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  1. BrianC14, No Shave level, that's funny. I keep saying I'm going to quit working that level, that day hasn't come yet, and with someone swinging a round stick at a round ball somewere, 260 days a year in FLA, it may never come. Age old problem, to much baseball not ehough umpires.
  2. My apologies for the late update. In my judgement, this will always have a place in ametuer baseball, until we are replaced by camers. It Paid back the $30 the first night. For timid newbies that need to delvelop behind the plate confidence, dramaticly decreses blunt trauma injury to the arms and other aeras not coverd by the inside protector, remember 2" above the belly button. Like any other piece of equipment you have to train. Use the slot as you normally would, taking the mask off tucking it away, you may be altering your srike three call, and you will need to practice the quick doning of the protector and mask after trailing batter runner, or a rotation to third. Hope this helps and would appricate any constructive coments and those that make me laugh. Strike&Outs!!!!
  3. Just had this come up the other night. All levels of LL start with 9 and finish with 9, no exceptions.
  4. 90 seconds if you let it play in your head 3 times. No need to break out the stop watch.
  5. Spoke with Cece in 2004 we were on the phone for 15 min and he was able to call out my build to a T. Regret not spending the money. He was a great guy and umpire.
  6. Very helpful, agree with you about laying things on the ground, hanging the mask on the fence or throat protector tucked in your pants... can't stand it. I want to give our fore fathers of umpiring the respect they earned using this piece of equipment. I will however draw the line on the using this
  7. For the others that may be considering it i will keep you posted.
  8. Scrounge LMAO That's what I was thinking.
  9. Yes, Outside chest protector, just ordered one. Plan on using it in these minor division little league games where the player behind the plate dressed like a catcher is NOT!! Its survival cant risk injury for the upper level games on the schedule. Looking for tips or videos on how to use this piece of umpiring history. And who knows may have to setup a throw back game this summer, white shirts, bow ties and beanies??????
  10. My wife and I are planning to get up to Alaska, I will let you know when we are heading that way. I love umpiring, but love coffee more!!!!! You guys should really petition LL National for some of that ESPN money for field maintenance/drainage. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!
  11. Verbal Judo, 151 ways to ruin a baseball game
  12. How did these factory seconds look? Considering picking some up for travel-ball.
  13. he got hit while swinging?????????? how is that not the third strike? PU called it Foul that's why, been there done that. Still not your place to offer advice. Remember, unsolicited advice is a two stoke penalty USGA 8-1.....LOL
  14. 2 poly wools, 2 polyester total $210.25 not a bad deal for 4 pairs of pants, even without the
  15. Com'on Let's all say it together, "HE'S OUT, HE'S OUT, HE'S STILL OUT" If the the defense throws it around, may you receive the blessing of the game ending run, and not, we're going to extra innings.