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  1. I have 2 of the Zero G masks. They are by far, my favorites. I upgraded the pads to TW, but as I've said before, I did not get the results expected from the TW pads. I switched both masks back to leather pads. One set of black +POS pads and one set of Navy Doe Skin Honigs pads. I sold the TW pads to other UE members. I personally do not have any horror stories regarding shipping. But know from people I trust that in the past that was true. I started with +POS back in the days when they held the MiLB contract and was all +POS at one time. (uniforms, gear, ball bags and Plate shoes). Once the founders passed away, Dan has been keeping the company going. I have full confidence in the gear he sells. I hope he can get +POS on good ground soon.
  2. outstanding! Congrats!!
  3. well done rehab on the mask !!........looks amazing.....and it would be great if it is a +POS prototype. we have such great resources available here on this site.
  4. That's the one!........
  5. I'm sure it is! are a bunch of posts from you and me!
  6. This is the day I wish I had Tim Christensen's list to re-post. Tim C. was the ultimate gear junky. The stuff he carried to each and every game was mind boggling.
  7. Although not a baseball/umpire book, I'd recommend reading "verbal judo". Pretty much everything in the book is relatable to umpiring.
  8. Here is where we umpire. In the event of an injury, you are naturally going to have more prolonged delay while they tend to the injured player. Once they determine if the injured player will continue his AB or remove him from the lineup you should be able to expect the substitute to report fairly promptly. Yet I'd err on the side of being a bit more lenient. Better to be seen as respecting the injured player than a OOO who cant wait to get our of there. just my.02
  9. I do not believe that is a +POS frame. Ive worn +POS a long time and don't remember the flat bars nor the angled lower bars. The pads are mismatched, certainly I had a +POS mask with a Brinkman upper pad, but that chin pad is sporting a newer generation +POS logo. I'll have to defer to the experts but I'm suspect of the frame as +POS manufacture and fairly certain that the pads are mismatched generation +POS pads and all the while sporting a +POS sun visor..... Its still cool and I love +POS leather pads! I swapped back out my TW pads for my black +POS leather pads and my Honigs Navy doeskin pads. I sold both TW sets to U-E Members... Get that refinished and you'll have a cool rig indeed.....
  10. Once you are announced as a pinch hitter, it is assumed you are ready to hit. But I'm not aware of any standard time by rule. MLB rules say a batter must take his position in the batters box promptly. (6.02?) But this has always been up to the game management skills of the umpire. Also in rule 6.02 if the batter refuses to get in the box the umpire can direct the pitcher to pitch and will call each such pitch a strike. So I will give an appropriate amount of time to get in the box, if it seems unusually long I will hustle the batter along if I think he is lollygagging...........I did call this strike before in a game where the coach was delaying the game to try and draw a suspended game due to does get a batter in the box in a hurry
  11. OH no!.......there is no sports official group any MORE concerned with "Style" than Umpires!............... pants, shoes, shirts, ball bags, jackets, pads, mask types, mask styles, mask harnesses, mask pads, indicators, ...............
  12. Mine arrived in the mail last night and I spent the majority of the evening wearing them around the house.......tried all my belts. I'm going to like these! to drop them off to be hemmed.
  13. outstanding! well done and well deserved.......!!
  14. welcome to the avocation!............and the site!....