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  1. Rest in Peace Mike Taylor

    To all who wanted his personal address: I think I have it, but I want to verify it's correct. Obviously, calling the number associated with it isn't the best idea at this time, and I certainly don't want to send a flood of letters and cards to an incorrect address.   I asked earlier, but I'll ask again: If anyone has information on any of the leagues or associations/organizations he worked for, pass it on to me. I would rather contact the leage/assn/org to verify information than the Taylor family at this time. In addition, they may know of where the family would want donations to be sent.   There was discussion of doing a memorial week for Mike. If this is completed, I think it would be nice if we set up a way to donate during that week. There are plenty of sites that offer donations and, depending on the family's wishes, the organization they choose may have ways to donate as well.   In short, let's spend the next few days remembering Mike and all he's done for us. Information will be given as I, or anyone else, can get it.
  2. Rest in Peace Mike Taylor

    johnny, if I can get any information, I'll let you know. If you get something specific, please let me know.
  3. Rest in Peace Mike Taylor

    It's a few months away, but what about the week of his birthday (May 29)?   I was going to contact his association and see if I could purchase a patch. I'll keep it in my pocket or ball bag through the year.
  4. Rest in Peace Mike Taylor

    Like Rich and others, I'm speechless. Mike was a great guy and I'm going to miss him.   Does anyone know what baseball organization(s) he worked through?
  5. what happens when ball hits batters hands?

      The point wasn't to make it absurd. It was to show that being hit by a pitch can result to a ball being added to your count.
  6. what happens when ball hits batters hands?

      What if he purposely moved his hands to be hit by the pitch?
  7. wendelsted so cal umpire clinic

    If Hunter's too busy to answer simple schedule emails, then he should have someone else paid to answer such emails.
  8. Trouble in slot for Lefty Batter

      What's this plate meeting you speak of?
  9. On what? The coach's indictment?
  10. $100 Challenge

    I must say that Senor Azul is probably the first person to (attempt) to use the scorekeeping rules as a basis for a decision on the field. Good try, sir -- erm, Senor!
  11. Baserunner goes to right field

      Actually, I think the FED Case Book has (or had) the play given and mentioned it was a legal move.
  12. 2014 NCAA Test Video Play

      It's the same thing. The rule awards bases for a home run that's stopped from going over the fence by a spectator or a fielder's detached equipment. Don't read too much into the rule.
  13. Hit by pitch???

    Also sounds like someone wasn't properly equipped ... or possible too equipped.
  14. 2014 NCAA Test Video Play

    Unless I'm reading an old copy of the Rule Book, 8-2h refers to detached player equipment, which is not what the situation includes.   I would keep it a live ball.
  15. First since 2009

    For me, as PU, I was overrunning 3B when covering it. 60 feet is a lot shorter than 90.