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  1. Hit em with the old 7.13(2)

    What's not official about Drouches verbal in the explanations of the video on the NCAA website?
  2. Hit em with the old 7.13(2)

    I've seen that video. I thought it made sense. It is at odds with the more NCAA video current interps. I might have referenced the conflict in an earlier thread. I think I did screen grabs of similar plays from the videos, intending to post the conflict. Can't remember if I did or just mentioned the conflict a previous post. But, currently, NCAA has made it clear to me and @humanbackstop19 that that is how they want it called. Whether that filtered down to the rank and file, many of whom do not even pay their money to see the info on the site and just depend on their assignor/paycheck's interps to rule, I don't know. BTW, this conflicting interp should not be a reason to not pay your money, not take their tests for any umpire doing JUCO, D1-3 ball. But many do not avail themselves and their assignors don't care. I do know this: Making sense of the MLB/OBR and NCAA rule verbiage is a lawyers dream, except for @lawump.
  3. Is gum a foreign substance?

    Game 3, ALCS, HOU at NYY. HOU pitcher Morton puts hand to mouth which has a wad of gum sticking out. He wipes on uni or fingers after. I'm guessing he's done it all season and MLB is good with it but seems strange to me.
  4. Hit em with the old 7.13(2)

    From an earlier thread: Jimurray Members 550 3,296 posts Report post Posted June 12 Screen grabs from NCAA rule videos. Both legal as ball is on the way. Catcher can block plate with some body part while the ball is within 60'. That movement of the body part does not have to be a neccessary movement for fielding the ball. Quote Edit Options
  5. WS crew..

    Give us a few surprise not on its.
  6. Hit em with the old 7.13(2)

    Have you viewed the video interps for this year?
  7. Hit em with the old 7.13(2)

    Yes, pay $110 to see it. Allthough some screen grabs or actual videos might exist in threads here.
  8. Hit em with the old 7.13(2)

    I segued off your post kind of randomly. I am not defending Darling.
  9. No sht fair

    Cubs -Dodgers game two NLCS, fourth inning I think. Fly near the RF line, caught by OF running in. Nosht fair but expected nice crisp fair point from URF. What did not happen was a catch signal or or turn of the head as the OF ran past and exhibited secure possession without a voluntary release. But what if the ball came out without URF looking at the OF. No problem U1 was right there. Still seems strange.
  10. Hit em with the old 7.13(2)

    This was not a play with the catcher in peril. This and the NCAA rule were written to prevent unnecessary and violent collisions, primarily to protect catchers. If you read the NCAA rule literally the result would be the same, a violation. Yet, their video rule interps allow a catcher to block the plate with his leg as he receives the ball, the position of the leg not being necessary to receiving the ball. Edited to add: MLB and NCAA need a great legal/umpire, @lawump, mind to revise their rule wording.
  11. Righty Move to First

    You were not wrong. You were wrongly trained or not trained at all. Your if your partner was adament it was either because he was not of the mind to educate you or you were not of the mind to be educated by him. Since he waited to try educate you between innings I think he was trying to educate you
  12. Correa HR

    Even if Correa had been out due to a catch that would be normal baserunning unless you perceived intent. His actions after the pop up seemed to be trying to duck. I wouldn’t have intent.
  13. Correa HR

    After review HR. Ball appeared to hit kids glove thumb outside the perpendicular extension of the front of the green padding. No spectator interference even though some of the glove was over the playing field. But suppose the ball hit the part of the glove that was inside the playing field? I think a HR could still be awarded due to the trajectory of the ball. Seems as though Judge could had more of an effort to get his glove on the ball and then who knows what controversy would ensue.
  14. pitcher substitution

    Just to be clear, the number of warm-ups does not correspond to whether crossing the foul line makes a difference in the rule codes.
  15. Replay's finest moment

    That's what my still shows as does yours. Hardly ever balked when it happens that fast.