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  1. Fold this up and keep it with you, after reading it a few times:
  2. Regarding a conference to determine if ball hit batter's foot, my understanding would be to decline to conference and tell the coach my partners would have called it if they saw it. Was that an appeasement conference, good game management or NCAA getting the call right requirement?
  3. Thus a grey area if you are reading the rules for the first time.
  4. I think there is a gray area. That ball also satisfies the foul ball definition.
  5. Which is I recommend to new umps that when they point and call the infield fly they say to themselves "no force". I think there is a video of an upper level umpire calling the "force out" after a dropped infield fly.
  6. I believe the BRD is currently current as I think it quotes a recent communication with Wendelstedt.
  7. Probably some gamesmenship involved if two guys are there while the pitcher is struggling. Enforce the rule/interp as stated above.When time is out or between innings an on deck batter and a batter can be outside. So two might be lingering near the on deck circle in that case. Which would be better than one in the circle and one near the batters box timing the new pitcher.
  8. There is no time limit in NCAA. After you give him a reasonable amount of time you can order him into the box and if he doesn't comply charge a strike.
  9. @grayhawk I lost my WUM but I believe you have one and he espounces on the matter.
  10. You should post all of the BRD pertaining to the matter.
  11. If my 2011 BRD references are still valid both OBR and NCAA require you to judge intent by the retired runner. It's possible he didn't know he was out and if you judged no intent there would be no interference. Of course if you see a smirk while he's doing this intent would be easy to judge. Whatever you judge, you will probably have to have another "intent" judgement when that runner's next turn at bat comes up.
  12. 8-3-3c-3, sorry can't paste it.
  13. There are some of us that would not trust baseball info put out by Referee/NASO.
  14. Now they just need to pull the offending video from the NFHS arbiter site.
  15. They also need to cross out Coach Assist from the Interference definition.