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  1. Oh man ! Why did you tell him how to properly appeal it? You could've said, "You have to wait until the count is 3-2." or some such wacky thing.
  2. Thank you.
  3. @ElkOil You know, a lot of people might find your attempt at 'humor' both inappropriate and offensive. I'm one of them. Please consider removing that.
  4. "Ball eight" might get his attention, too.
  5. . Suddenly my knees ache.
  6. CWS

    Wow. WOW.
  7. Ignore. Acknowledge. Warn. Eject. These two thugs don't belong coaching little children. F bombs? I hope you informed the league officials about it. Sometimes there are coaches and /or players who say or do things that demand that you skip a step or two on the way to the Eject button. Like the man said, "Sports doesn't build character, it reveals it." And these two tools revealed that they should not be allowed to be anywhere near a sports field with children.
  8. Plate Umpire takes the call at home. To answer 'why' is easy: because it's the correct 2-man mechanic (at least based on the CCA manual); the BU is already in the 'B' working area, and he can easily cover a back-pick at 1B or a play that may develop at 2B if B/R decides to try for 2B.
  9. They also don't say, "And how did you want to pay for that?"
  10. Um, what?
  11. Holy moly you have a good memory! I completely missed the date of the blog publication; it was in 2010 ! D'Oh ! Thanks for the correction.
  12. Disclaimer: the following quote is from a Louisville blog, so obviously it will be one sided. The coach came out of the dugout to complain about a Louisville batter getting dumped after the batter spiked his bat on a called third strike. "The Louisville coach and Shields went at it for several minutes before the other umpires joined in, using their authority and bulk to intimidate the Louisville coach. No force was used, but it had the clear appearance of a threat." Note that the coach complained for "several minutes". The blog goes on to claim (whine?) that the coach returned to the dugout but then turned around and exploded back onto the field even angrier than before, at which point he gets run. The blog claims that the coach "was baited" and yet admits being unaware of what might have been said. I disagree with the notion that officials should "work harder" to keep people in games. It isn't in the job description that I am aware of, and what does that even mean? That officials take more abuse ? In this particular case, Louisville was facing elimination, so would it be unreasonable to consider that maybe the coach WANTED to get run to fire up his squad? Bottom line for me is that it's the official's job to get calls right. It's the coach and player's job to keep themselves in the game.
  13. At 97 mph, I was wondering how he had the TIME to flinch.