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  1. It's working now.... sure wasn't there yesterday. Thanks.
  2. I think that I would do the same, especially given the fact that he intentionally threw the bat toward the field. Deliver it to the coach along with a team warning that the next display of unsportsmanlike conduct would result in the player's ejection and restriction for the head coach. This kind of Baloney Sandwich display sticks in my craw... I'm reminded of the admonishment that Bear Bryant would give to a player who overtly celebrated after scoring a touchdown: "Act like you've been there before." Now, having said all that... let me ask this question: in FED games (or maybe it's just high school games using FED rules), we are instructed to ask each coach "Are your players properly and legally equipped, and ready to play the game in a sporting manner?" To me, that last part is, in effect, a warning, is it not? Discuss.
  3. Yes, that's what they have done. One central (somewhat) location, pretty much online sales only (unless you happen to live near Denver).
  4. Yeah, but on the other hand, he's only wearing it half the time we're wearing ours. Looks pretty rugged, but those double bars seem to be ... well, unnecessary.
  5. They put the size right in the middle? Otherwise, what's that "L" for? WAIT - I think I have it.... it's a CP for a left-handed umpire.
  6. What a shame.... all the other team needed was one more touchdown and a 2-point conversion and they could have won. Oh, wait.... My knees ache just reading that score. Anyway, sounds like you got a nice gift when the defense got the two outs. Take it and run.
  7. Yeah, would still like to hear who those two others were, and who they were calling. I can understand conferencing on getting the application of the rule correct, but 20 minutes.... yikes.
  8. Anyone know what CP that is?
  9. Oh.
  10. And speaking of Vanover, check out this double-top-secret CP:
  11. Is this it?
  12. Copy that. I'd be out of there as well when "no further action was taken by the defense".
  13. On other items with a 'Size' option, they show the various sizes in a little black box and white letter.... S, M, L, XL etc... On that link for the LS black shirt, there are no sizes list, and yet it says the item is "In Stock". When I clicked on "Add to Cart", it gives me an error message stating that I "Must select a size" WTH ?
  14. Just wondering if any college umpires are using this. ... ? No luck in posting in Books section, thought I'dtry here.
  15. If we're in FED the rules do not REQUIRE the request to get help. Otherwise, we agree. The protocol used will also consider the totality of the circumstances with the coach coming out of the dugout, and my understanding of what his intentions are.
  16. I couldn't care less what the coach agrees with. ... what the OP and @HokieUmppoints out is the issue that the coach has come out to press a point. There's no reason to come onto the field for the simple matter of asking for help on a possible attempt to hit. Like HokieUmp, I am not disagreeing with @KenBAZ, my main point has been the uninvited OOA that I am stuck with.
  17. I am chuckling at the idea that the umpires have left the field as players are scoring, not advancing, might be advancing, and the ball is being thrown from base to base. But the umpires have left the field. What, are they missing happy hour at Chili's? So, WAS this game in Georgia? And more importantly, was it a night game? "That's the night that the lights went out in Georgia. ..." And since this question is posed in the high school section, who cares what a video shows or doesn't show?
  18. Plate guy rules it a ball. DC wants a strike based on a literal no-action by the batter. There's nothing to appeal here, if the batter did nothing. This isn'ta check swing issue. Yes, I have that as arguing balls and strikes.
  19. Speaking of shirt sizes at +POS, can someone go to this link and tell me how to enter the size? MLB UMPIRE SHIRT LONG SLEEVE BLACK AND GREY
  20. The Board President was quoted as saying that it was a "bad call" and "the wrong call". Imagine the hubris that took.
  21. Well, if it were me, I would be turning my head back and forth, much like in 2-man crew mechanics. Even if it's "not my job" I will steal a look at other bases. Maybe the guy from first was running on pitch (in fact, so was the runner from 3rd, he's in the video 1/2 to 2/3 of the way home when the pitch arrives). So R1 gets a jump, too. Maybe R2 was clueless about doing so, and took his sweet time. There's no sense in looking for a "fishy" conspiracy here. If that exists, the fishy smell is likely emanating from the offices of the Board of Trustees.
  22. Boom. The overlooked elephant in the room, arguing balls & strikes. Well said.
  23. What does this Mizuno shovel look like?