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  1. My last (2012) MLBUM did not have mechanics in it. Have they added mechanics?
  2. I haven't seen that blanket permission in any mechanics except for the count dependent exception. But MLB crews can do whatever they want. It does seem the slide was a surprise.
  3. I think they slid but it might have been late due to them expecting the PU to rotate. I see a clip of U1 sliding also but he might have missed Molina's touch of 1B as he busts in. Can't tell for sure.
  4. With R1, U3 went out, PU did not rotate to 3B but stayed home and when R1 touched 3B the camera view has no umpire in sight. But I think U1 and U2 probably read it and slid as best they could.
  5. Absent a review, there could have been a rule miss interpretation by the calling umpire who might not be aware of the field ground rule. A game ending play protest can be made until noon the next day. Looks like Price missed that opportunity also.
  6. But there is an approved ruling under 5.08(b) and an example under "Force" in the definitions that make it clear: "APPROVED RULING: One out, Jones on third, Smith on first, and Brown flies out to right field. Two outs. Jones tags up and scores after the catch. Smith attempted to return to first but the right fielder’s throw beat him to the base. Three outs. But Jones scored before the throw to catch Smith reached first base, hence Jones’ run counts. It was not a force play." 'Example: Not a force out. One out. Runner on first and third. Batter flies out. Two out. Runner on third tags up and scores. Runner on first tries to retouch before throw from fielder reaches first baseman, but does not get back in time and is out. Three outs. If, in umpire’s judgment, the runner from third touched home before the ball was held at first base, the run counts." BTW, @GPblue we use the term "time play"
  7. You do know about the RIM? But it does not have the interps from J-R (maybe some outdated), PBUC etc. I would agree that you should apply OBR to LL rules when an interp is needed. Their rule book is mostly word for word from what year I don't know with of course the LL modifications. Some things that the LL rulebook is missing from the OBR rulebook is guidance that a "double hit or ball hiiting the batter or his bat" when the batter has both feet in the box is a foul ball. They also have not added the "both the pitcher and the batter have violated a rule" clause when a pitcher stops because the batter caused it. An esoteric difference is when "all fielders have left the field"
  8. If you are trying to rationalize the no call with that judgement realize that U2 did not even have obstruction.
  9. Government cut has flashing lighted channel markers. There is one near the tip of that jetty. Wonder if it was working.
  10. Interestingly, NCAA requires the coach to leave once the new pitcher starts warming up. I don't think I would be looking to grab that rule.
  11. I do not look to call either of these 2005 interps but they do exist: "SITUATION 18: While in the wind-up position, the pitcher slowly turns his shoulders to check the runner taking his lead from third base. RULING: This is a balk. The runner at third base will be awarded home. A pitcher may not turn his shoulders to check a runner in the wind-up position. (6-1-1) SITUATION 19: F1 is in the set position. Having taken his sign from the catcher, he brings his hands together and moves to become set. As he is still in the process of becoming set with his hands together, he turns his shoulders to check the runner at first base. RULING: This is a balk. The ball is dead and the runner on first will be awarded second base. Turning the shoulders in the set position after bringing the hands together during or after the stretch is a balk. (6-1-1)"
  12. #11 - so a pitcher in an "open" set cannot face the batter with his face and shoulders? Much ado about nothing for umpires and possibly a some runners who need to know what the pitcher is going to do when it doesn't matter. Except for the QP from a sideways position which is already covered by rule.
  13. I guess they used this stadium ground rule: OUTFIELD AREA Fair ball lodging in fence padding
  14. This is all the advertisement we got in the 2016 OBR: "Summary of Rule Changes for 2016" "• Amended Rule 5.06(b)(3)(C) and 5.06(b)(3)(C) Comment regarding a fielder stepping or falling into an out-of-play area." But I think we did discuss it in a U-E thread when it happened.
  15. I never had to rule on that. But I did +1 @maven before I realized @noumpere had a better retort earlier. Is there a way to make sort by date the default:)