterialUmpire-Empire.com users agree not to post any material that is protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary right without the express permission of the owner(s) of said copyright, trademark or other proprietary right. You may link to others protected material." I have posted copies of rules and cites from copyrighted material assuming it was "fair use". Does U-E not allow "fair use" cites? Do we have to get permission from MLB, NCAA, NFHS, WUM, MLBUM, etc. for each and every cite?
  5. Where to start on learning NCAA ruleset

    That would lead you astray in some esoteric situations more likely to be on a test than occur on your field
  6. Where to start on learning NCAA ruleset

    You will not understand the HP collision rule unless you pay $120/$140 and register on the NCAA website and review last years videos.
  7. 2 umpire system mechanics question

    There is more than one book. If BU is taking a clean triple with no one on he would have touch of 3B. After reading Jim Evans 2 man manual my brief is that my BU has all tags and touches of 1B and 2B and the BR at 3B. I have all tags and touches of 3B except for the BR. If the BR is at or passing 3B then most likely my BU will be with him no matter what the runner config and I will be home. Unless you are in NJ.
  8. When was catcher's box shape changed?

    I think the 10' and 8' references are from the point of the plate to the back line. Otherwise an 8' back line would be 4' from the point of the plate.
  9. When was catcher's box shape changed?

    I've seen lines to the wall also but a back line was also put behind the plate. The 1955 WS has the new box and the triangular lines:
  10. When was catcher's box shape changed?

    The 1952 WS Youtube shows Mantle scoring and a triangle with the back edge lined which would accomodate the catcher and the umpire. The LL triangle using 9' sides brings the back edge of the triangle about 6' behind the point of the plate which causes many catchers to position themselves on the line, not that anyone would be concerned with that as far as rules go. PONY extends the lines so that the back edge is 8' from HP and is 16' in length, not that I've ever seen the triangle used in PONY. But I think their geometry is more realistic.
  11. Mound visit with player from bench

    At levels where you might be strict with this that player would either be considered a coach, a translator or a possible sub. He would not be allowed as a coach. He would be allowed as a translator. I don't know how he would be treated if the coach brought him out to expedite the change if the current pitcher stayed in the game.
  12. So once a pitcher simulates coming set off the rubber. What actions would be a balk? Breaking hands without stepping to a base - balk, stepping on the rubber with hands together - do not do that, breaking hands while stepping to a base - nothing?
  13. wrong name on lineup card

    And in baseball a legal unreported sub. Most softball codes get upset about unreported subs and penalize in some way as shown in ISF. HS coaches who go back and forth between BB and SB get frantic when they think their pinch hitter didn’t check in on the BB field.
  14. Mound visit with player from bench

    My 2012 BRD has a cite from Fitzpatrick (OBR) that only allows one coach on the diamond for a visit. Which, I believe, is why the MLBUM added an interp to allow a translator to come out.
  15. When was catcher's box shape changed?

    LL still has the trapazoid on the 60' diamond but I think they got the geometry wrong.PONY allows the option of the box or trapazoid on any field. Never seen a trapazoid but if you had an umpire who was looking to chalk up a "catchersbalk" you might put a trapazoid down for him.