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  1. Base award?

    TOT gets my vote. Score them both. Very unfortunate for the defense since the "force" was not of their doing.
  2. Rough day at the office

    I had plate,10U fall softball, both the pitcher and catcher were the best on the field and wore the local travel ball logos. Coach's daughter was the pitcher and I've seen her develop into a hard throwing little righty. Well it was good pitching w/ very little catching. After getting drilled for the third or fourth time I remind the catcher that "I'm not wearing a glove" and she has to help me out. A few minutes later I'm dealing with a balling catcher and an angry coach. Some days are better than others. McDavid makes a hex pad catcher's undergarment that I wear doing lower level ball. The worst bruises come from mostly 10-15 yr. olds.
  3. BI ruling

    Did the batter step out of the box or does it matter? I've had them turn in the box and get hit in the back of the head. When the batter is moving to react to F2 sliding to the rear to make an attempt on R3 is he "protected from BI" if he stays in the box and the BI is not intentional?
  4. retired runner continues along the base path

    In the event that F8 drops the ball....
  5. retired runner continues along the base path

    Well most guys realize they are out and will stop to avoid running the risk of passing the previous runner so it's not a common problem. These guys realize that by continuing to round the bases, they can likely cause confusion and thereby benefit from a (JV level) misdirection of the defensive efforts.
  6. retired runner continues along the base path

    Yes FED. It's always bush with these guys..... I'm afraid they have found a "loophole" and are willing to run it into the ground. I really don't see the purpose it serves. Likely hoping for an over throw while the ball is alive. I'll be screaming the batter runner is out to try and prevent mass confusion. Thanks
  7. Bases loaded, 1 out. Fly ball to R/C - caught. R3 tags w/o incident, scores. R2 bluffs. R1 half way retreats to 1st. Batter/runner continues to run the basepath and approaches 2nd bases drawing a throw from the cut off man - 9-4 who sees retired runner and throws to 6 who applies tag and base umpire calls him out thinking it was R1 just being off the bag. Well as plate, I look up to see my partner's fist go up and now I'm thinking WTH - that's 3 outs. Defense clears the field and in the meantime we realize that a mistake was made. After some bs we get everyone back and resume play R2 and R1 at their original bases. This team has a propensity to do this sort of crap so I have a word w/ the coach suggesting they not continue the practice with the threat of interference being reached for. He knows what he's done and says he'll "continue to teach his kids to run every play out....blah, blah, blah." I've got them again this week and I've also heard from others in our association that it's a reoccurring problem with just this team. My question is: Can I get an out if the defense reacts to this practice and what is the rule of casebook support? I hope I was clear. Trying to do this while "on the clock".... Thanks for any help. Association president is likely to chime in as an answer is pending from him as well. Ironhead
  8. Too Quick?

    None of the players I played w/ shouted at umpires on the field. Our coaches would have snatched a knot in our butts for showing any disrespect. If he screamed that I'd have a hard time calling it to quick. It's natural to 2nd guess but I'd support you in that situation. Especially in TB where there is seldom enough disciplne displayed.
  9. What constitutes an illegal "grooved" bat

    Seriously doubt he managed to "groove" it like that...just an old bat.
  10. Two Quick Umpiring Coverage Questions

    Our association has the BU taking the runner to third when he comes in and pivots w/ no runners on. It's just across the field what's the big deal? A quick head swivel w/ save the day and you gotta check to see what PU is doing if he doesn't state verbally.
  11. Running Lane Violations (RLV)

    I would have a problem calling a runner out who is hit by a throw if he is using either side of the lane w/ one foot touching the line. Both would have to be outside the lane. Just any errant throw from behind would not always result in RLI.
  12. Bunted ball hits batter

    This can be a problem if you don't get help from the base umpire in B or C. I would just call it myself w/ no runners on. If batteris anywhere close to the box when the ball hits his bat or his person, I've got a foul ball. One foot in box - he is still in box after putting ball into play. This is a tough call for plate guy w/ RH batter who is beginning to advance. Big brew ha, from a coach a few years ago. Partner was useless.
  13. I'm interested in the L and XL jackets, if you still have those items
  14. Bunt appeal.

    Just don't ask for help from your partner when you call it a strike. We had that happen and his partner reversed the call which led to a protest. Two reasons you discuss appeals and how you;d like to handle them in your pre-game. DO A PRE_GAME!!
  15. Regional Tournament

    Is there not a State UIC who makes sure that only qualified and certified w/ Babe Ruth umpires work the state games? If not, then the problems you experienced were likely a result of these rats having never answered to anyone for their behavior. We do Dixie Girls and we hosted the two younger divisions at our park. I also just did a state tournament elsewhere in the state and I too felt like I was mechanically head and shoulders above the "locals" they used. But I know that all these umpires were tested and certified to umpire Dixie Softball. Now it's not a tough thing to accomplish but we attracted and used only softball umpires who called regular season games in our league. On site were Dixie Softball directors who provided oversight, and we had a few coaches who went too far and got dumped. If there is one thing I despise is a TD who will intervene on behalf of a coach who gets tossed. It happens more often than you think. Hopefully the balance of the tournament went well and I'm sure they appreciated your lending your skills to the effort.