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  1. I've always used Lexol on my pads............but to be honest, I've never seen any cleaner be able to take those dark stains out of tan hide. Improve yes!, smell better! yes!.......
  2. Back in the day, I was ALL +POS. I had the +POS BB2000 CP and those shin guards........the shin guards are great and are still being used today by a friend of mine. The BB2000 with its resemblance to Samurai Warrior Armor was tops in protection!..........But Oh, what a furnace that thing breathability at all.....I was happy to move on. I never got the attraction to the Resin Mask, it was lighter, but I never liked the view. Then of course after some incidents with the first release editions, they have been relegated to collectors.........haven't seen one used in years.
  3. File that one away in your "great umpiring game" memory bank.............sounds like a Kid program that gets it........
  4. I think a break away from anything, even something you love, can be a good idea. I always thought the beauty of umpiring is that I can control my schedule. If I need a break, I can just take myself off the assignors schedule. Good luck on your sabbatical!
  5. you've been at this avocation long enough, so I wont bore you with how to deal with "idiot" fans.........If the guy was riding you for 7 innings, he was for sure trying to get in your head and rattle you. Addressing him would have been exactly what he came to the park for. Ill never understand that kind of guy.
  6. I have no problem with what @VolUmp did.....I don't have any 1,2,3, step program in how I handle my game. I feel like with my experience level, I'm the best judge of how to proceed. I certainly don't have any problem with ejecting a miscreant......if they got to go..........., they go.... Some days I just may be a bit more tolerant than others...... When the pitcher had an open negative display on a called strike, I think my tolerance level would have been exceeded as well....@VolUmp handled it....
  7. I always cringe when I see these types of schedules...........Its not "how many games an umpire can do"..........we've all done tourneys and packed schedules, but it is definitely "How many games you can DO WELL"....... Good Luck...
  8. Honigs still has the best leather pads............On my navy HS rig, I replaced the +POS foam pads with Team Wendy Pads........ then sold the Team Wendy pads and replaced them with a set of Navy Honigs pads........never happier.....
  9. Back in the '80s the league I started umpiring for had a Director of Umpiring who was an old SAL league umpire from the 50's. He would prowl the complex every night looking for umpire violators of his pet mechanics. One was the Plate Umpire had to point to the plate after each run scored...and verbalize "score 1. score 2" ........the other was at the end of the game he wanted to see you cross your arms in an X fashion and say "ballgame"! He was a great guy, great rules guy and lots of fun to talk to........ and the stories about the Sally League in the '50s?..........worth every penny of the $9 base/ $10 plate fee we got. I pressed him on these mechanics and found out that the "pointing to the plate" was to communicate/ confirm with the official scorekeeper in the pressbox ( regardless of the fact this complex only had one pressbox and it was on the '90 ft field) The crossed arms and saying "ballgame"....made less sense, "How else would everyone know the game is officially over?"..........( I figured the scoreboard, the fact the players ran off the field, the announcer etc.) But he would have none of it.........."NOTHING HAPPENS UNLESS THE UMPIRE SAYS IT DOES" he'd holler at us..... Hey, I liked my $10 a when in Rome........
  10. I'm sorry but I've never regretted an ejection for malicious contact...... plus I have no interest in who wins or loses......I just want the game to be well and fairly officiated....
  11. The Rules of Baseball very often rely on "umpire judgment" So often and at many times in my career, the quality of the fields I call games on require more than a fair share of "umpire judgment".....If we use the adage of "use the rules to fix problems and not to create problems", then a good umpire feels comfortable with making that ruling of being at a correct amount of distance from the rubber.
  12. Gotta love a kid like that.....
  13. During a game........I have..... Probably the most blatant one was 0 outs, runners on second and third, a batter hit a hump backed liner over third baseman's head........I failed to clear the catcher far enough to keep the very tall catcher from momentarily blocking my view. I picked up the ball just as it bounced foul...........and called it foul........ Problem was everyone in the park, including the hot dog vendor, saw it hit fair first..........then foul.......costing offensive team at least 2 runs. Took tons of heat over that one......but foul it stayed. I admitted I missed it..... After a game- Not so much At another game- No (BTW baseball gods bailed me out.....batter returned to pitch doubled into the gap scoring both runs.)
  14. "sometimes a CP just isn't right for you" ....really good statement.....I've had a good many CP's over the years and they all had some great features..........but I'm still searching for the holy grail.....maybe hasn't even been invented yet....... Until then, I use my personalized WV Plat for HS Varsity and above, and my +POS Zero G for anything sub varsity.
  15. I had to resort to the heat gun with my WV Plat. Bending just by hand never went far enough. Be patient, go careful those heat guns do exactly what they say they can go from pliable to melted in a heartbeat...