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  1. WTB a Quality Indicator

    @JimKirk - yuck! That doesn't even look like the 3-2-2 one I found on Amazon. It looks like this one: https://jet.com/product/Everrich-EVAC-0003-Baseball-Counter-Right-Hand/839d2b9009054447bded54822ebe0d41 I'm curious if @blue32 got one, and if so - did it end up coming like the one you got...
  2. WTB a Quality Indicator

    @BrianC14 -- no disagreement with anything you said. I just did the Googling based on @blue32's desire and the look of what I have, especially since my first reaction to his post was, "that's easy - that's what I have", only to find out it's not sold by Gerry Davis anymore. I found it on this site for "only" $2.20 - but shipping was $12.58 (yikes!), and again, no description: http://m.opentip.com/product.php?products_id=1452874&ats=product_landing I guess it just depends on how intent @blue32 is on finding "the perfect indicator"
  3. WTB a Quality Indicator

    I've been using a metal 3-2-2 with balls on top that I got from Gerry Davis years ago, and it looks like they don't sell it anymore. I did a bit of Googling and found this -- it looks metal. See if this is what you're looking for: https://www.amazon.com/Everrich-EVAC-0004-Baseball-Counter-Left/dp/B001PHY6B6 If you decide to get it, let me know, as I may want to get one as a backup...Bob
  4. High Strike Video

    Here you go... high_strike.mp4
  5. NCAA Test - Coach Interference Question

    Here's my problem with C: What do you have if the coach, in an effort to stop the runner, that stands right on the foul line half-way between 3rd and home and puts his hand up to make the runner stop? Or even more egregious, the runner runs right into him, and because of the contact, makes it safely back to 3rd? And what I don't like about A is that R2 is not declared out after -- we point, verbalize "that's coach's interference" and call him out immediately. B & D are out because, as @grayhawk pointed out, the ball is not immediately dead. So I guess it comes down to, which one is the least wrong????
  6. Trying to help a friend that is wanted to replace his plate shoes for the final time before he hangs it up. Reg width - he has a slight preference for the ones with the white on the side, but will gladly take the all-black if that's all he can get. I've been on eBay & other online retailers -- very few left and odd sizes. TIA!
  7. 2016 NCAA Test Discussion

    ^^^^ - This. I agree that's not what happened at the game - but Randy said (at least at the Chicago meeting) to not read too much into the test questions...so I'm thinking the video as presented at the meeting was educational for us as to how we should rule if this ever happens to US, not what that particular crew did...
  8. 2016 NCAA Test Discussion

    @lawump - I agree about the non-clarity of the question (q 50) - because I read it differently than you. I read it as since the crew's ruling was that it was intentional, what is the applicable penalty according to the rules. 8-5d says to get two if deemed intentional and DP likely -- which seem to be the wording in the question. Based on that, I put "R1 is out for interference. Batter is also called out.". I haven't submitted yet, so I don't know if that is what the examiners were looking for or not...
  9. Can't Find a Rule

    That's correct
  10. Balk & HBP - OBR

    Ok - so we know a balk is DDB in OBR, and you ignore the balk if all runner(s), including the BR, achieve their next base (so BR gets first). Is there ever a case where a batter gets HBP on a balk and he gets first base? For instance: 2 cases: 1. R3. Balk and HBP. Since R3 would not advance on a HBP, you enforce the balk. Score R3 and leave the batter at the plate with a bruise. 2. R1. Balk and HBP. Since R1 would advance to 2nd on the HBP, do we ignore the balk and now have R1 & R2? Thanks!
  11. Ump-Attire website

    Unfortunately, this will not be happening for 2015. The black/white Majestic ThermaBase is not a stock item at Majestic so we can't order more unless we order a significant amount - as part of the exclusive deal we had with Majestic. To be honest, we have enough L, XL and 2X to stock one more season - making it not a good business decision to order and sit on several thousand jackets for more than a year. If we were near out of stock of all sizes, then, we certainly could have done that. Right now, we are out of stock of S, M and have only a handful of 3Xs. We will re-visit more Majestic ThermBase b/w jackets as an option in around 9 months to a year from now. My best advice is that if anyone wants a Majestic ThermaBase in b/w, and we have your L, XL or 2X size, purchase one (or 2, 3, etc) before the end of 2015 spring season (now for 3Xs). Having said all of that, we are going to add the Smitty Heavyweight Jacket as an option for late fall 2014. We'll have all sizes there. The Smitty and Honig's brand jackets will be your only choice for that color in medium, unless you were able to grab one used somewhere. Jim - Thanks for the info. I'll be interested in hearing about how the Smitty compares...I've been up close and personal with both the Majestic and the Honigs, and there is a difference!
  12. Ump-Attire website

    @JimKirk - any possibility that you will ever get the Majestic Therma jacket in black and white again (medium)?
  13. lol! If I gain about 50 lbs, I'll give you a call!!
  14. Ok -- I can't seem to locate this jacket in this color in this size ANYWHERE! According to customer service at Ump-attire.com, they are out of stock and are not getting any more in this size. According to customer service at Majestic, they get them about every 2-3 weeks, and I just have to continually check their website, because they "update it daily". Well - I've been watching, and they are not updating it, and I've called several times, and they say essentially the same thing. I'm not interested in the Honig's version of it - I'd really like the Majestic brand. So - If anyone has it, or knows how to get one...please let me know...thanks!! Bob
  15. 2014 Rules Test

    I already know the correct answer to this one. (It's not necessarily the one that is highlighted above) What do you guys have? I put "B", using 8-5-e. Visualizing the play, I'm thinking runners moving on contact means R3 & R2 unlikely to be able to get back to the base before F3 would be able to double them off, absent the interference. Granted -- depending on how fast R3 puts on the brakes, may be able to make it back, so this is a little gray for me. Rule says intent if immaterial, so I think that makes "A" and "D" incorrect. And if I use 8-5-e, it's the BR and the runner closest to home...so that makes "C" incorrect. Not a black and white play, but my best take via process of elimination...