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  1. The video reached 31 seconds before I shut it down.
  2. I agree. I don't care if an umpire is 16 years old or 96 years old, there's no call for that. There is no room for "one free shot" without some consequences. "We're done here, or you're done here" might find it's way into the 'verbal judo'.
  3. I was thinking the blue camo would look pretty cool, too. Where it looks silly is on sailors. Glad I was in the dungaree Navy.
  4. Shiny... like this?
  5. I work several fields in my area that need at least a mention of it, and that mention usually comes up when discussing ground rules. @humanbackstop19, there's another thread about a fielder in DBT touching a live ball; some of the discussion involves throwing from DBT.
  6. Matt, I was responding to the supposition posed that maybe U3 called it for a no-stop, and the comment included that the glove was still "moving" when F1's foot was lifted.
  7. Interesting that the diagram shows F1 in windup position. If he's set and does this... same thing, but a balk would be called for the separation of the hands.
  8. OK, thanks for bringing in what you knew or learned about it. Except the video clearly shows that he did step to 3B.
  9. Yes, or worse... that the offender reaches base on a hit, and a DT fielder decides to take him down a peg with an elbow or other cheap shot, and now we have benches emptying. This is game management 101. "See a problem, fix a problem." Bye bye, have a seat.
  10. The glove may be 'moving', but it's in his set / stopped location. Let's realize this is all supposition, because we don't know why he called a balk. However, there's no way I'd call that balk for 'no stop', simply because his glove was moving...a bit of adjustment of the ball, maybe, but that's not a balk. And again, HPU and U2 would easily be able to see that and call it, but they didn't even flinch
  11. I think that's a stretch (no pun intended). And the foot beyond the back plane? Even more of a stretch.
  12. That's the part that had me wondering if this wasn't done when not in contact with the pitcher's plate. Otherwise, there's no reason to wait for F1 to come set, just get it. If F1 is off the pitcher's plate, then the 'Ball' penalty is the only appropriate penalty. Agreed, another matter for FED to consider clarify/correcting.
  13. It's not a balk. FED rule 6-2-1 Illegal acts: (e) e. bringing the pitching hand in contact with the mouth without distinctly ­wiping off the pitching hand before it touches the ball; PENALTY: (e), a ball shall be awarded each time a pitcher violates this rule and subsequently engages the pitching plate.
  14. So are saunas, but people get out of them and jump into swimming pools.