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  1. No Coach, I made 2 separate calls that were totally unrelated.....lets play...
  2. You did great...........!
  3. Of course all situations have a bit of HTBT.............but over the years, I've had a few coaches who try and induce a balk this way. It would be up to the umpire to decide if the "STOP" was an attempt at inducement. Of course there is a rule against that........... NFHS 3-3-1N - A coach, player, substitute, or bench personnel shall not: N. call "time" or use ANY command or commit any act for the purpose of causing a balk. (emphasis mine) The worst one was a 3rd base coach simulating the runner breaking for home. He got no balk and a personal ticket on the 'Ol Parking Lot Express, leaving off the field, for the dugout, and the parking lot and all points beyond...........All Aboooooooooard!!
  4. @kstrunk This was a High School Varsity game.
  5. Thought I had my arms tucked in, but a foul ball caught me flush on the forearm. I thought my arm was broken but finished last half inning. I had to be helped out of my plate gear and immediately drove to ER. ER x-ray showed no break, but traumatic tissue damage. My arm went black from the elbow to my fingertips. To this day I have a flat spot on my forearm. This took months to heal....
  6. I have been fortunate to actually see 2 versions of Cece's work. The things that struck me were the obvious hand craftsmanship and attention to detail. The other thing was how small they were. Obviously when made from the original users measurements, the protector covered them well. @kylejt hits it on the head. For the time frame he was making them they were outstanding. The most obvious reason was the custom fit. At the time I was considering getting Cece to make me one ( Trust me, it was a brief consideration, unfortunately I could not afford it) I was wearing a old style rolled pad CP. A custom made Carlucci would have been quite the step up for me in protective gear. A Carlucci compared to todays offerings would come up short. We are so fortunate to have the advanced styles and materials that we have in the newer models. I'm sure they far exceed Cece's efforts. But like anything custom it shoes or suits, it still speaks of quality and durability.
  7. It was a marine grade vinyl in Cece Carlucci's trademark Blue color. The CP's were individually measured to fit and all hand made. The style shown above was typical of CP's in the later years of Cece's career. Carlucci passed in 2008. CP technology has far surpassed the styles and protective qualities of these type of protectors. But for cool factor?.......I think the only vintage CP that I can imagine giving up my Platinum for would be a Riddell Power re-fitted with Team Wendy padding.....
  8. very fair if treated well.
  9. If you aren't tall.... and doing a one man kid game........don't trip over the straps and: fall down...... totally face planting.... missing the call at first.... Coming up looking like a powdered donut..... Just sayin......I might know someone who did that......In...... 1982, on a hot Thursday night in Milledgeville, Georgia, probably around 7-7:30...
  10. The responsibility is on the defense to appeal timely. We Umpires are expected to be alert for any situation where an appeal is possible. If I am on the plate, I return the game balls to the home team, wait on my partner and walk to the exit. I do not wait. The times a game ending appeal has happened to me, it was clear that an appeal was coming or there was audible chatter about a possible appeal. Absent these things, I depart as usual.
  11. that "UIC" needs a refresher course........ Just to add as to why...... Per the OP: Ball dropped rolls across the foul line = Ball Ball dropped does not reach foul line = Balk
  12. I have sun visors on both my game masks.........I like them.
  13. I have 2 of the Zero G masks. They are by far, my favorites. I upgraded the pads to TW, but as I've said before, I did not get the results expected from the TW pads. I switched both masks back to leather pads. One set of black +POS pads and one set of Navy Doe Skin Honigs pads. I sold the TW pads to other UE members. I personally do not have any horror stories regarding shipping. But know from people I trust that in the past that was true. I started with +POS back in the days when they held the MiLB contract and was all +POS at one time. (uniforms, gear, ball bags and Plate shoes). Once the founders passed away, Dan has been keeping the company going. I have full confidence in the gear he sells. I hope he can get +POS on good ground soon.
  14. outstanding! Congrats!!