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  1. Foul tip?

    Did it touch the mitt first?
  2. I also believe it wasn't intentional, but I do think F2 showed a lack of class (or good sense) by just walking to the mound while Wolcott was lying on the ground, rather than staying with him until the trainer got there. You just ole'd the pitch (I don't care why) and you just leave the umpire who saved a F*#King run for you lying on the ground? F*#K you!
  3. @Gil, curious to know the +/- on ball/strike calls to that point in the game. One could argue (not me), that if Detroit was on the short end prior to Ausmus' ejection that he was able to affect Wolcott's zone for the rest of the game.
  4. Gil already posted it: http://www.closecallsports.com/2017/09/mlb-ejections-172-173-quinn-wolcott.html
  5. Where Should This Runner Be Placed? (Video)

    The KEY here is to determine the status of the ball. If Trumbo was in the process of fielding it when it went out of play, then it was still a batted ball and second base would be the proper award (2 bases TOP). If Trumbo had secured the ball and then fumbled it out of play, then it's no longer a batted ball, but rather a thrown ball, which would be 2 bases from TOT. There are only 2 possibilities to award third base here: (1) Fan interference, or (2) the umpires believed the BR had not yet touched second on a TOT award. Neither of these would be correct on this play.
  6. catch/lodged ball?

    Interesting take. In OBR and NCAA, a ball "stuck" in a fielder's glove is a live ball, so I think you just play it out. If R1 isn't trying to advance, then I would grant time when requested. If he is trying to advance, then it's play on, just like when a ball is stuck in a pitcher's glove and he tosses it to first to put out the BR. In Fed, I don't think there is any way to get around awarding R1 two bases since F3 made several unsuccessful attempts to dislodge the ball. Fed is clear on this issue. What is not clear is whether the ball can be considered securely held prior to the ball becoming lodged. If we say it was the first play by an infielder (F6), then how can we justify calling the BR out? If we DO call the BR out, then we would have to rule that the ball became lodged subsequent to secure possession, which means that it should be a TOT award which means R1 scores. A similar play to this one happened in a Fed game this year. The difference is that the BR was the third out, so the inning was over. The umpire didn't notice that the ball was stuck until F3 was going to toss the ball towards the mound.
  7. catch/lodged ball?

    How about this one: R1 with no outs and R1 is stealing. B2 hits a grounder to F6 who throws to first for the out. The ball beats the BR and when F3 goes to remove the ball from his glove, he cannot because the ball is lodged in the webbing After several tries, he finally asks for time. R1 had not yet reached second when the ball left F6's hand. Is the BR out? Are bases awarded? Ruling for OBR, FED and NCAA?
  8. catch/lodged ball?

    I had something similar in a Fed game this year. Chopper hit to F3 with F1 covering. F3 shovels the ball to F1 who mishandles it and it goes inside his jersey and he then steps on first prior to the BR. It took me a second to see that the ball was inside his uniform and then F1 even said, "I have it! I caught in my jersey!" Me: "Time! That's a lodged ball! You, second base!"
  9. grayhawk

  10. Tough night for crew in angels-rangers game

    3 out of 4 brain farted. U1 with the crew saver.
  11. Tough night for crew in angels-rangers game

    That fly ball is an IFF 100 times out of 100 in MLB. There really wasn't much to judge.
  12. Well, it requires obvious intent to break up a double play. The ball is immediately dead when the ball strikes the runner, so anything that happens after that is moot.
  13. Not sure I understand the question.
  14. I don't know where that's from, but that makes it sound like the BR is out automatically, which is not the case.
  15. Yes. He left his feet from live ball territory, so if he gains secure possession before establishing himself in dead ball territory, it's a catch.