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  1. I got a good one- fielders balk?

    And proper indentation as per the rule would make that clear.
  2. Obstruction or train wreck at 1B?

    I think a FED caseplay has this as obstruction, F3 hindering thr B-R before 1B. Award him 1B if he does not attain it. Nothing more. If a train wreck happens after touching 1B FED has nothing unless there is a real possibility of the overrunning B-R being able to get up and continue to 2B. It's possible the trainwreck might actually have helped him break down and get to second base more quickly.
  3. Run scores with no intervening play

    I need to delete that thread.
  4. This may be the equiv of a unicorn sighting

    It has to do with FED time of pitch rule and caseplays that make both arms at the side coming together as the start of motion even though there was no leg motion. I'm not a fan of the rule.
  5. Out of play

    1 + 1. It's easy, the base he was going to, 1B, and one more, 2B. I can't tell you where 1 + 1 came from but there must have been a bunch of guys in blue shirts wreaking havok before the rules became readily available to the reading public. I don't know what the cost of the rulebook from the "Sporting News"? would have been back when it was the only book available other than perhaps the LL green book but it must have been above a lot of guys budget. To tell the truth, even with the rule access today some of the guys I train today do not read the book and depend on how alert they were when I actually camp gamed the play on the field. Sometimes we still get a fail when they get to do it for real. I have to do a better job of communicating. I think my rant went off topic.
  6. No ejection Just answer the question. Did it miss in, up, down or out. It was pretty close to all of those WTF did he think it missed?
  7. It's impossible to balk to 2B.

    In my neck of the woods a start-stop is used to indicate a pitcher who started to come set and stopped. Stopping the delivery after coming set and starting the motion would be failure to deliver. A knee buckle would be either failure to deliver or a feint without a step.
  8. Dropped 3rd Strike Check Swing

    Depending on the count the defense may not want an appeal on a DTK to the backstop and the PU may not have to go. So both of you should concur on the voluntary strike.
  9. Is this odd?

    There's a solution for that.
  10. Dropped 3rd Strike Check Swing

    Just make sure in FED that your partner agrees with the "voluntary strike mechanic". He doesn't have to go in FED if appealed.
  11. Legal pitching motion?

    This whole issue seems to be generating more confusion among umpires than runners. We need to have some runners chime in at FED, NCAA, OBR levels. Unless there are no runners when this happens. Then we need coaches to chime in. Never mind.
  12. Legal pitching motion?

    I have it as legal in OBR and I don't know in NCAA. They seem to not be happy with what ensued with the rule change orthe confusion some umpires might have. " There have been a few questions on pitchers being either in the windup or set positions before delivering a pitch. The 2015 rule change that allowed the non-pivot foot to be “free” in the windup position gave the pitchers some options in the initial position of their feet, but have made it more difficult to tell if they were using the windup or set positon. In the windup, the pitcher “shall stand facing the batter”; in the set position, the pitcher “stands with his chest generally facing the respective foul lines” and the “free foot in front of the pivot foot”. In the set position, the pitcher has to hold the ball in both hands in front of the body and come to a complete and discernible stop. If he chooses to pitch from a set positon with no runners on base, the pitcher does not need to come to a complete stop but still cannot make a quick pitch."
  13. Legal pitching motion?

    So with bases loaded a normal windup pitcher will be balked for taking a backwards step to 2B?
  14. All The Rules? Ever?

    Automatic what. It varies with the code and what you perceive it as.
  15. Signals from the rubber

    That's a club you don't want to join.