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  1. @Thunderheads please lock this. Thanks.
  2. There it is !!! I love the expression of the kid in the background. Great stuff.
  3. B.
  4. Yes, he was, he went by the name " The Hatchet".
  5. "With all due respect sir, you're beginning to bore the hell out of me." - Clint Eastwood as Gunny Tom Highway in "Heartbreak Ridge"
  6. [Yes, he WOULD have been legal, but the issue arose for BR when he was never in the lane.
  7. The throw in the OP was right to F3, and catchable. That is, until BR ran into F3 (first contact was with his mitt).
  8. Pic 1: Up close and personal with Earl Weaver. Pic 2: Check out that mask! Somewhere I have a pic of Ken Kaiser picking up a fan in Boston who had fallen over the fence near home plate while trying to grab a foul ball. Has anyone else seen that ?
  9. And the emphasis I made in red makes the OP a wholly different situation from the Sit. 19 here.
  10. The throw that F2 made was most certainly catchable. Interps also mention "quality". I would expect a higher level of quality at MLB than at LL.
  11. I'm not sure comparing LL to MLB is the appropriate way to be judging this, especially when judging the quality of the throw. Aren't we umpires supposed to be officiating to the level of the game? It's not as though the throw was air mailed or in the dirt.... Just my $0.02.
  12. I agree. That's the kind of statement that a guy like Joe West can put in chapter four of his memoirs after he retires.
  13. Here's one where it's crossing the plate. That's the problem with still pictures.
  14. Holy cow, another Maineiac. I know what you mean about the service. Before they moved to the 'state of the art' warehouse, they closed for what they claimed was for inventory purposes. For four (+) days!