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  1. Nothing can help with that until something official comes out of FED.
  2. Is that the guiding principle? So with a bases loaded wild pitch ball four, where R3 lolligags home but R2 is thinking of scoring on the wild pitch and either passes R3 or is assisted by the third base coach to return to 3B we would not score the run?
  3. They have matched OBR in the base on balls sit. An over zealous runner's out is not a time play in that live ball award in FED or OBR. One FED case play is consistent with OBR in the HR award in that an unforced out, during that dead ball award is a time play. The other caseplay differs. Like you I ask, but I ask OBR, why the difference between a base on balls and a HR? To paraphrase the late, great Carl Childress, I hope both situations don't happen to you in your game.
  4. Regarding #9 I think we will need an interp. No AR in the book and the wording is conflicting. The ump will not declare the game ended implies the OBR mechanic of advising the runner to go to 1B. The fans rush the field wording implies that an appeal is not possible in that instance but is possible otherwise: "Note: When the winning run is scored in the last half-inning of a regulation game, or in the last half-inning of an extra inning, as the result of a base on balls, hit batter or any other play with the bases full which forces the batter and all other runners to advance without liability of being put out, the umpire shall not declare the game ended until the runner forced to advance from third has touched home plate and the batter-runner has touched first base. An exception will be made if fans rush onto the field and physically prevent the runner from touching home plate or the batter-runner from touching first base. In such cases, the umpires shall award the runner the necessary bases with n(sic) appeal allowed"
  5. Rulebook download available here:
  6. My perception is that everything was covered by a rule and I would have 1 run and 3 outs, the B-R out at 1B being by the throw and not abandonment. But once they put R2 back at 2B the only rule applied there was 10-2-3-g. While there is a rule covering leaving the dugout, a defensive team leaving the dugout and impacting play is not covered by rule.
  7. Sounds like a rare 10-2-3-g situation. That would be the only rule that would then apply.
  8. The comment was added in 2014: Added Rule 8.05(d) Comment regarding the pitcher throwing to an unoccupied base when a runner, in the umpire’s judgment, creates the impression he is attempting to advance to that base.
  9. Then why did the wording change?
  10. He probably would see the invisible gorilla. I think that would be a good thing for an umpire.
  11. So all those guys can rest easy. I wonder if their assignor has to make sure their games to one school district are limited to keep their pay at under $600 or the individual ump just declines anything that would take them over.
  12. Not a good thing if you don't like to report your income. The shortage will be from guys who think what they are payed is not enough and the 20 to 30 percent tax free bonus (without a 1099 making it traceable) makes it worthwhile. You might threaten a shortage but some body else might sniff out unreported income from a whole bunch of people and report it to the IRS. Small change but who knows. But obviously we are talking about small change since your ilk will stop calling for approx $70 per game tax free because it will be something less depending on your tax bracket. Not that I am against minimizing your taxes legally as is everyone else including President Trump.
  13. Those who would ask for that info are, either mistaken that non 1099 income does not have to be reported and you should correct their impression, or knowingly not reporting that income.
  14. Bringing the hands together and stopping in the windup does not commit the pitcher to pitch in OBR.
  15. Except that he has violated the rule and we should tell him not to do that. The runners are used to seeing the pitcher come set with hands apart.