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  1. Fair or Foul ball?

    Unless the big hop bounded the ball over the first or third base bag and the fielder then touched it.
  2. Before the rule was written in OBR it was only an interp that had us protect the batter on a play such as this. When MLB decided to write the rule they only protected the batter with both feet in the box. Why I don't know and don't like it. Neither does Holbrock. BTW, the batter does not become a batter-runner on a batted ball until it is determined fair.
  3. Harrison Scores on OBS - Media Reports as Error

    I think if you read the whole thread you would find more agreeing. Except, of course, @Rich Ives, who I hope will read his PBUC/MLBUM and come back and agree also.
  4. Well, the replay hasn't happened yet so We could still have an out on replay confirmation. But it will look like a goat rope when and if it happens.
  5. So in real time the defense has an out by tag and a missed base in their hip pocket. Time is called and they know a replay review is coming. So they have to run out and intercept the crew chief and tell him they want to appeal. Then the crew chief aborts his walk and beckons everyone into position to make the ball live etc. I'd like to see that happen.
  6. Harrison Scores on OBS - Media Reports as Error

    I believe you have access to a PBUC. If so, read the chapter on obstruction. There is an example of a throw to 2B on a stealing runner going past the bag. The runner is obstructed going to 3B and it is type 2.
  7. Guest

    The hand at the side does not have to be attached to the pitching arm.
  8. Guest

    OBR does not require the pitching arm to be at the side. Only that one hand be at his side.
  9. Probably how he comes set all the time in a continuous non continuous motion.
  10. Harrison Scores on OBS - Media Reports as Error

    I think the ball went into the dugout but are you saying that the umpires here and in the Cards-Red Sox game 3 WS obstruction call should have killed the play right away on type 1 Obstruction?
  11. Tagging up on a Bobble

    What part of the world are you umpiring? Because I can't believe no one has questioned your calls in the Americas. What calls they were I'm not sure, out on appeal, when I can't picture an appeal being made in the OP. Or, out without an appeal?
  12. Without looking at anything I would say CB would probably be wrong.
  13. Normally the PU would take 2B in the rare case if you went foul. Sometimes your partner might be able to read you being pinned other than being foul and take 2B for you. Communicating is required as BU then has the overthrow.
  14. Shirt Color

    Unfortunately, the original MLB shirt from a few years ago was a blue with black trim. Honigs and most everyone else carried it as the MLB shirt. Then Smitty must have sent an order to china and new guys in our association were showing up with a non matching "MLB" shirt. I think that is the that is the "powder blue with black trim." They also sell a "powder blue" softball shirt and a "polo blue with black trim". I think the "polo blue" is the original MLB color from what I can see on the internet. So now you have to ask what smitty MLB shirt they have although we try to make it clear what they should buy.
  15. I did my part.

    So there was no "time, that's interference, you, you're out, you 1B" from your partner?