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  1. Welcome to the Worlds Best Free Umpire Clinic!................Anytime you have a few minutes just search the forums for a question you might have on Rules, Mechanics, gear and situations. You will instantly be able to access the responses of the are guaranteed to learn something........
  2. If you feel you must paint them, rust-oleum has come out with a line of automotive interior paint. I've seen the results on dove grey bucket seats and to be honest they came out very well. I cannot give you any idea of how that would hold up to abrasion and sweat over the course of a season. All in all, I'd recommend just getting new pads........but what the heck try it, see if it works and hey, if worse comes to worse all you need is new pads........
  3. At one time I was all +POS......masks/cp/shin guards/plate shoes and unis....... For upper level games I wore the +POS BB2000 chest protector that resembled samurai warrior armor. It was exceptional in protection but had major drawbacks in bulk and heat transfer. You looked like "ROBO-UMP" and that thing was a furnace to wear. I sold it and purchased a WV platinum and never looked back. For sub varsity games I always wore a Honigs K1 with very good results but after many years service I was looking for a replacement. I purchased the ZeroG protector as I felt it gave me the flexibility of the K1 but with the added protection of external plates. I have been very happy with it. I have worn it in some very competitive higher level games with confidence. My current gear in use includes 2 +POS zero G masks with doe skin pads. a BB181 plate brush and large 3/2 indicators....and up for replacement his year are my +POS brinkman shin guards... Sorry I cant help you with any review of the Cobra model.
  4. its always been my thought that I have never met an umpire who "wanted to be wrong" but I sure have met a few who "don't do enough to prevent it"
  5. It is fairly remote.......not that you will be seeing anything outside the main gate for a while........but you have a Wal-Mart, a number of restaurants, the usual predatory businesses that prey on young soldiers......Springfield is a hour and a half away.......St. Louis is 2 hours away........... My daughter and son in law were recently stationed there for 2 years....Son in law was an instructor at the MP school there. You are going to do fine..... A while ago I posted in a thread where the discussion was about an umpire calling balls and strikes with his left hand. As I remember the poster was left handed and said it was more natural to call B&S with his left hand. Of course the consensus and the accepted mechanic is to use the right hand. The only exception I ever saw was at a youth game in St. Robert where the umpire called all B&S left handed. He had lost his right arm to the elbow in an IED blast in Iraq. IN my eyes, He was perfect....
  6. Good old Fort Leonard Wood................nestled in the scenic woods of St. Robert Missouri..............
  7. This was a few years ago, but I was doing a game with a very good partner and he had the plate. It was obvious from the first inning that he was struggling. Gross misses on pitches for both teams and he soon had both benches climbing all over him. At the end of the second inning I came in and asked him if he was OK?..........He said NO!!! And his woes spilled out like a waterfall.......he was worried about work and the possibility of being laid off and he needed the paycheck and health care because he wife was ill.....and he just couldn't focus on balls and strikes..... I asked him if it would help if I took over behind the plate...and he said yes!!, but how could we do it? I wanted to do it, but I also wanted to save my partner some embarrassment.....I called both coaches out and asked them if it would be OK with them if I took over the plate. I said I was recovering from a knee strain and it might be better for me to stay behind the dish and let my more mobile partner take over the bases. This was true, although I was pretty much healed....Both coaches quickly agreed and in just a few extra minutes we were both back on the field and underway... My partner went on to have a great game on the bases....I'm sure the coaches probably didn't believe me for a minute, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. This was the only time I ever did this but I do think one of the skills that we don't teach well is when to book off a game. we all have times when the real world and life can interfere in our umpire life. I wish he had told me before the game and we could have saved the song and dance routine. But it all worked out in the end...... There is no shame in booking off, or passing on the plate when your focus just isn't there.
  8. So have I...............
  9. Hasn't yet........... Game umpired by one umpire correct?..............
  10. Long ago I came to the conclusion that ejections for me are based on "if they have to go, they go" each reason or coach personality can affect "when" it happens.....but I'm very comfortable with my game management skills. I have not regretted an ejection in years.....and my ejection numbers are very low. I attribute that to the fact that it is known that I WILL eject them if they go to far and thus "need to go". My only ejection this past year was in Fall ball......a travel team joined the HS fall ball league playing under NFHS rules. I ejected an assistant coach. Mainly he was the teams "hardass" coach........he gnawed on all umpires from pitch one, that OBR rules trumped NFHS rules, and that he was going to ride me all night long... He had to go.... Short night for him.
  11. PS. I love the fact the ball bags in the OP have his label tag made out of the same signature blue as his CP's were covered with !!
  12. They are worth what you feel they are...... Cece's equipment was hand made and of the finest quality..........but that was a long time ago......I feel we have better ball bags on the market today. If you are looking for a tribute item, then I'm with you....use on the field?.........not so much.... I wanted a handmade custom fit Carlucci.......but it was out of my price range and Cece was not doing many as his health declined. I had a friend who was bidding on a Carlucci on ebay a while back and the price had gotten sky high......All Carlucci CP's were custom made to the owners measurements. Eventually my friend realized that to buy that Carlucci just as a museum piece did not make sense. It may not have fit and the newer CPs have far surpassed CeCe's design....... Great man, great gear for its time...........
  13. Cooperstown Dreams Park Inc. posted a revenue of $ 10.382 Million dollars. It is not a charity or "not for profit" organization. The loose requirement for the team to bring an umpire has a lot to do with the inability of CDP to staff a local Umpire resource to cover all the games. I do not believe for a minute that paying umpires is against the spirit of CDP. It is a for profit business...... Undeniably it also adds to the bottom line. Free Umpires = higher profits.....every local tournament knows this...... If they can make money on the teams coming to their park, so should the umpires who come along.....I have no problem with CDP making money....I encourage it... I have friends who have gone to CDP and have enjoyed it, some volunteer, some "sponsored" (paid).
  14. I was stunned to see the announcement myself. I have known Carl for many years and through the internet had had numerous discussions with him. I have been a very frequent buyer of the BRD and I credit it with a large part of my rules knowledge development. I remember one of my early interactions with him on the internet was back on the old McGriff's board when I had posted a comment that I had gone through an entire season with out ejecting anyone. His response was "congratulations, you got better this year" was a play on the old " 10 years of experience or 10 FIRST years of experience" comments........ in subsequent posts between he and I, it was really true........I had earned a year of experience in many areas, in this case game mgmt. skills, rather than just another calendar year of umpiring.... Carl will be missed....I'm glad to hear Brent will be picking up the reins......
  15. with out an applicable ground rule..............9.01C