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  1. The announcers also credited Perez with good recieving. Which it was not.
  2. Maybe he can't reach it from 50'. Or his accuracy stinks from 50'. My old arm sucks now but I can lob one back to the mound 60 feet away. I do mean anywhere on the mound. But it does look like they all do that as possibly instructed by whoever?
  3. I would have ejected the catcher for pulling pitches, some strikes some not but it looks bad. Although maybe in MLB it's ok. AJ does it also.
  4. I agree with your conclusions but I think PBUC and NCAA are addressing a third strike not caught in your cites. I still infer no interference on a third strike caught backswing. Or you might have a more current PBUC, MiLBUM, MLBUM than me.
  5. And, a few years ago the coach just coming out after the leg tap would have been ejected. But now, explanations of all balks are allowed, until they become an argument. Thus the ejection.
  6. So you are discounting the backswing exemption clause because it was a third strike backswing? What would you have if this was a strike two backswing.?
  7. I've got backswing Int and R1 returns but maybe PU deemed it intentional by Ortiz.
  8. That's true. 8.05(l) and (m) are excluded and some of (a) thru (k) would not occur on the small diamond. But a few years back no IPs were called with runners on and then something changed in the wording where IPs will be called with runners on.
  9. However, what would be a balk will be called an illegal pitch and a ball added to the count.
  10. Video please. Set or Windup or either per OBR pitching restrictions, which I don't think LL has revised their bock to. Anyway, currently a LL pitcher can windup from the stretch. If he was doing that was he doing a "Japanese windup"? Which is allowed in OBR.
  11. Still right now the fact remains that every call I've seen in MLB except one this year has conformed to to the to the criteria of a legal position in the box, including the unwritten requirement of "on the ground".
  12. So @Rich Ives interp is correct. A foot not touching the ground but not outside the box is a legal position. That would not come close to clarifying "common practice". And would not explain how most of the calls were made except for one this year where, in my opinion, an old school ump called it the old way and ejected the manager in the aftermath. Total goat rope of a rule change.
  13. I think I saw a dead ball called when a throw went into a net behind the plate in the SW-Something game tonite. No award. 3BC went "What, never mind" paraphrased by me. Did not matter in that inning.
  14. The bolded is a criteria we know of from a BRD reference from a while ago. How official it is I don't know. But OBR umpires have used 8.02(c) to change a call and place a runner: