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  1. Interference causes double play

    Retired runner who was not running the bases normally. Intent not required. If he was hit running the fly ball out to 1B it would not be INT unless intentional.
  2. Missed Base/OBS

    Proponents of the interp say that the umpire will take into account the delay required to touch the base when obstruction hinders touching. I'm not a proponent. Two screenshots from the NFHS video: Had to use Google Drive.
  3. Missed Base/OBS

    Some part of FED is not silent. ""The batter hit a ball off the pitcher's leg and it is deflected into left field. The lead runner is attempting to score, but is obstructed by the third baseman. As a result of the obstruction, the runner misses third base. This is a delayed dead ball and the play proceeds. If the umpire feels that the runner would have scored, he will score the run. However, the obstruction does not allow a runner to miss a base.In this scenario, the runner will be called out if the defense appeals he missed third base." From base running video on NFHS arbiter website.
  4. Missed Base/OBS

    Not so in FED although I don't like it.
  5. Missed Base/OBS

    FED differs from OBR and NCAA interps. WUM allows the umpire to consider the base touched if Obstruction was the immediate cause. The BRD says NCAA agrees. The BRD also says FED agrees but I believe that is now wrong. In the OP obstruction is not the immediate cause of the missed/untouched base after the award. I think it can be appealed.
  6. Missed Base/OBS

    FED requires bases to be touched whether obstructed or not and whether awarded or during live action. NFHS 2016 Rules Interpretations SITUATION 19: R1 is attempting to score from third base and is obstructed by the catcher who tags him on the play. After the play is over, the home plate umpire declares “Time” and awards the runner home. R1 does not touch home plate. The next batter enters the batter’s box and the plate umpire announces “Play.” The pitcher next requests “Time” and appeals the runner not touching home plate. RULING: This is a legal appeal. The runner will be declared out and the run will no longer count. All bases must be touched, even on an award. A dead-ball appeal may be made before the next legal or illegal pitch. (8-2-1, 8-2-5 Penalty). Source NFHS web site
  7. Starting F1 Doesn't Face a Batter

    Coach brainpower.
  8. Starting F1 Doesn't Face a Batter

    That would be a "no game" unless the state adopted suspended game procedures. If they adopted suspended game procedures they might have addressed the issue. I would think it would be like OBR where F1 is not required to pitch and the penalties would not apply.
  9. Balk or No Balk Question

    I would agree it would be a step to an unoccupied base but in the Nelson balk the runner was going to 3B and the pitcher could step and throw there in OBR and step there in other codes.
  10. Balk or No Balk Question

    I think that was a step (feint) to 3B which was balked. I would say legal in codes that don't prohibit feints to 3B.
  11. Misses bag, Winning Run Scores

    So how would you rule if the schemer protested that the appeal of the missed base which caused him to lose the game was not valid because the ball was put in play without a batter in the box.
  12. Misses bag, Winning Run Scores

    Isn't refusing to provide a batter grounds for forfeit?
  13. I tore out my scorekeeping rules and did you know what with them but modern technology allowed me to come up with this as a base hit: "a fair ball that has not been touched by a fielder touches a runner or an umpire, unless a runner is called out for having been touched by an Infield Fly, in which case the official scorer shall not score a hit; or" Where do you find this as a fielder's choice?
  14. Weird batted ball hits F1, fielded in foul

    Rest of crew was in black but plate can wear a different color. They need to change that if blue is going to be the choice.
  15. Single ear flaps for pony league

    All Pony baseball batters, on deck batters, player coaches, runners need to wear protection for the top of the head and both ears which is approved by NOCSAE. If they have a NOCSAE helmet that the dad cut one of the sides off it is not legal. Don't laugh. But, if the dad tells you he is being scouted by the majors and will be in the show tell him that a double earflap is still required until he signs the contract and plays in the Majors. If he is sent down after that he can still wear the single.