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  1. How's this for advice: "Buy cheap equipment, meet a nurse." Don't skimp. Unless you're a glutton for pain and are on someone else's health care plan.
  2. 1) Lose whatever dignity you have. 2) Ask complete strangers to treat you like dirt (or worse). 3) Have your head examined. 4) Begin by attending an umpire/school clinic nearest to your location. 4a) Follow their lead. 5) Build yourself up from there. Honestly, I'd recommend skipping the no-shave level. Depending on your age (post-high school) there's no reason why you can't / shouldn't start at the high school level.
  3. This is the off season, so what are you lard butts doing now that Thanksgiving dinner is officially left-overs? Being lazy I'll bet. Get your potato-like bodies off the sofa and do 50 air squats, 40 pushups, and 30 6-count burpees RIGHT NOW! Brian PS: Hi Warren!
  4. Good boy! Here's a biscuit.
  5. OK, if you say so. Care to provide a reference from the NCAA rule book on that?
  6. He took his lessons from Jeter. By the way, I think it quite likely that there was no call because Molina butcherd the heck out of the thing. Jump up - then squat down to smother the 58' foot pitch - - what's an umpire to see other than the number on Molina's back? Had there been no runners on, Molina would've argue that it missed the batter.
  7. And this is where you've missed the point. I pointed out the fans and where they are looking to illustrate not where the ball might end up - but rather where the ball is in relation to the fact that they're already reaching out over into the field of play - and making contact with - a defensive player. The ball has not yet arrived - anywhere - e.g., it's still falling. It's right after this point that the ball hits the top of the fence - not "in the stands" as described by Reynolds. This latter point has been consistently ignored here. The play should have been reviewed.
  8. You're the resident MLB video guru - - where's the video of Halladay's bunt in tonight's game? Crazy play there, no doubt!
  9. hehehe... He might be the broken clock on this, though...
  10. I'm curious - - why would it matter what the ball might have done...? As you know, it's where the ball is located when it's touched (in front of the bag).:rollinglaugh:
  11. With the size of the average first baseman's mitt, how does U1 know where the ball really is in relation to the line, since the mitt is obviously hiding the ball from his view. It's so close, though... Where did you guys learn about the plate umpire taking the call only to the cutout? And speaking of fair/foul calls.... this one reminds me of Bob Davidson's call at 3B a few months' ago. Hmmm.... :rollinglaugh:
  12. I don't mind hearing other's views, Warren - but I refuse to stand for snide, petty and senseless sarcasms that add nothing to the discussion, simply because I've chosen to make an opinion and stand my ground.
  13. Toward 3rd? His foot comes down behind the pitcher's plate - pointing toward second. Yes, it may have landed on the 3B side of the pitcher's plate (barely) but I don't see how that is considered as stepping toward 3B.
  14. Pathetic. Useless. Is that all you have? But thanks so much for the condescending, petty personal attack - it adds so much to the discussion.
  15. That's exactly the reverse of the reason to use IR. If there were 2 or 3 other sets of eyes on the Cano hit, and if they can provide additional information that would support Reynolds' claim - so why bother to review it? On the other hand, if they can't provide additional information, then that becomes the best argument for having another look with the video. Reynolds was wrong when he said the ball was "in the stands". It wasn't. The video proves him wrong; the ball clearly lands on the top of the fence, and then bounces upward. Who's to say that what's happening in the above pic didn't prevent Cruz from possibly getting to the ball (since it did hit the top of the fence, there exists the possibility that he might have had a play on it)- but that will never be known because of the actions of the fans who pushed his glove away. On the Berkman "home run", Reynolds got that one wrong as well. And - surpise! - video overturned it. They should have looked at the video on the Cano hit.