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  1. The OP is an out because it's obvious that the feet were over the live ball territory at the time of catch. If it was closer how would you respond in a game with video review?
  2. Uh, the posters above you considering the location of the start of the leap as determining legality should continue reading the WUM interp which is basically the rule as written. But practically speaking they are correct in how to call it. Unless MLB or NCAA or LL makes the flight of the fielder subject to video review. Then the question is whether Joe Maddon or @Rich Ives would ask for a review.
  3. @maven did not agree with my 2013 observation that the adoption of the eight stitch, seemingly more prevalent that year in MLB, might cause injury. But recently the Hallion and Wendelstedt hit might be examples of the "cardboard" brim transmitting force.
  4. FED has a semantic problem with the bolded. I, however don't. But @lawump might want it addressed for some literal rule reader.
  5. Always good to use proper terminology. But where does "time play" come from? It's not in the rule book.
  6. Slightly off topic. Locate the press box when you call at a new field. We've had guys signaling subs and such to a skybox behind HP. The actual press box was up around third base.
  7. Ruled an out by U2, then reversed to HR by umpire conference at OC protest, then reversed again to an out. OC needed some explaining and translating but settled down. It would be interesting if in Taipei's neck of the woods the ball was considered as a HR because it did pass over the perpendicular extension of the fair outfield fence in flight. The catch occurred outside the playing field. Interestingly, the RULE allowing a fielder to catch a FOUL BALL NEARING A DUGOUT OR OTHER OUT OF PLAY AREA only references a foul ball. That fielder only has to have one foot over the playing surface and no foot on the ground inside the DBT. But luckily, we have further guidance in PBUC, MLBUM that references a fielder catching any FLY ball and falling down.
  8. The bolded is not correct. PBUC/MiLBUM/MLBUM allow the OBR pitcher in the windup to start with arms apart, bring them together to a stop, then continue windup arm motion while initiating motion to plate. He can start with arms apart and bring his arms together in a windup motion without stopping as he initiates his motion to the plate. He can start with arms apart and not bring them together but raise them as a windup motion while initiating his motion to the plate. Initiating his motion is usually associated with movement of another body part, normally the free leg. But a windup pitcher can also just rear back and throw without any windup as long as the umpire does not perceive it as a QP
  9. Call the leagues offices, numbers on their websites, and ask for contact info for UIC Kevin Winn. Also look for a three man clinic they usually put on in Jan. - Mar. One year it was in Louisiana.
  10. 2. I would balk that.
  11. Did I see the mask compress and impact the brim of the hat?
  12. It looks like CCA is different than PBUC/MLBUM. While CCA shows U1 pivoting in on the graphic in the text they show him only responsible for the touch of 1B and, as you say, U2 has the BR at 2B and 3B. They might differ from PBUC/MLBUM because CCA does not require going out on all fly balls while PBUC/MLBUM does.
  13. CCA does not address all the permutations of R3. On a no catch U1 pivots. On a catch U1 does not pivot. But on a fly ball with U3 going out how does U1 know to pivot or not in time to do the right thing?
  14. Sorry, I hijacked the thread into R3 only. So there would be no R2 but otherwise the mechanic should be the same.