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  1. Yes. There is a Little League provision that might prevent it if medical personnel were at the field and decided no.
  2. Mr

    When you pay for only one ump you are shortchanging yourself. When that ump calls behind the pitcher he is shortchanging you. If that is where he was then there is no explanation of why he changed his call but he can. Need more details otherwise.
  3. CWS

    I haven't seen much as I've been busy. But my DVR has a bunch. The NCAA national coordinator has a video recently praising the lack of "white line" strikes and good zones thus far in the tournament. I think I believe him. But I did see a FPSR no call that did not get discussed.
  4. At the point where you might be forced to apply the rule I think he know's the FED rule that he is ignoring but I'm having trouble with semantics: " I'm looking for him to wipe right away. If he does not, I'll call time before he engages the rubber. He has not balked yet." If a violation happens before engagement a balk could not happen, only a ball. If the violation happens on the rubber with runners is time called after the balk and the pitcher advised to step off and wipe or is time called and a ball added to the count?
  5. "Only one time that I can recall has a coach said; "so you called time before he balked". I can live with that." I'm not in agreement with the FED interp that considers a set or windup pitcher, not yet with hands together, going to his mouth with runners as the start of motion and a balk, while going to his hat is not the start of motion. But by letter of FED law I don't see how you can call time before the balk happens. If he's on the rubber and goes to his mouth do you then call time?
  6. You don't need to find it or you don't need to penalize it per the appropriate code's rule? You would change out the ball?
  7. And in conflict with a caseplay that allows hand movement to adjust a cap or whatever that is not judged as the start of his movement to come set.
  8. @BrianC14 is correct unless your pitcher was on the rubber when he went to his mouth. FED has a screwy interp which calls it a balk if the pitcher is on the rubber when he went to his mouth. You call it as soon as he goes to his mouth if your neck of the woods ascribes to that interp. It actually was a POE in 2013 so FED doesn't appear to want to back down from it. Attn: @lawump
  9. Proper call for PU would be "foul" assuming proper criteria. Proper call by BU if PU didn't have it would be "time" if PU did not see it although most of the time as BU you could safely call "foul".
  10. Your partner told me about his game. He told me about how he backed you up when he saw that you only got 5 steps down the line (a little truth there) on a deep fly ball so he stopped and backed you up (bullcrap there). But his buddies congratulated him on a good game and good back up afterwood and they went off celebrating what they don't know. On a balk that was no, balk addressed in a thread here, while many concerned umpires where cognizant about what happened, they were also aghast at the congratulations of a good job by many of their cohorts from the same umpire organisation as the calling ones. We have a long way to go as @lawump will tell you. But maybe I can make you feel better, or not, because there have been some failures but unknown successes in cockpits around the world where a partner dealt with a less accomplished partner and everything worked out.
  11. By strict OBR interp of new 6.01(a)(1), old 7.09(a), if the umpire judged the batter clearly hindered the catcher, even unintentionally, the final result was correct for OBR.
  12. Your partner called a WTF (in your mind) balk. He approaches the pitcher explaining something (another WTF) and then continues to the HC at the foul line (WTF) and explains what he called. The HC accepts the explanation and does not request him to discuss the rule with his crew. The HC had an opportunity to get this right. After the discussion I don't see how we can intercede as PU but I am ambivalent as I know the coaches at the state tournament don't behave as they normally do during the regular season and they expect the umps to know what they are doing.
  13. You might have seen one without knowing it.
  14. After seeing that video I can't see an illegal wheel move.
  15. Stepping ahead of the throw is required. "practically impossible to step directly toward first base before the throw to first base," I've seen and called one wheel balk in FED. It requires a good coach to get it right where it will be missed by many.