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  1. BrianC14 added a post in a topic New guy behind the plate   

    How's this for advice:
    "Buy cheap equipment, meet a nurse."
    Don't skimp.   Unless you're a glutton for pain and are on someone else's health care plan.
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  2. BrianC14 added an answer to a question How do you become an umpire   

    1) Lose whatever dignity you have.
    2) Ask complete strangers to treat you like dirt (or worse).
    3) Have your head examined.
    4) Begin by attending an umpire/school clinic nearest to your location.
    4a) Follow their lead.
    5) Build yourself up from there.

    Honestly, I'd recommend skipping the no-shave level.  Depending on your age (post-high school) there's no reason why you can't / shouldn't start at the high school level.  
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  3. BrianC14 added a topic in Introductions   

    No Excuses / I'm Back
    This is the off season, so what are you lard butts doing now that Thanksgiving dinner is officially left-overs?  Being lazy I'll bet.
    Get your potato-like bodies off the sofa and do 50 air squats, 40 pushups, and 30 6-count burpees RIGHT NOW!


    PS:  Hi Warren!  
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